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  1. Kashinn added a post in a topic Elephant Hype! [Legacy Gaming] (Veritas, Legatum, Dommestici) - Orwen | PvP | Recruiting Now   

    Still on the fence of whether to drop BDO or not since I've been playing on and off for the past few months anyways.
    Ultimately it'll depend on whether the majority of my friends stick around for these P2W changes or not, and if they do I'll probably mostly only login for sieges and play when I need to restock Pokeballs every 5 minutes at the Pokestops from my house, cause: Pokemon GO exp/stardust farm at the park!  
    (Need another battery pack for 12 hours of non-stop GO!)

    One can stare at the No P2W emblem forever, for the sake of not losing friends to play with. 
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  2. Kashinn added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I actually don't mind this at all, though whether I stick around in BDO will ultimately depend on whether the majority of my friends from the guild keeps playing or not.
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  3. Kashinn added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 13th   

    RIP the players that uses these gems and gets flagged/PK'd.
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  4. Kashinn added a post in a topic The Liverto Rain   

    @Freelancer I still have more to get rid of before we move onto Kzarkas...
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  5. Kashinn added a post in a topic Siege/Node Wars: Remove non-participating guilds (or nerf them)   

    I definitely agree that something needs to be done in regards to non-participates. During our experiment yesterday what I found to be even more broken than thorns was being able to free-roam and scout/monitor the entire area for live information relay. The biggest issue with this one is say [even if non-participants get one-shot] they'll be spending resources taking out the non-participants which means they'll have less resources to use on war participants.
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  6. Kashinn added a post in a topic Siege/Node Wars: Remove non-participating guilds (or nerf them)   

    This definitely needs to be fixed before the actual sieges comes out, because even the least-geared players could potentially band together and do some serious damage to us without participating in the war which is why I'm hoping the fact that we've showcased the potential threat of thorns [with zero consequence to the non-participants] is enough to quickly get it removed.
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  7. Kashinn added a post in a topic GM of Veritas - Account Hacked, Guild Disbanded   

    Please address this, sieges are a bit too close for us to not be able to participate. @CM_Jouska @CM_Oli
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  8. Kashinn added a topic in Suggestions   

    Increase the time it takes for Mudster loot before it becomes free loot
    It seems like the time that you'd have to grab your Mudster loot before it becomes free-loot is under 1 minute, which means that anyone that dies just before Mudster is about to die could lose out on their loot if they don't get back there in time (unless using V-escape affects the loot timer in any way?). What this would mean is that people could camp the Mudster after death and potentially obtain multi-loots.
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  9. Kashinn added a topic in Suggestions   

    Option to show only War Dec Notifications relevant to the player's guild
    I currently have the notification for War Declarations turned off since it shows the ones for other guilds as well which spams the top of my screen. I'm hoping that there will eventually be an option to show notifications for war declarations for the guild that the player is in without having to view unrelated war decs.
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  10. Kashinn added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 23rd   

    I've spent over 1G on pets and didn't get what I needed.
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  11. Kashinn added a post in a topic Do you call it a fail stack or luck stack?   

    Everyone's so lucky being able to get their stacks so high, while I'm still struggling to get my stacks even close to that range to make a +1 Ogre Ring...
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  12. Kashinn added a post in a topic Gems Breaking In GvG   

    This does sound like there will be a lot of ganking to hinder players when we receive the 20m+ (or was it 40m?) crystals.
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  13. Kashinn added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 11th   

    Time to play until 4PM.
    I'm wondering if there's any word regarding the changes to Tamer from the previous patch. If you look at the skill "Legendary Beast's Power" the animation video reveals the Tamer using her Awakening Weapon even though the skill can be used for both weapons. I'm a bit concerned about these [nerfed mobility] changes to Tamers without the availability of the Awakening Weapon.
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  14. Kashinn added a post in a topic "Kill 150 Cyclops" Guild Quest   

    Hopefully the GMs will look into this.
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  15. Kashinn added a post in a topic Ninja nerf to tamer?   

    I wonder if the doubled multipliers on the skills that was meant to come with the Awakening (Lv56 season content) are fitting for the current season's content as well, because now things die pretty quickly even with a low weapon.
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