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  1. -Shizuru- added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance May 13th   

    I was wondering where maintenance was :O! 
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  2. -Shizuru- added a post in a topic WTB custom template!   

    This is actually really cute!! *___* What would you charge for it?
    oh thank you ^__^;  It's all just make up and lighting tricks srsly. 
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  3. -Shizuru- added a topic in Art & Media   

    WTB custom template!
    I was wondering what people are charging for templates?
    Can people give me estimates (If possible, Valkyrie, if not, any class is fine!)
    I struggled for hours...and gave up (I'm terrible at this).  I'm looking for face, not so much hair (as I plan to constantly change the hair)

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  4. -Shizuru- added a post in a topic Cherry Blossom Pot Durability?   

    thank you so much for the replies!
    I was worried it would vanish..as I absolutely adore these trees! 
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  5. -Shizuru- added a topic in General   

    Cherry Blossom Pot Durability?
    I was wondering what the durability means regarding the event item Cherry Blossom Pot (reward for giving 10 petals)?
    Does this mean when it reaches 0, the tree eventually vanishes from your home?
    Are they permanent or is there a way to keep them around (such as tending to them?) 
    I don't know about the housing too much yet..I am just getting into it.
    Thank you for any info/advice!
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  6. -Shizuru- added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    ticket issue
    had submitted a ticket and it told me on the site to click some link I would receive in order to I guess confirm submission that I would receive via email.

    "please click the verification link in your email after submitting this ticket. tickets will not be sent to support staff unless you click the verification link."
    I never received a verification link, was my ticket received?    Ticket 68447

    Thank you for your time
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  7. -Shizuru- added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 23rd   

    I'm just wondering (and I see others are) if our existing pets will manage to get skills? ...I feel like the answer will be no and that we received a slight discount....however, if they want to help us out, skill reset for pets that allow us to gain skills or...let us turn in our pet and receive back a new one with 100 of the pearl shop food...
    I don't mean to whine, but I also would have held off if they said something like "pets purchased at discounted rates at launch will not be receiving their skills"   assuming this is what it ends up being, then a bit of transparency would be nice. 
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  8. -Shizuru- added a topic in Suggestions   

    Trade silver (with restrictions)
    I was thinking if we could trade silver between friends? I understand this is to avoid currency sellers (RMT), but what if we had to have someone on our friend list for 1+ (or 2+) weeks and then it would allow transfer of currencies between the two with a limitation of how much per day?  I assume a currency seller will get banned before then ..or the delay would discourage it still.  
    This way I can craft someone a weapon/armor piece and sell it to them rather than just going directly to market place?
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  9. -Shizuru- added a topic in Suggestions   

    Different Animals/Creatures as pets and customize more!
    I was thinking if we could have more pets?  Even if they overlap (like all dogs do the same, all cats do the same etc) and either create new functions for these or have them share existing abilities with the pets we have.
    Also the idea of being able to "dye" pets or place colors (similar to character creation of tattoo placement) so you can place pattern areas. 
    Or offer breeding of two of the same animal (ie: two different appearance cats that give a mixed result)
    Dragon (can be related to hawk functions)
    Fox (can be related to dog or functions - would be cute to see hop on your shoulder)
    Wolf (Can be related to dog or cat functions)
    Raccoon (Can be related to dog or cat functions)
    Bear Cub

    or smaller versions of existing mobs (miniatures!) Mini orcs, mini grass beetles, tiny swarm of bees etc. 

    Add to existing pets:
    Different dog/cat types such as a shiba inu, golden retriever, other breeds/colors of cats.  Offer ability to edit the animals in their size (such as..some of those cats are super thin. I would prefer a chubbier tuxedo colored cat rather than the one that looks underfed)
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  10. -Shizuru- added a post in a topic Head Start Issue & Resolutions II   

    I'm sorry to add to this..as I'm terribly confused now.
    I applied back in the first few hours before the channel shut down.  ....and now it shows I can reapply items (excluding title)..and reading the responses from people I've become really confused..

    1) Is it safe for me to apply now?
    2) If I apply, do I forfeit the "compensation" which was GM Apology (boosts) + the dye palette?
    3) Will the title be reset?
    4) Are they resetting the preorder perks or did they already do this?

    thank you for everyone's time!
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  11. -Shizuru- added a topic in Suggestions   

    Remap Hotkeys / Manually assign
     Hi there, I was thinking what if we could re-assign our keys ourselves for our keyboards?  Example, my Valk uses "Q" for guard and "E" for Punishment.  I would prefer to reverse them if at all possible.  This would also help me with chaining my combos better in general.  
    • 4 replies
  12. -Shizuru- added a post in a topic Server closed and moved my character to orwen?!?!?   

    I think they'll find a way to reset the pre-order stuff.  A lot of us from the sounds of it already applied it
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  13. -Shizuru- added a post in a topic Recruiting GF   

    GF...Good Fight? Girlfriend?  D:?
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  14. -Shizuru- added a post in a topic Physical Merchandise ?   

    I want a plush of me too. LOL. 
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  15. -Shizuru- added a post in a topic Change the subchannels back to numbers   

    I agree!  I think the extra channel names should just change to simple "channel 1" "channel 2" etc - because this caused some confusion with my friends and myself as to if they were channels or something more important than that.
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