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  1. Codester87 added a post in a topic Has Daum said anything about the AP/DP issues yet?   

    Except that there never was one to begin with? Nothing was changed mechanically how our class scales with apdp it has been the same since release, unless you are trying to say that the couple points in base dp daum gave us fixed your non existent issue. It has always worked as intended.
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  2. Codester87 added a post in a topic Will grunil still be BIS when valencia comes?   

    Naw. Full grunil hands down. The sockets are a hundred times more valuables than that tiny bit of resource. Any top 10% player will tell you that. 
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  3. Codester87 added a post in a topic Is Musa more vulnerable to ranged attacks?   

    There isn't a dp issue it's working as intended we have one if not the worst dp scaling in the game but make up for it in mobility. 95 Dp is pretty low even by musa standards but I assume you just have low hp. Make getting your gear to +15 a priority or else you are going to get 2 shot in mediah region and constantly be eating to raise your health stat. I'm lv56 now and have 2635 HP. I know other muss have more but that seems to be fine for me so far in pve and pvp. You learn soon learn that our class is heavily skill based. Try to at All times be behind enemies, make use of your Q when you have to, constantly be using dash, you are invincible while using it once every 4 seconds, and inbetween that you have super armor. Mix up all of your CCs and never stand still for too long unless the enemies are so weak you can just spam rising storm, but even then use blind thrust before engaging simply for the crit bonus to farm faster. Our class isn't as easy as others but in the right hands can be insane. Don't listen to the people who shit on our class, I pick hordes of people apart in the red battlefield.
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  4. Codester87 added a post in a topic Musa PvP 1v1 video - AP vs Accuracy discussion   

    DP does not increase evasion, at all. Dp is purely damage mitigating. The actual enchant Lv of armor increases evasion however. This has been researched and proven many times.
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  5. Codester87 added a post in a topic 1 hour maintenance for NA server - 20th of June   

    Considering how stupid the sorceress was they deserve every and all debuffs coming their way. No need to revert them they were broken to begin with with the nearly infinite I frame. 
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  6. Codester87 added a post in a topic How many Hp @lvl 55 ?   

    I'm wearing full grunil and I have 2560 currently at 27 health stat.
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  7. Codester87 added a post in a topic GM of Veritas - Account Hacked, Guild Disbanded   

    @CM_Jouska I'm not even in this guild and I want these guys to get helped, especially the leader, he must have put hundreds of hours into his character this needs to be fixed asap Please guys. Punish those responsible if possible.
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  8. Codester87 added a post in a topic Has Daum said anything about the AP/DP issues yet?   

    This class is amazing if you ACTUALLY HAVE GEAR. So many people complaining when they just assume the class sucks but don't have the proper gear for it. I literally kill wizards/witches/rangers in 1 combo. If a sorc makes mistakes and i CC her, shes dead from a ground combo. Yes we are incredibly squishy, yes if you make a mistake you will die. This class takes skill, and you need the gear to back up said skill, there was NEVER an ap/dp issue. The people who think this are delusional, our class has one of the worst DP scaling in the game and is designed that way for a reason.
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  9. Codester87 added a post in a topic What gear are you going for in Valencia   

    Yeah evasion has been heavily nerfed. It was strictly due to people exploiting the use of evasion stacking and the muskan boots combined, was making people miss 60-70% of their attacks even with full accuracy stack. 
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  10. Codester87 added a post in a topic Black Bow vs White Bow   

    If you aren't using the AP white bow you are gimping yourself as a musa. I'm only Lv 55 and using full grunil so no boss gloves. I decimate everyone who isn't tanky due to the white bow. After a ton of testing the black bow is simply just not needed due to half of our skills having an accuracy buff on use. The ONLY time I felt I needed it was vs another musa in my guild who completely stacked evasion. Don't just blindly follow advice from people stating black warrior is BIS do some of your own testing if you don't believe me. I can kill geared casters in 1 combo. When I was rocking acc bow I couldn't. ( I also want to remind people since the latest discovery we all know DP has nothing to do with base evasion this was disproved two months ago when it was figured out that DP is in fact only damage mitigation, the enchantment lv of your gear adds evasion. Which will not matter as a musa assuming you are if decent lv and have +15 primary weapon. 
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  11. Codester87 added a post in a topic What gear are you going for in Valencia   

    Grunil and boss armor. Whale mollars. 
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  12. Codester87 added a post in a topic Musa/maehwa compared to sorc   

    Ninja deals even less damage by the way for all of you who think they are just a better blader. They also have less speed but in return they get a handful of tricky skills for repositioning They are in zero way better than a musa just simply different.
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  13. Codester87 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    The xp loss change for pk is probably the worst change that has ever happened to the game. I don't even participate in pvp a lot but that's just the worst decision ever there is going to be mass amounts of trolling and Griefing now. 
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  14. Codester87 added a post in a topic Do you keep trying to hit ultimate if it fails?   

    Don't go for ultimate until you get at least +18 then just use a grade 4 reform stone. There is very little reason to do so with Valencia around the corner or have fun reparing your ultimate past 15. 
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  15. Codester87 added a post in a topic A tankier musa   

    No a tank musa is useless you would do zero damage and not raise your defense very much. Our actual scaling is bad so 160 dp for us is like 80-100 to a warrior don't bother. I could see trying an evasion build perhaps using the valencia evasion set and then use either rosar or krea combo. But even then. You are better off building towards CC effectiveness or max dmg. We can have huge resistance ignore once Valencia comes out if you go pure into that route. With our passive and gear with gems you can make it so if someone had 75% knockdown resist that to you it's only 30. 
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