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  1. Refanone added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance   

    He was making a joke on farms(fences?) for the farming life skill.
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  2. Refanone added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance   

    I'm very excited for the patch since it's getting a little tedious to only have 3 mob types (and they're all basically the same with different clothes on) to kill and get decent XP at 52.
    However, Daum why are you not giving out official information? Why is everything a game of speculation? Yeah we could've expected to see this patch this early and we did see that it was heading in that direction, but no official word? A tagline on a weekly maintenance post that most people ignore is not the way to tell the player base that a MAJOR game-changing patch is coming TOMORROW. People like to know when the game they enjoy is receiving a major content patch, hell the hype that an early announcement creates is amazing. Yes, I do know that we already know more or less what the patch will bring due to our state of the game being mainly a play catch up to the other regions, but we don't know how exactly the content will be tweaked. 
    You know the front of your website that has all of this space for news and updates? Use it. Give a heads up to when you will be releasing new major content or a re-balancing patch. Don't leave your community in the dark until the day before. Also, if you are going to say a new patch is coming, give us teaser notes as well. You don't have to go into detail with all of the changes, just some major ones. 
    I can't stress it enough. You have a website that has a working front page for announcements. USE IT.
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  3. Refanone added a post in a topic Character look is bugged...   

    It randomly got fixed when i tried to log on just now... wtf daum/PA
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  4. Refanone added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Character look is bugged...
    I made a Sorc earlier to play as an alt and when I logged into the game the character looks completely different. I am using a template that I found online
    This is what she's supposed to look like.

    However she looks like this

    uhmmm... what?
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  5. Refanone added a post in a topic Hey, Anyone not received thier pre-order items?   

    It sucks when all of your friends who started after you already have theirs, but you don't. Daum you!! 
    P.S. Yes I redeemed it.
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  6. Refanone added a post in a topic How it feels   

    I would hate to be that kid. The fear of slipping out due to the blubber is too high for my likes. 
    Still funny as -----
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  7. Refanone added a post in a topic Dear Tamer Players   

    The thing is, I wasn't regarding ALL of the issues heilang needs to have fixed, just one. His power being DIRECTLY linked to his rank and not gear scaling. Health and survivavility is another issue.
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  8. Refanone added a post in a topic Dear Tamer Players   

    yeah. I can't even.
    I'm over here waiting to go have fun playing my tamer as I pray to all of the gods that someone in PA gets hit with common sense regarding this issue.
    I also wonder how far down the hole goes for the one they made when they coded heilang
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  9. Refanone added a post in a topic Dear Tamer Players   

    Well, that would work but it would also mean that tamers have to worry about an extra piece of gear. Not many would be fond of this idea. I say scrap the whole Heilang power creep from skill upgrades and just make him scale with the tamer's stats. Also an HP boost would be welcomed. Sure you would need to re-balance, but it would overall be less work than just doing continuous band aid "fixes" that may break the early game even harder.
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  10. Refanone added a post in a topic Dear Tamer Players   

    Hence the outrage. No clue why they didn't just make it scale by default and added its interactions with ranks...
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  11. Refanone added a post in a topic Dear Tamer Players   

    From what I've gathered its not that it doesn't scale past 15, but that it doesn't scale at all. It only gets stronger when you give it more ranks.
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  12. Refanone added a post in a topic BDO isn't Pay 2 Win   

    Might be because my English sucks : [
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  13. Refanone added a post in a topic BDO isn't Pay 2 Win   

    Re-read the sentence. It doesn't. There is however the concept of dedicated time consuming models added to the cash shop as opposed to in-game while YOU PAY TO PLAY. In essence, there is content you pay for every month also added to the cash shop that you MUST pay for to obtain. You then can also pay to get gold..
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  14. Refanone added a post in a topic BDO isn't Pay 2 Win   

    It is also a subscription model that limits content (albeit a tiny amount of mounts/pets/dem 2 helms doe) and literally introduced developer approved P2W
    Ballsy I must say, and people rarely complain there..
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  15. Refanone added a post in a topic BDO isn't Pay 2 Win   

    This is implying that content was scrapped for the release of cosmetics. That is quite rarely the case. 
    Anyways, I would rather pay for cosmetics and get free content updates due to paying for cosmetics than not get cosmetics and pay for content updates. Or in the case of wow, pay for both (lol their cash shop)...
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