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  1. Requiem added a post in a topic The correct figures behind the dye selling system   

    You'd be better off buying horse skill resets and selling them on the market when they have all the high demand skills but let's all pretend that BDO doesn't have P2W aspects.
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  2. Requiem added a post in a topic Daum is killing the playerbase   

    I can't say I've ever had a similar problem so I can only assume you are on NA servers or need to look at your system specs
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  3. Requiem added a post in a topic Daum is killing the playerbase   

    maybe I should put pictures on it and turn it into a children story book seeing as they can't be bothered to read 6 points and two paragraphs.
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  4. Requiem added a topic in General   

    Daum is killing the playerbase
    What’s up BDO community, I love Black Desert but there is a few things that I believe is turning away players from the game and wanted to give my 2 cents, I’ve heard the game appears to be floating at around 100k – 200k players, whether that is true or not, I don’t know but if I was one of the staff, I would be ringing alarm bells because that seems incredibly low for what a game like BDO could really be.

    1.       Ninja delays – We have been waiting for this class since launch, after numerous delays and rumours that it could be another 2 months before we see anything, we still do not have confirmation of when the class will be released causing a lot of players who are planning on maining the class to quit the game all together, just because of how behind they will be when it actually launches.
    2.       Communication / PA – although I believe this has improved recently, communication of changes and feedback is definitely lacking. There was a massive thread feedback about the death XP changes, it would be nice to actually hear back from the devs on their opinions said in that thread as currently it feels like it was just a thread to vent our anger and forget about it.
    3.       Hackers & The Players – Personally I believe Daum is focusing too much on trying to counter an age-old issue with MMOs which will never be fully resolved and not enough on the player, look at world of Warcraft, they still haven’t been able to stop botting in the game, and it’s been running for over 10 years. I’ve never played an MMO that doesn’t have an issue with botting, not only this but the way Daum are handling it is appauling. The hacking hunting initiative is beyond stupid and the support ticket system is appauling, not only are legitimate players are being permanently banned, they are responding to their support tickets with an automated message.

    4.       P2W Aspects – Being able to sell dyes on the marketplace is a pay to win feature, anyone who says different is wrong. This allows whales to throw as much money as they can at the store until they get dyes that can be placed on the market for millions at a time.  This is a buy to play game, the shop should be the only place to sell cosmetics, convenience items should be possible to get in-game as well as the cash shop as an ‘easy’ way to get these items but not forcing the player to stick their credit card into the floppy drive.

    5.       RNG – This is another thing they have improved on, the biggest change for me was changing the stats so that they are not random, that’s a great change and definitely needed but I still believe there is more that could be done to reduce the amount of RNG within the game, it seems that it’s not about being good at your class or doing something considered difficult to earn your gear that matters, it’s all down to luck and grinding, which brings me to my next step.

    6.       The Grind – Yes, this is a Korean game I get that, but this is a western market and not all ships sail that way here and is turning off players. I’m not just talking about levelling here, everything which has a level is a major grind, horses, fishing, levelling, contribution points, the lot of it. If you wonder why there was so many people who considered botting in this game, I would imagine this is definitely one of the reasons why.

    That’s just off the top of my head, I could probibly think of more but within half hour but this is 6 major problems that need to be looked at and desperatly otherwise I can easily see this game heading free to play and turning into a major cash grab, which nobody wants, at least the players don’t.

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  5. Requiem added a post in a topic Reward Updates - Back-dated ???   

    But no answer, thank you Jouska. Now we can all moan in one thread and have no peace of mind. 
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  6. Requiem added a post in a topic Ninja Class Release Date   

    Expect Ninja to arrive in NA/EU the same week as Awakening in KR (so about a month from now).
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  7. Requiem added a post in a topic Ninja is what I've been waiting for!   

    If they didn't care about balance they would release the class now with that sweet sweet cashshop ninja starter package and make bank like they did with the musa/mahewa so I'd say that's not the case but i'm really getting fed up with not having ninja, going to struggle to stay active for my guild playing a class I dislike.
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  8. Requiem added a post in a topic Lost everything after a disconnect?   

    I've always wondered about these lastpass type apps, what if you need to access your account on another computer like at work for example? or you forget the master password? 
    So many things I can imagine going wrong, I'd rather just memorize a computer generated password
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  9. Requiem added a post in a topic What new class would you like to see?   

    So, ninja?
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  10. Requiem added a post in a topic Wizard/Witch Awakening weapon   

    Nobody will, they want to release awakenings for all classes at once.
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  11. Requiem added a post in a topic How long will Ninja be delayed?   

    That appears to be the case yep
    I just want an idea on how much longer we'll have to wait because it's just a constant game of catch up otherwise. Fustrating.
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  12. Requiem added a topic in General   

    How long will Ninja be delayed?
    Plz confirm.
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  13. Requiem added a post in a topic Blader Costumes   

    Yakuza style
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  14. Requiem added a post in a topic Ninja Class   

    It was said Blader/Plum in april (20th) and two more classes in May so it sounds like they will be released sometime next month.
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  15. Requiem added a post in a topic What class for me?   

    Sounds like Tamer or Ranger, i'd roll a couple classes that you like the look of and go from there but from what you said (pets, multi damaging enemies etc) i'd suggest a Tamer.
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