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  1. Slurpee added a post in a topic ATTN: Knowledgeable Zerkers-advanced gear question   

    So you can read what Kuchen said, but there are a couple easy takeaways:
    1) Don't worry about it. You will get boss armor randomly and sporadically. You will not be able to get all four pieces in any sort of a reliable way. If you have stacks of silver or whatever, just roll night vendor as much as you can and get whatever you can. For zerk, I would say priority is Bheg gloves = Muskan shoes >> Tree = giath. Personally I have opened over 1k bheg bundles and gotten 6+ hunter seals at 50+ bheg bosses and still don't have the gloves. So trying to plan around which ones you will get and when to move over is silly.
    2) Look at the stats at each point and decide for yourself if it is worth it to move over to boss armor at that point. For the most part, I tend to ignore small DP differences, they are more of a bonus when I am looking at gear. If you are currently running 2/2 Grunil / taritas (this is best or second best non-boss armor), with Liverto / kzarka and saiyer, AP accessories, I do not think it's worth moving to boss armor until you have 3 piece set, bheg + Muskan + other. Saiyer gives massively more stats than oros (which is better than Krea for AP at +17 and higher). I don't remember the exact numbers, but at +18 going FROM saiyer TO oros is something like +12 AP, -22 DP -19 accuracy. Depending on how much accuracy you think saiyer and bheg gloves give, this may be worth it, but I don't think it is worth moving to bheg gloves on our current patch for pve. Pvp you definitely can, as you can still use saiyer and bheg gloves together effectively in pvp, as he accuracy has much smaller diminishing returns against players.
    3) get your gear to PRI / DUO. It's worth. You can use it for stacks later. Prioritize everything to duo, then choose if you want to go for TRI or wait for Boss armors.
    4) it's worth working for boss armor now, as nouver changes all our math. Once you get nouver you build exactly like everyone else. 39 AP on nouver at TRI means bhegs and nouver >>>> Grunil and saiyer. 
    personally I got my axe to TRI, my saiyer to PRI / duo, and my Grunil to PRI / DUO (stacks), and I'm saving to roll night vendor once nouver and dandelion are in. Also bottling all my alt energy for those sweet sweet rolls
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  2. Slurpee added a post in a topic Hype   

    I have my conqueror armor black / gold with red boots it looks sick. Their white / silver / brown color scheme was so ass to start with. The armor itself looks really good once you color it.
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  3. Slurpee added a post in a topic New zerker looking for grind spot recommendations!   

    There's nowhere that is even remotely efficient to farm at 53 that has a big big drop... Marks / witch is ass, pirates all the drops are about 2-5m, and he probably can't farm them efficiently, and there's no way he can do basilisks / crescents.
    I would stack cash and do all your books from manes. Get the saiyer to +12 or so with the stones you get from daily scrolls or whatever, then keep it there until you buy a +15 Liverto. If you get tired of waiting for a +15, I think 100 mem frags, 55-60 weapon black Stones, and ~50 armor black stones (for starting failstacks) is enough to get Liverto to +15. If you get either the money or enough books to get to 100 mem frags (about 70 forbidden books, or 14 of the scroll they make), you should get around that many stones from the hunter seals that doing the books also drops.
    No one really knows how item drop chance is calculated, the general consensus is that node level primarily increases turn ins / vendor items dropped, as well as giving a slight increase to rare item chance. It is easy to see the turn in volume increasing as you level the node, and GMs confirmed the rare item drop chance. No one really knows what luck actually does but it's not hard at all to get to +4 luck. Get the +3 luck bonus from titles (should take an hour or two at most), and underwear / a pet from cash shop to get +4 / +5.
    Another couple of spots you could try if you want a bigger lottery item after manes, but don't want to trek all the way out to pirates would be the helm dungeon, or ancient weapon cavern. Helm dungeon is below the normal helms, and all the mobs have a chance to drop the ancient guardian seal. It sells for about 20m. You would probably want about 115/140 before you go there. +15 Liverto and saiyer with decent + Grunil should be good. Ancient weapon cavern is south west across the river from tarif and drops the ancient weapon core belt. It sells for 15-20m. You probably want the same stats here as you do for the helm dungeon.
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  4. Slurpee added a post in a topic Berserker (giant) PvP video with sieges and and other   

    I really wasn't trying to be a ----- but it's hard to follow what you are saying sometimes. I'm actually trying to learn Russian right now, don't really know much but I understand the struggle!
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  5. Slurpee added a post in a topic Is there a way to disable Predatory Hunt?   

    nope, rank 1. Had it higher and took the points out. Haven't specced back in since I am frustrated at the skill. I have like 100 points just sitting there right now I should probably dump it in something....
    I have just the basic and I have this problem. Had higher rank in the past, doesn't seem to have any effect. It usually only happens to me on world bosses and in pvp, when I have a bit worse frames than normal (still usually 45+ in those situations....)
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  6. Slurpee added a post in a topic Berserker (giant) PvP video with sieges and and other   

    I don't want to be a -----, but I think your English is worse than you think it is....
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  7. Slurpee added a post in a topic Is there a way to disable Predatory Hunt?   

    I did this combo for months with zero issues, but after the patch where they updated the mechanics (the one where we got buffed) I now do predatory hunt about half the time. I don't know if they changed how it registers key inputs, I think it's genuinely a bug. I am pretty mechanically clean, and it happens to me when I am not tired / drunk / being lazy. I hit a perfect bws or FD into stomp into another FD or BWS and I use predatory hunt instead. I think there is a bug where it treats my F input as more persistent than it should be. It's extremely frustrating to leap in front of a boss or into a pack of mobs, rather than continuing my bread and butter combo. It has outright killed me a number of times in pvp as well.
    Really hope this gets looked into.
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  8. Slurpee added a post in a topic New zerker looking for grind spot recommendations!   

    If you want a lottery-type drop to keep it interesting (I understand 100%) manes is probably the way to go for now. It's easy to connect so you can invest points in, right next to tarif so it's easy to get to, and it drops the 3-4m Schulz belt, as well as Carmae weapon crystals which are like 400-800k. The trace of savagery plus turn ins adds up quick and it's pretty easy to farm. You can try out the elites for books and some better drops if you are feeling adventurous. Once you get to maybe 120-130 AP and 150+ DP you can go camp pirates essentially forever. Neither of these will have the biggest lottery drops but it's still nice to get 2-5m drops from time to time. I personally don't like sausans at all, currently farming basilisks for the sweet lottery belt drops.
    As for gear:
    Try to save for a Liverto, I assume you are already using saiyer. Group up and do the books you will get from manes, save the memory fragments for your Liverto. If you are on a very tight budget I would recommend red coral rings, blue coral earrings, and a duo or TRI bares necklace. Get to PRI with the Schulz belts you get dropped, then sell the rest. Grunil armor or Grunil helm / gloves with taritas chest / boots is your best bet. Saiyer offhand, and save your stones and stuff for the Liverto. Liverto to +15 is your highest priority, if you can get some gathering in to get a sharp or two you can try to get it to PRI / DUO. Then get saiyer to 15, then worry about the armor. You shouldn't have any trouble at manes, and it's actually very good money for quite a while.
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  9. Slurpee added a post in a topic Zerker AP/DP   

    Night vendor awakened weapon / nouver I want to have at least 300m silver (preferably 500m+) going into the patch. Plus sharps and hards, normal stones, and missing boss gear pieces. Obviously you should have 250+ mem frags saved per piece of boss armor you intend to duo+
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  10. Slurpee added a post in a topic Zerker AP/DP   

    I would say priorities are 
    Liverto +15/16
    saiyer +15/16
    all base AP accessories (marks, witch, duo/TRI bares or manos resist neck, PRI Schulz)
    armor to 15/16
    liverto TRI
    saiyer PRI / duo
    all PRI jewelry
    save for awakening (300m+ stockpiled)
    At that point I'm sure you can make your own judgements on TET weapon vs duo / TRI accessories vs full boss armor. Unless you have full boss armor, you will be using your armor for stacks mostly. 
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  11. Slurpee added a post in a topic Help me out, DUO Manos vs Pri ogre?   

    To get a duo using max stacks takes (on average) 15 of the base item. So you are looking at the same cost (roughly). If you can buy a PRI ogre (unlikely) it is definitely the way to go. In terms of resistances, it's really up to you, the black magic crystal intimidation(?) gives some nice resistances in an otherwise underwhelming helmet slot. I haven't played around with maxing out resistances but I know the manos are quite strong for pvp. A TRI Manos will cost more (on average) than a duo ogre. Personally i would prefer to use my helmet and boot gems to get as much resistance as possible since the other possible gems there are pretty ass, then go for max AP on jewelry.
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  12. Slurpee added a post in a topic [GUIDE] Berserker Road to 60 [Update 29. July] Including Google Doc   

    good to know, thanks
    seems like it, I didn't k is that but heliantus said t works that way. 
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  13. Slurpee added a post in a topic Berserker Balancing   

    We have been in the garbage can for the entirety of NA release, and it seems that the most recent patch has increased our damage quite a bit. I think a lot of what you are seeing is people who were dedicated to stick to an underpowered class and figured out how to compete despite being significantly weaker. Now that we are more or less balanced (a bit on the strong side), those same people have a strong advantage as they figured out many intricate combos and techniques to make the class viable when it really wasn't.
    If you look around a bit on here, you will see plenty of people who have tried to reroll as zerker to hop on the "OP hype train", and have failed miserably. The class basically requires 800+ skill points, you have to actually use a huge percentage of the moves in your kit to be effective, and playing predictably will often get you stranded and you will die. I think once zerks aren't garbage tier for a month or two, people will figure out how to play against them, how to get away from dodges, and and what their strengths and weaknesses are.
    Maybe we deserve a slight nerf, but I think we are pretty balanced overall right now. We still have big trouble against sorc and tamer, can do well against witch / ranger, and most other classes are typically whoever can land their cc and burst better.
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  14. Slurpee added a post in a topic Grind Hours Table   

    don't forget weekend is currently 50% bonus exp and will probably move to 100% or 150-200% like Korea has.
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  15. Slurpee added a post in a topic [GUIDE] Berserker Road to 60 [Update 29. July] Including Google Doc   

    Ah thanks man I try to help out when I know things. 
    Uhh only way I have much success against people on horse is to knock them off with my horse and then fight them on the ground. I'm not sure we have any way to get them off the horse. Horse wizard / witch is going to be really strong this patch and for awhile.
    I would also love to hear @surrender 's take on green vs blue awakening weapon until we get our hands on the gold version.
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