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  1. Sophitia added a post in a topic Odz ~ Go TET or die TET-ing   

    Emotions of a killer right there.... I would have raged and destroyed my PC long time ago after those fails! Good job!
    I'm thinking of coming back after quitting in September due to the grind for mem frags after spending about 800mil only to get a DUO Muskan lul. Has anything changed since to grind for mem frags/making money?
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  2. Sophitia added a post in a topic You where robbed   

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  3. Sophitia added a post in a topic Millennium | Semi-Hardcore | Sieges & Node Wars   

    Hey Millennium!
    Ex Guildee here and I thought I will message you guys here. I would firstly like to apologise for not attending the wars or being online in that matter. It was incredibly rude of us to suddenly disappear unannounced.
    But myself (Conor McGregor) and the missus (Binks) have finally bought our own little place! And we're in the process of doing it up with the help of my bro (Cervantes) who is currently finishing off his Masters Degree. On top of that we both have found new jobs and currently in probation period so as you can imagine, its been pretty stressful
    We're not really sure if we're returning to the game for the time being simply due to real life. Maybe once this is all sorted we may return!
    I just wanna say thank you guys at Millennium for making our experience on BDO an unforgettable one with some of the best people I have met online. There is no other guild out there really who was so cool about everything but at the same time, so very serious and organised during wars!
    We just want to say thank you again! And we hope to see and hear from you guys online again whether it be allies or enemies
    We wish you guys ALL the success that you deserve and Long live Millennium!
    - Conor Mcgregor, Binks, Cervantes
    A special thanks to @LoneWolf @Seraph  @Norlas @Demandred And I am sure we have forgotten many others!
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  4. Sophitia added a post in a topic ninja got patched   

    says the wizard/witch LOL
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  5. Sophitia added a post in a topic It's all smoke and mirrors - failure after failure...   

    I do actually agree with the majority of your posts on this forum but this one I cannot. Surely you can see that if a company publicly announces their intentions, makes everyone BUY the game based on those intentions and then changes their initial plan completely, that's a set up for your stocks to down. 
    I can tell you now that my company provides infrastructure to hedge funds and if we EVER went back on our intentions, we can say goodbye to our money.
    If I went to a client and said, "We plan to install this, that, this, that" and then on the the day on installation, we go "actually we can only provide 'this'" imagine how that makes my company look?
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  6. Sophitia added a post in a topic Did they Nerf Farming (Sharp/Hard Drop is LOW)   

    I'm pretty sure it has been silently nerfed. I play with 2 other people and they've also said its most likely nerfed. We all have not been able to find anything for 2-3 days
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  7. Sophitia added a post in a topic <Grind> - Disbanded   

    i unfortunately have to agree with this... There is no doubt this is a massive achievement which probably required top notch management and excellent leadership so congratulations! 
    Its just such a shame to see the state of the game right now giving us a very good indication on where its heading... 
    Its pretty awesome a guild has managed to pull this off but it somehow feels very bittersweet.
    Again. Very well done on your victory. Undisputed strongest guild on Jordine.
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  8. Sophitia added a post in a topic TIME TO PK EVERY MATHAFACKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

    And here everybody is exactly the type of stupid ass motherfker that is root cause of aids, spanish flu and the black death itself.
    - has no p2w logo
    - most likely posted about "fk kakao and their p2w"
    - warrior awakening benefits him
    - fk yeh! Time to pk! Ignore the initial lies! I cnt see the bigger picture because im a self entitled beta cuck
    Yeh thats you OP. Dont even try say you're trolling because we know u aint.
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  9. Sophitia added a post in a topic I dont understand this community   

    yeh take one line and interpretate it as something else missing the ENTIRE post.
    Get the fk outta here
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  10. Sophitia added a post in a topic I dont understand this community   

    LOL this fking guy still unaware of morans which is probably something older than the internet itself.
    LOL @ thinking its a second account.
    What a grade A moran
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  11. Sophitia added a post in a topic I dont understand this community   

    surely you dont truely believe that what ever daum/kakao say are "subject to change". If they state that all awakenings will be out at the same time, i dunno about you but thats pretty much set in stone. If they decide to go fk it and release valk crys. Are you going to say they are subject to change also? Letting them get away with lying? 
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  12. Sophitia added a post in a topic I dont understand this community   

    please allow me to explain abit here...
    - warrior gets released
    - guild with most warriors will win the upcoming siege wars and node wars easily
    - next week releases valk awakening
    - now guild with most warriors and valks will win seige
    - this cycle will most likely happen for a few months until all are released
    Is this how you want bdo to turn out? The future strongest guilds with most funds potentially dictated by releasing awakenings prematurely?
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  13. Sophitia added a post in a topic I dont understand this community   

    pic posted above. Welcome to internet.
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  14. Sophitia added a post in a topic I dont understand this community   

    And so it begins, all the warrior's who have been fighting against kakao has now forgiven them and have ignore the lies presented to them. 
    These are prime examples of the plebs rioting about "omg kakao are cash grabs and only thinking of themselves" and now the warriors are not seeing the bigger picture because now that you benefit from this, you are not complaining because you're a bunch of self centred pricks. See the hypocrisy here?
    I am not saying all warriors but here is the majority:
    "Fk u kakao for p2w im quitting u lied to us"
    *warrior has awakening first*
    "Fuk yeh guys kakao are doing a great job, we were we for so long and now its time for revenge! Be happy they have announced awakenings!"
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  15. Sophitia added a post in a topic I dont understand this community   

    see above.... Welcome to internet guys
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