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  1. IdolPlaidMaster added a post in a topic Archeage 3.0 fresh start server anyone want to join us?   

    Change.org where uh... has change.org ever changed anything?
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  2. IdolPlaidMaster added a post in a topic What's the most insane thing you did when you were angry?   

    gave the other person paper cuts to the tongue then i continued to beat the living shit out of them with a small silver spoon
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  3. IdolPlaidMaster added a post in a topic on a scale of 1-10 how creepy is it   

    its more creepy, when for some reason the irl person changed their looks and now looks like your character... like.... dafaq?
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  4. IdolPlaidMaster added a post in a topic Marketplace Bidding System   

    Naw i was just sitting at work killing time, thanks i enjoyed our conversation.
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  5. IdolPlaidMaster added a post in a topic Marketplace Bidding System   

    no Most people only read the first post cause everything inbetween is for fanfare
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  6. IdolPlaidMaster added a post in a topic Dark Elf December 15th KR   

    Dark Knight Vindi? Bruh Feels Like Mabinogi, Where all the real Dark Knights turned into Chaos and Infras, only to be slammed to death due to mob lag
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  7. IdolPlaidMaster added a post in a topic Marketplace Bidding System   

    What was that? I said first post.
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  8. IdolPlaidMaster added a topic in Off-Topic   

    I am bored, Someone insult me I swear I wont be offended in any way, and nor should anyone else be insulting each other, As this is a game to insult me the OP!. Go, You dont win anything but I sure as hell will enjoy it.
    ouch, you people hurt me, hnnng the dms
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  9. IdolPlaidMaster added a post in a topic Please make Value Packs Pre-Orderable   

    I am only 7 hours late to this type of post. =p, but yes,
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  10. IdolPlaidMaster added a post in a topic Marketplace Bidding System   

    Yeglimesh! Praise the lord, He finally learned to explain what hes been complaining about the whole time. at the third page instead of the very first post.
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  11. IdolPlaidMaster added a post in a topic Marketplace Bidding System   

    "I'm complaining something is up with the market. It's not just me being effected. The market should not be throwing up false bid actions and returning things to buy, that don't exist. It's that simple. The system worked before merge, now it seems it can't quite handle the workload and it's being screwy."
    its not false if someone bought it all. "The system worked before merge" Cause you had less people to compete with, now you cant compete with them and now complain and complain.
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  12. IdolPlaidMaster added a post in a topic Can't ride my own horse after merge   

    you dont have enough stable space, that might have been the issue to why your horse is like that right now D=
    P.S. How many horses do you have
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  13. IdolPlaidMaster added a post in a topic Marketplace Bidding System   

    I guess the Supply is there, but the Demand for the Black Stones are simply high that you dont get any. And since you didnt get any, i guess ill just go into the Forums and complain and hope things gets done.
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  14. IdolPlaidMaster added a post in a topic Marketplace Bidding System   

    Maybe its the game telling you to stop being a whining little kid and understand whats given to you and do better instead of complaining on forums for the first time in your life and realize it was pointless from the first place and should have sent in a ticket to change the market system to fit your personal needs instead of being fair to everyone as it is now. Thanks. Also. Welcome to the market life, since you dont understand how the market works..... pleb...
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  15. IdolPlaidMaster added a post in a topic CLOSED.   

    I stopped caring cause both lead to crapton of people dm's of private servers and shit like... dafaq? Im out of here and screw this crap, Another reason why I stick of my guild and its associated discord server
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