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  1. Chi added a post in a topic Death’ notes   

    What a strange note to find...and beyond that, who nails a note to a tree in the middle of the woods?
    "Rng " sounds strange, probably something better left forgotten... sounds like I should stay away from any new armor for awhile with a prankster on the lose.
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  2. Chi added a post in a topic [OOC] Zodiac signs correlating to real world months?   

    Or your just siding with wolfie's timeline. o3o Personally if June 20th is the first day, but it's at the cusp of zodiac times, I'm still going with owl being may/june. and not april/may. Not to mention where I am it takes a long time for summer to kick in soo....
    At least we have seasons for our characters, right? 
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  3. Chi added a post in a topic [OOC] Zodiac signs correlating to real world months?   

    I realize the thread might be a bit dead, HOWEVER, with Valencia out I found this nice little tidbit of information: 

    This could mean OWL is late spring/early summer. or May/June. If we also assume that the wheel moves clockwise and not counter clockwise this means the previous post by Wolf was only off by one month roughly leading us to:
    December 22 - January 19  (Boat)
    January 20 - February 18  (Shield)
    February 19 - March 20 (Giant)
    March 21 - April 19  (Camel)
    April 20 - May 20  (Black Dragon)
    May 21 - June 20  (Owl)
    June 21 - July 22 (Elephant)
    July 23 - August 22 (Wagon)
    August 23 - September 22 (Seal)
    September 23 - October 22  (Goblin)
    October 23 - November 21 (Key)
    November 22 - December 21  (Hammer)
    Or you know, this could all be wrong and owl just ment some weird cryptic thing or the constellations don't run on our yearly calendar. But you know what! I saw this and I wanted to share it! SO THERE! 
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  4. Chi added a post in a topic [OOC]Heavy roleplayers...where are you?[ORWEN]   

    Hey! That's me!!  
    Damn, Rayl's forum lurking is strong. Always beating me to the punch. 
    Feel free to send a friend request over to "Chi" (aka myself, claimed it for both family and character.) willing to roleplay at most anytime I'm on, unless I'm in the middle of doing something else. 
    Otherwise, even if you don't want to join a guild. They are good identifires for who RPs. 
    For sure I know (though I am sure I've forgotten or haven't met the others): Ravens of War, Iron Circle, Syndicate, House of Gold, Order of Alsands and our own Misadventurers are RP oriented. If you see that last tag running around please feel free to bother them for RP. ♥
    Side notes: 
    Nice to see you posting still Magnificent Innuendo (Totally not creepy to recognize someone here, right? No no of course not!) 
    And your humor, gold. A+ work your doing. 
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  5. Chi added a post in a topic How will you RP your Blader/Plum?   

    At least we have unofficial Orwen - Calpheon 2 for NA .
    Back on topic though? Planning a plum as an alt. Mostly vague personality ideas and less solid backstory. Which is different for me but...what can you do when there's lore lacking? (expect amnesia, but I find full memory loss too over-used.) 
    So she's planned to be from a big household that served a lord that she then left home to protect, they made it to Blenos by boat before he was assassinated in Velia. Feeling at a loss and blaming herself she's too ashamed to return to her family. Now wandering the country side to regain her lost honor. 
    Otherwise shes very demure. Kind to strangers, softspoken and a bit shy. Takes things seriously and with conviction. Loyalty above all else. 

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  6. Chi added a post in a topic Lore naming conventions?   

    Throwing in my 2 cents about elves. 
    ( http://www.blackdesertroleplayers.com/lore/m/33765621/article/3726358 )
    "It appears that Elves not integrated into Human society, usually only have one name. While Elves born in or living in Human societies often have a first name and surname." 
    The site also gathered some in-game examples for names: " Female: Luwensley, Nelydormin, Sayena, Koirin, Dyleoyen, Leona, Elgriffin, Margaret, Lylina, Martha Kiyen, Gray, Orwen, Elina, Norma"
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  7. Chi added a post in a topic United Guild Coaliton -- { All Guilds Should Read! }   

    Reading though this thread as a third party be like:

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  8. Chi added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  9. Chi added a post in a topic Costume Exchange Coupon   

    Be great to actually dye these too...
    But on a side note, if you use it as a costume don't you no longer get the bonuses unless it's on your armor slot?
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  10. Chi added a post in a topic NPCs Repeat Dialogue Too Often / Frequently   

    Otter in glish tavern...."*crraaacckkk* my spear knows no mercy" 
    Repeat 5 seconds later. Can't even hang out at the tavern/inn.  >.>
    Would like to see the timer for dialogue increased when your not even talking to them.
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  11. Chi added a post in a topic Toggle Walk Function   

    Not sure why they just didn't make it a toggle in the first place... 
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  12. Chi added a post in a topic [Trade Manager] Cannot sell with full inventory   

    I've had this happen as well, it's really bizarre considering your getting RID of items, not buying. 
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  13. Chi added a post in a topic [IC] Stories Around the Campfire [Open]   

    ((I did have fun with this too! if anyone runs into me around Orwen Calpheon 2 please do say hi  ))
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  14. Chi added a post in a topic Do you miss a CBT2 title/reward after 9th of March? - please reply   

    Have gotten everything now guys! Thank you 
    Past the 24 hour mark, have not gotten anything from Triathlon. Have not gotten Beauty and Beast costume (but got the title). 
    I DID get the "Master Baiter" title. 
    Character: Chi
    Family: Chi
    Orwen server.  
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  15. Chi added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    @CM_Praballo @CM_Jouska
    Question: With the boat picture does it have to be one you made? IE: Would a picture on a friends boat or on the "bus/ferry" boat from Velia to Illya work as well?
    [NA - Orwen ; Chi]



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