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  1. Avengersoul added a post in a topic Guild Activity, does higher salary reduce activity gain?   

    In my experience guild activity doesn't work regardless. Tested it out earlier tonight, my contract is for 60k with 3100ish guild activity which should have given me something like 79k or something when collecting however I only received 60k.
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  2. Avengersoul added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 13th   

    I'd sure love 13 million silver retroactively, ugh.
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  3. Avengersoul added a post in a topic Drift Canceling = Exploit   

    This thread proves anyone will complain about anything. Who cares? Someone's horse is faster than yours so you must complain about it?
    I honestly could care less if they keep it or not, I have sprint and instant accel on my horse and if it learns drift to me it's too much work to go "fast"...
    As for complaining about someone getting from point A to B  a little bit quicker than you...I wish everything was so right that that's all I had to complain about.
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  4. Avengersoul added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance May 13th   

    I'm all for being lenient and not flaming for regular maintenance but can you please pick a day and stick to it?
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  5. Avengersoul added a post in a topic Is it worth to start?   

    1. There is more pay for convenience. If you talk to some on these forums they will say some items are pay2win, being the ghillie (hides your name and guild unless someone uses a flare) There is no real advantage anyone can gain by buying a cash shop item, similar bonuses are obtainable or countered in game.
    2. There are dye boxes which are the only real form of rng boxes. You can select a color spectrum or completely random but no such costume boxes.
    3. Personally I dislike the pvp in the game. There is no skill involved, whoever has the higher level or the higher gear rating will almost always win. That plays into 1v1. Another issue is people calling their guild because they lost a fight they started.
    4. We don't really have direct contact with the devs but the publishers and our caretakers which is Daum. They've done a reasonably decent job at keeping us in the know and treating the community right. That's up for debate by some but generally from what I've seen they are trying to do right by the community.
    5. I've played since beta and have yet to see a bot although they have been on the rise and Daum have been actively seeking them out and banning them. This goes for "hackers" Gold sellers are still around although you have a chat filter and using it I haven't seen a gold seller message in almost 3 weeks.
    6. Depending on the server/channel you're on will dictate your experience with server lag. The server and channel I play on I've only seen the server lagging once since launch. Other channels/Servers haven't been so lucky but they've been trying to address this and are sending a team to the US based servers currently to combat this, so this is either hit or miss for some and an ongoing issue that is in Daum's crosshairs.
    A lot of the hate you'll see in this thread will inevitably be by people who either are not into MMO's anymore or people who will never be satisfied by anything except being given anything and everything free for the life of the game. Entitled people is what we call them.
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  6. Avengersoul added a post in a topic Anyone hate the Valkyrie Awakening?   

    The animations for this, while a bit more detailed are almost direct rips of the Lancer from Tera. Anyone that has played a Lancer in Tera for any extended time will tell you this. Personally I don't care for this awakening at all. I think it should have gone an nontraditional route and went with something like a shield and whip...would have opened up a really unique play style and weapon for the Valkyrie while remaining true to the class.
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  7. Avengersoul added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    I wasn't expecting anything but thank you for doing the right thing...and honestly went above and beyond what you could have done. Thank you!
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  8. Avengersoul added a topic in Suggestions   

    Guild Contracts While Offline/Officer to Officer
    Not sure if this has been suggested but here it goes...
    Currently my guild is relatively small around 30 people. We have the GM and 4 officers. Our GM is currently on vacation and when she isn't she is online at very late times. Also with this we have our officers, myself included that have play times that vary throughout the day and night to always make sure someone is around for the most part.
    Some of us are a bit burnt out but an issue I've seen is since our GM is on at odd times and currently not around as well as a lot of our members are on at odd times or afk leveling skills, contracts are ending with no one around either the officer/gm or the member to renew said contract. The other issue being that officers apparently can't renew other officers contracts.
     We have a diverse guild with members around the globe. Granted this is somewhat an attendance issue, however we are just a relaxed social guild that doesn't place attendance policies aside from being inactive for an extended period of time.
    The suggestion is two fold. Allow the GM/Officers to send contract renewals that can be signed at a later date/time. Also allow Officers to renew other Officer contracts.
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  9. Avengersoul added a post in a topic What game did you leave to play BDO?   

    Technically the last MMO I had played was ESO which was just hopping on once a week. I had left WoW a few months before that, which WoW has been my go to MMO since it's vanilla beta. 
    Honestly have no interest in going back. I had Legion preordered of which I cancelled and put that money into the BDO cash shop. Warlords of Draenor showed me how terrible WoW has become and how they think they can throw out anything and expect the player base to blindly buy it. Legion will be no different but I won't be taking part.
    BDO is everything I expected/wanted and will be my MMO of choice hopefully for years to come, so long as they don't mess it up.
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  10. Avengersoul added a post in a topic The support takes WAY too long to answer a ticket.   

    Don't feel bad, I opened a ticket roughly 5 weeks ago for not receiving in-game mail. I got a response 2 days ago about trying to help me with being unable to "flag" which I'm assuming is pvp flagging.
    Support is terrible. And then has the nerve to send me another email asking if I'm satisfied rofl.
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  11. Avengersoul added a post in a topic Do you think the cash shop is expensive?   

    I'm in full agreement the cash shop needs to be cut by 50% but there has already been interviews with Daum Korea stating that they know it's overpriced but people are still buying and they are making profits and see this continuing until the end of the year and won't reduce prices.
    While that is not consumer friendly they have no reason to drop prices. Personally I think it's the wrong decision. They are milking whales for every penny they have while alienating the people who would stick around for years and truly support the game long after the whales move on to another game but it's their choice.
    Admittedly I'm also part of the problem as I've put nearly 300 dollars into the cash shop but with that being said, I save my pearls for items I really want and items that have yet to be released. I put back money in anticipation of BDO, the amount I've put in just happens to be what I put back, the prices are obviously more expensive than I would have liked and my money won't go nearly as far as I would of liked.
    I wouldn't expect prices to drop until the end of the year at least, the trend could keep going far beyond that.
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  12. Avengersoul added a post in a topic Is there a way to stop leveling before forced PvP level ?   

    Not sure if it's been said as I don't want to read the multiple pages but a lot of people have taken to killing themselves over and over to lose experience to stop from leveling to 45...this is the only way I know to prevent it.
    With that being said, depending on what server you're on, going past 45 isn't so terrible. I'm on Orwen and have only been pk'd 3 times after 45 and that's playing since headstart. But I can understand not wanting to deal with it at all, especially if you afk fish a lot. They really should reinstate the 50 & quest for pvp like in Korea. If someone doesn't want to level past that and pvp they should be able to do so as the amount that would do that is minuscule, I don't understand the reasoning in changing it aside from catering to the pkers who only like to gank lowbies or undergeared players because they are scared of skill based equal footing pvp.
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  13. Avengersoul added a post in a topic Conqueror's Pack Horse   

    At the end of the day I've moved on and couldn't care less about the issues ultimately...that being said regardless of being able to google and see that the conq horse is this or that it was false advertising.
    On the pack it said we would get a tier 5 horse...which isn't what we paid for. A tier 5 horse would be what is in the game when you breed up to one. We got a "Tier 5" with half the breeding attempts, doesn't breed like a tier 5 and also can't even learn all the skills a true tier 5 can learn (sideways movement). Now I'm not saying it's a terrible horse, it was quick and was a good starter horse but it definitely wasn't as advertised.
    Also to make matters worse you can't even exchange or sell it on the market. I haven't tried to delete it yet but I'd be surprised if they even let us do that, which I know is a result of people "accidentally" getting rid of it during headstart.
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  14. Avengersoul added a post in a topic The armor situation is getting... embarrassing   

    This is a Korean MMO....which inherently means the women are going to be scantily clad. The company that makes the game is Korean, their publisher is Korean.
    Complaining about this stuff is like watching porn and complaining that the people are having sex. If you don't like seeing it play an MMO that doesn't have armor like this and if they do then ask them to censor it because your virgin eyes can't handle it.
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  15. Avengersoul added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!