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  1. Hater added a post in a topic WTF are you actually winning when you buy dyes?   

    Yep! consider me a whale! Why spend 12-18 hours of playing BDO everyday and earn 10-20m silvers when I can get near billions of silvers within 8 hours of work and spend my disposable income money? So it's shameless to have more money than others...or is it more shameless that people don't believe this game is pay to win? If I had another $10k I would get approximately 5 billion silvers.
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  2. Hater added a post in a topic WTF are you actually winning when you buy dyes?   

    Actually I spent 3k loyalties on dyes so I can sell on the market, made only 15m. But on the other hand I spent $1k on pearls for dyes, made 400m already. So disposable income FTW!
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  3. Hater added a post in a topic WTF are you actually winning when you buy dyes?   

    Either way, you jelly <3 I make it RAIN $$$$$.
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  4. Hater added a post in a topic WTF are you actually winning when you buy dyes?   

    Just because I have excess income I can spend it however I want :D! If you don't like that I'm actually paying to get silvers, then get a better job you peasant! and I went to Mcdonalds for breakfast <3
    Even if the dyes fall down to 1-2m range, which they are, I'll still drop maybe another $2-3k for pearls and see how much that makes me. I really want those PEN accessories! 
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  5. Hater added a post in a topic WTF are you actually winning when you buy dyes?   

    Just spent $1k on pearls and bought all dyes, made over 400m in 1 day and still got plenty left! <3 PEN everything here I come!
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  6. Hater added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    This is a good resolution, makes me want to buy pearls to keep Daum/Pearl Abyss in business.
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  7. Hater added a post in a topic Looking for Setting Suns, Eclipse Archeage Enla   

    Thanks for replying guys! Equinox still accepting applications? lol
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  8. Hater added a topic in US Guild   

    Looking for Setting Suns, Eclipse Archeage Enla
    Hello all!
    Here's to hoping and I am looking for my old guild mates back in Archeage - Enla server! We were known as Setting Suns and changed our names to Eclipse. During the Auroria launch we've secured a castle to our name! Our main ally then were Legacy(BDO's Praetorian) Garyoak and Fact which secured 2 castles at launch. I'm looking to join a guild if any guild is or will be created in BDO. Our officers and leaders were Mumjuggler, Marshwiggles, Legend, and Orrb(all I can remember, it's been too long) but I remembered Croney, Nick, Lullaby, Dhmonkey, Dalshabet, Bluekt, Lindsay, Aurelie, Pinkmaster, Esuebara, Corruptone, Pufferfish, Kiota, Arklem, Calandiel, Maliqe, Zaros, Draconis and.....I forgot you guildmates. Like I said here's to hoping! My name is Hater (duh) here's a picture though!

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  9. Hater added a post in a topic Name Reservation Page   

    Haters gon' hate.
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  10. Hater added a post in a topic Name Reservation Page   

    I got in! after 100's of refreshes on multiple tabs and different browsers. Those who didn't get in, just keep refreshing. I even got that error about not preordering, I just refreshed. Even got in and got my name but kicked me out. Refreshed again and again and again. AND FINALLY!! WOOT!

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