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  1. Jiggu added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    But he didn't say that?
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  2. Jiggu added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    You're playing a hardcounter to wiz and complain
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  3. Jiggu added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Koreans think rangers are op, not wiz/witch
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  4. Jiggu added a post in a topic Fame Event Question   

    491, 98 and 371, total 960. Used to get 650k silver before the event started.
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  5. Jiggu added a post in a topic Fame Event Question   

    Ever since the event started I only get 500k silver a day. I've already posted about this elsewhere but I get no response, I should be getting 650k, anyone else have this issue?
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  6. Jiggu added a post in a topic How is the game P2W   

    It's horribly p2w and if you even bother looking at what you can buy you should see this cleary.
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  7. Jiggu added a post in a topic Looking for WItch pvp gear GUIDE   

    The skill description can be interpreted in many ways, I want proof(pref through testing) that the skill works in the way he claims.
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  8. Jiggu added a post in a topic Wizards are not OP, people are misinformed   

    Warrior, sorc, kuno/maeh and tamer all have superior movement to wiz. The heal is in a tiny area(it's about half of the actual visual effect) and is on a 30 second cooldown and will heal a teammate ~60% of their hp. 
    It's not that I don't think they're over the top, but you're not making a good case, you're just proving what OP said.
    More great examples of making things up to feed what OP said. It felt like he made a troll post but you're just making it real.
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  9. Jiggu added a post in a topic Looking for WItch pvp gear GUIDE   

    Got any source on this? It's a good point on the flow skills though.
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  10. Jiggu added a post in a topic Server lag is so bad it got me killed!   

    The sad thing is these threads are nothing new, server issues have been here since release
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  11. Jiggu added a post in a topic damage reduced after enemy is freezed   

    That sounds like a fun combo, I gotta try it some time.
    My issue with paralysis is that it's blocked by:
    1. Blocking(I was hoping this is what you circumvented by hitting their feet)
    2. Resists(Stiffness resistance I think)
    3. Hit/miss(+40% chance to hit so unlikely).
    4. Very hard to hit a fast moving target with this, easier on some classes than others, or just hit them when they're down.
    Basically you have to go through all of these hurdles just to get a slow on your target.
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  12. Jiggu added a post in a topic damage reduced after enemy is freezed   

    Why exactly do you need to hit the ground and not the target as a witch?
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  13. Jiggu added a post in a topic Wizard pets teleporting around while following   

    Wait what
    I've never sailed and I'm not a wizard but this still happens
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  14. Jiggu added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Update: Servers are Live* Maintenance March 22nd   

    House fame fund is still broken, I get 500k when I should get 650k.
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  15. Jiggu added a post in a topic House fame   

    Has it been broken since the fame event started for anyone else? I'm getting the base amount, 500k now but I got 650 before the patch
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