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  1. Kazuk added a post in a topic Level 57 PvP and PvE Combos   

    The charged skill in the video is Reckless Blow, so they are doing Reckless Blow > Flow: Tempest (the second swipe after the charged big one is Tempest). As you don't have reckless blow you must use Pulverize > Tempest which will kind of look like Pulverize casts a second time, but the second swipe will be Flow: Tempest. Compare the skill animation video of Reckless Blow and Flow: Tempest and you should be able to spot the difference.
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  2. Kazuk added a post in a topic xcoronahost.xem, CPU usage after 5/3 maintenance.   

    I've got the same problem, Windows 7 as well.. 
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  3. Kazuk added a post in a topic DR > Evasion for sieges after latest patch? Tested hybrid DR build myself   

    I've been pvping with evasion now for a few months on my warrior so i have a good idea of how much damage i should be taking, I tried a bit of extra DR with what i had available (switched out tri vangertz for tri kutum/x2 tri rcr) and felt less tanky instantly (this was just random testing in an rbf). I don't really feel like wasting any resources on building any DR accessories as it still feels pretty crap. The special attack damage on vangertz feels like it makes up a lot for the missing AP as well.
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  4. Kazuk added a post in a topic DR > Evasion for sieges after latest patch? Tested hybrid DR build myself   

    Since the patch i've seen less reason to even run DP accessories because survivability seems to have gone up at least 30% it feels like. Utilizing both DR and Evasion with how armour scales as well as how our DP buffs seem to work, works really well i think, instead of abandoning one (although you can't exactly abandon DR lol).
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  5. Kazuk added a post in a topic Evasion warrior?   

    Yeah my build is probably a little overkill on accuracy, the plan was to get tri rce's so i could move onto kutum/nouver but at least for me kutum has felt lackluster with tri bhegs. Never even thought of going tungrade earrings because of price, but now they're not too much more expensive than crescents so might go for one after i get tri crescents and tet vangertz ^^ I run RBF power in weapon to compensate a little for lower AP, i was thinking of switching one or two out for precision crystals but needed to do a little testing on it.
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  6. Kazuk added a post in a topic Evasion warrior?   

    This is my evasion gear https://gyazo.com/4874515afc50df791c17793bbb57fdd4 evasion is love, i've felt a big difference since the DP patch as well.
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  7. Kazuk added a post in a topic Grave digging skill add on (bug or wai?)   

    All other hp on hit skills work the same (at least the ones i've tested), it procs twice for grave digging because there are two parts to the skill, so max of 60hp per target. I also assume cc works the same e.g. the smash attack is x4 hits at 60 for GD, but i guess the first hit has to not be immuned for the cc to go through (you don't get a chance to proc the bound 4 times on the second part of the skill so therefore hp on hit doesn't work this way either).
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  8. Kazuk added a post in a topic Trying to decide on class   

    Pretty much just described warrior tbh.
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  9. Kazuk added a post in a topic Offhand   

    For PvP I would pick Kutum over Nouver.
    A lot of people complain about DP being shit when they have tri boss gear and an AP offhand (what's that 260ish dp?). I would argue this is because their evasion is easily met by the enemies accuracy and DR in general with awakenings is pretty shit in my opinion as it doesn't do a very good job in reducing damage per point of DP.
    The tankiest people i've ever been against that still are able to deal a decent amount of damage have been evasion stackers (even if it's just evasion offhand and class skills/addons).
    It's harder to hit the threshhold needed on warrior to start avoiding attacks compared to other classes but it's still easy to do, specially if other classes don't have such a strong accuracy offhand. Warrior also gets +dp buff from Guard / burning moxie / addons (these could be half and half DR and evasion...)
    I use Tri centaur + tri vangertz + tet armour and feel pretty tanky.
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  10. Kazuk added a post in a topic DP Still useless in End Game PvP   

    Itemizing DR is very lackluster compared to every other stat imo. Once you hit tet gear and run an evasion offhand, you will start to notice getting a lot more tanky because other classes cannot meet 100% accuracy threshold against you, making any additional evasion even more worthwhile than DR.
    If around half your DP is evasion through armour and you're not capitalising on this then that's like having 50% less DP because you don't have enough evasion to negate the enemies accuracy. Ultimately if you get cc'd you're going to take a stupid amount of damage because of modifiers.
    But it seems survivability comes mainly from class mechanics instead of "gearing like a tank".
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  11. Kazuk added a post in a topic Proper use of Reckless blow?   

    You need to lock pulverize and use it through hotbar, then you will be able to cast an uncharged reckless blow. Without locking pulverize it needs to be on cooldown to be able to use an uncharged reckless (which is really awkward). And yes with E buff casting reckless will do the x3 instantly.
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  12. Kazuk added a post in a topic Warrior Gear Accuracy   

    Warrior has more "viable" builds than most classes i'd say in pvp.
    Rosar/Vangertz for evasion
    Kite for DR
    Kutum Hybrid/more stats
    Nouver full AP
    Mix and match offhands with jewelry and then run dots for small scale or hp on hit for large scale. With vangertz at least you aren't forced to run bhegs and can still run an evasion build instead of being a glass cannon like other classes. You generally aim for "hit cap" in any PvP game as it's the most efficient way to increase your damage. Lots of people stack full AP not just accuracy here though.
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  13. Kazuk added a post in a topic Has there been any official response regarding massive performance issues since DK patch?   

    tl;dr restarting your client improves fps if the game has been open for prolonged periods of time.
    Thank you for taking the time to provide helpful feedback on this thread.
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  14. Kazuk added a post in a topic Has there been any official response regarding massive performance issues since DK patch?   

    So what do you call it when the game progressively takes up more memory and the performance decreases until you restart the client, therefore "freeing up" the memory? When there was an autopathing "memory leak" the game would take up ALL system memory until you restarted the client. Surely this is considered a memory leak specifically related to the software?
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  15. Kazuk added a post in a topic Has there been any official response regarding massive performance issues since DK patch?   

    Issues/workarounds I know of right now...
    1. General memory leak - Restarting the game before you do any serious PvP will boost your fps because the game has memory leaks (Memory usage continues to creep up the longer the game is open)...
    2. Marketplace Bug - Searching for an item (using the search box) will cause your game to stutter until you close down/open the marketplace and click the search box again.
    3. Coherent UI - This will use up a lot of CPU sometimes, I believe it's an issue with the black spirit board game. I end up having to end the task in task manager once all the roles are done - i forgot to do this on the Saturday siege and was getting terrible performance on engages.
    Playing in Fullscreen/Opti for sieges and other than the above it seems the same.
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