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  1. squidgod added a post in a topic Will BDO succeed?   

    Sorry, but that's never going to happen again. There are too many games to choose from and the entire mindset of both MMO players and MMO developers has shifted dramatically.
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  2. squidgod added a post in a topic Level 10 node problem.   

    Books from Mediah elites got nerfed pretty hard a few months back.
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  3. squidgod added a post in a topic Add a traders costume to pearl shop?   

    It's not that bad—even with 'magnate' status, clearing the trader inventories by trading between Heidel and Velia will take longer than the channel swap cooldown.
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  4. squidgod added a topic in General   

    Problems with Legend of Florin event quest
    Black Spirit doesn't have any kind of [Event] quest; nothing in Florin; etc.
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  5. squidgod added a post in a topic Need to know few things about trading.   

    Yep. A mount can hold up to 7000-something crates.
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  6. squidgod added a post in a topic Need to know few things about trading.   

    Setting aside the cost of shipping crates and the damage it does to your margins, anyone who is crating in any meaningful way needs those transport slots available to move materials to a central processing location or to Calpheon/Trent to be crated. 
    An overloaded horse is faster than an overloaded wagon.
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  7. squidgod added a post in a topic Need to know few things about trading.   

    The lowest speed on a decent horse is generally a bit faster than player run speed and it won't move any more slowly in the desert.
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  8. squidgod added a post in a topic Need to know few things about trading.   

    No, if you're overloading, just use a horse and go straight through the desert.
    Totally AFK? You'll never get there. There are a couple spots where you'll run into whales and your boat will be stopped.
    Semi AFK? Depends on the boat and whether you have all the speed upgrades. With a mid-level fishing totem and a green set of gear, a fishing boat is about as fast as the Epheria sailboat.
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  9. squidgod added a post in a topic Need to know few things about trading.   

    Yes, but it's not much faster than walking (unless you've got a geared-out boat and a decent fishing totem), though it is safer for AFKing.
    Yes. The higher the weight limit, the fewer times you'll have to move stuff between inventory/warehouse/mount when stacking. When you're doing runs of 7000 crates, the less time it takes you to stack, the less you'll want to stab yourself in the eyes. Additionally, you'll need to be able to hold a lot of silver to avoid back-and-forth trips between the trader and warehouse while selling a stack. There's zero reason to level trading on an alt or do this stuff on an alt. Just use your main.
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  10. squidgod added a post in a topic A daily quest where players can gain Sailing EXP has been added to Sihuram at Port Ratt.   

    It's basically bonus sailing XP if you're in the habit of doing Ratt trading.
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  11. squidgod added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    At some point, our stackable trade items will be locked at 100% (instead of ranging from 80 to 130% as they do now). Presumably they'll later be raised to 115%—though fish prices were never raised to match KR, so who knows.
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  12. squidgod added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    Yeah. Ok. Sure.
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  13. squidgod added a post in a topic Watermark.   

    Obligatory advertising.
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  14. squidgod added a post in a topic Fisher's Token   

    AFAIK, Fishing tokens are still useless—like those Serendia/Balenos defense tokens you get from killing mobs that attack gateways or investing energy in production nodes.
    Pretty fvcking amazing that PA just leaves useless, confusing stuff like this in the game.
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  15. squidgod added a post in a topic Farming questions   

    Your crops don't grow when you're offline.
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