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  1. Perdosa added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    NPC's and Knowledge is -----ed up. Talk to a new NPC, discover new Areas... and not getting any new Knowledge, NPC's are still shown with a "?" on the map after talking with them.
    NPC Tags are messed up as well, so are Mobs.. Rhutum Archers are now "<Violent>", for example.
    May as well shut down the servers and fix those things asap, or should have checked before going Online again.
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  2. Perdosa added a post in a topic Knowledge - Balenos Adventure Journal I   

    Nah, i'm not lol.. but where is the coffee.. cookie without coffee? Shame on you ó_ó
    No, the "numbers" themself do not affect anything, beside being there. Then there would be the question.. why putting a  progress bar in the Game, if it is not even possible to reach the 100% in the first place? I find it very helpful as an indication of how many Quests i've left in a certain Area, after all i want to complete them all.. and if we can trust the bd database site, we talk about 10k+ Quest here. With that amount i would like to know where i stay..
    Knowledge on the other hand is shared yea, but i am not sure if it is intended that i have to use several Characters to get all of it. Like Balenos Adventure Journal I. I had to use an Alt to complete that, since those Questlines never appeared on my Main. All people i've asked about it had the same Problem, but also with other Questlines, so i am really not sure if this is just "bugged" or intended that way.
    IF it is intended that way, than the % Progress should be family wide.. is all i am saying. It does not affect my Gameplay, but if you are an Achievement hunter it can certainly can grind your gears.. like that little fly getting on your nerves, flying near your ear/face, while you are sleeping. lol
    Talking about Progress.. this was the post i was answering to:
    "It's really disappointing knowing my main character will never be able to achieve 100% completion in the Balenos area because of a bug."..
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  3. Perdosa added a post in a topic Knowledge - Balenos Adventure Journal I   

    This is not the RU Version, this is NA/EU. There are quite a few differences between all the Versions...
    one is that there is a huge amount of Quests which you can only do once per Family, with exceptions like most of the Black Spirit Story, Main-Story, Inv Quests etc. 
     A lot of the Side-Quests can be done only once per Family ( or Exploration Quests, are also a good example ), don't remember this being actually possible in RU or even KR Versions. Same goes for Dailies, which you can do only once a day, on one of your Chars.. after you've done that, you can't do them on your Alts. There are also Questlines, where you have to choose a Path between several lines, which makes it impossible to do the other ones. Those you can do on your Alt and here is the Problem..
    That is from a different Thread not mine, but since you want to know what i mean by "Progress". That "Quest Progress" is exclusive to each Character and not shared between your Characters, which does not make sense at all, since Knowledge is shared, Amity is shared and so on and so on. For example.. if you reach 50% on Char 1 and 50% on Char 2.. it will stay that way. That is what i mean by making "Progress" shared by family, it would make more sense to see 100% on that Picture.. than having 2 seperated ones with 50% on each of them.
    This is what i mean.. you won't be able to reach 100% in Quest Progress if you have to use several Characters to do Quest-lines. Like in the Velia Region i had to do several Questlines on my Alt, to gain Knowledge ( which is shared ), otherwise i would not have been able to complete Categories in said Knowledge.
    Maybe this is just bugged and is actually shared, or the Quests are bugged and you should be able to do them on all Chars etc... but who knows.. without an actual Statement from Daum EU, we don't know for sure.
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  4. Perdosa added a post in a topic Knowledge - Balenos Adventure Journal I   

    You did not read what i've said;
    "...making Progress Family wide...", which is Character exclusive and does not make sense, since you can do Quests only once, no matter which Character you choose. If you do a Questline on Char 1, you can't do it on your Char 2. Clear so far? Now Progress, which apparently is bound to the Quests is not Family Wide, which makes it impossible to reach 100%.
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  5. Perdosa added a post in a topic Knowledge - Balenos Adventure Journal I   

    it won't reach 100% anywhere.. the % is "-----ed up" so to speak. This is not the only Questline who is like that.. there are dozens of lines alone in the Balenos Region, which i did with my second Character and even some i did with my 3rd. The requirements, restrictions for questlines are way too complex, so it happens that you take 1 line and won't be able to take 2 other ones because of it.. so all Daum has to do at the moment, is making Progress "Family wide", not "Character only".. that would fix the whole issue.
    Making it possible to do all quests on one character means they would have to rewrite the requirements, restrictions on several hundred quests/lines, which is basically not possible for Daum. Pearl Abyss would be the ones to fix that, which i am not going to bet a single buck on, that they ever would.
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  6. Perdosa added a post in a topic Quest Progress   

    Hey there @CM_Jouska
    this is actually an serious issue. I've come to a point where my Main Character can not get certain Quests/knowledge, for whatever reason. To give you an example..
    Clorince in Velia have another Questline at around 200 Amity, which never appeared on my first Character ( not even the Quest Symbol ), even though i have the Amity. But those Quests did appear on my second Character. The Problem here is simple, i had to do those Questlines, together with the Questlines from the Arms Vendor in Velia, which also do not appear on my Main.. to get certain types of Knowledge, which i need to finish the "Balenos Adventure Journal I". IF i do not use a second Character, it is impossible to achieve this and many other things with only 1 Character.
    I currently see the Progress this way, since it is driving me Nuts, to not be able to gain "100%".. make the Progress "Family wide", not "Character only". This would make sense, since the Quests are also shared "Family wide", except the Black Spirit Line.
    I had to do 11.34% on my Second Character for the Balenos Region, to obtain the knowledge i've mentioned above.. but those 11.34% will never appear on my Main, so i only will be able 88.66%. 
    So yeah.. the Solution would be to make the "Progress %" by "Account/Family", so you can actually reach the 100%.. otherwise my OCD will go crazy lol. As a matter of fact finishing certain Questlines will simply exclude others, or will disable them. This is fine as long as i can complete them with a different Character like i did above.. knowledge is shared, Amity is shared.. so yeah.. the Progress should be shared as well.
    There is also an issue with the % of the dailies. <.< after the completion of a certain quest at least once, it should stay at whatever % and not reset on a daily basis.. this is also messing with the other Progress bars and going up and down.
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  7. Perdosa added a post in a topic Event: Beweg Dich! 3. bis 22. März   




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  8. Perdosa added a post in a topic Event: Einer für alle, alle für einen. 3. bis 22. März - Aktualisiert   


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  9. Perdosa added a post in a topic CBT2 Feedback/Suggestions   

    Well well.. time for an update... will update the OP as well at some point, since it is not "up to date" anymore.
    I had quite some time now, to play around with things and test certain stuff, so i can bring up some more valid points.
    I love the Quest-System and how deep it is, with all the lore behind it. Compared to all the other "faceroll" Games out there, there are Quest-Lines in BDO, where i actually have to use my rusty braincells. lol 
    - I've made a Thread about it and i should mention it here as well, the Progress i the Quest-Tab is irritating and somewhat annoying. The % should represent the actual finished quests and not reset the repeatable Quests out of all Progress-Bars on a daily Basis. IF i have done a repeatable Quest at least once, it should stay as "done" in the Progress-Bar and it should under no circumstance change the other Progress-Bars, like it does right now.
    - Fishing Quests needs to be fixed, where it tells you to catch a certain Fish, does show a different Picture and is not the Fish the NPC actually wants. It usually does match the Picture, but does not match the Text or Quest-Log.
    - Full Questlog ingame, which means basically a "knowledge tab", like for all the other Stuff. Put in the Regions and all possible Quests.. put a ??? Mark up, for those i did not do yet, but it will show how much i have left in that region. For a Game with 10k+ Quests, this is actually something i would expect to be there. For an Achievement Hunter like myself, it is quite bothersome to keep track of all the Quests i have done, so i have to write them down.. so if not a Quest-Log, a "Note Tab", where i could write up Notes and save! them, would help as well.
    - Quest Indicator for NPC Conversation Menue. I did encounter a good amount of NPC's, where i can unlock a Quest via Amity, but do not get the Quest. This is most likely due the fact, that i still do not meet certain requirements, which is totally fine. What i find troublesome, is that i have to recheck NPC's over and over, if they have something new, beside the dailies. A good example would be "Those Seagulls!", where you have to have a gun in your inventory, to actually get the Quest.. which is not mentioned anywhere. I do like to figure out things like that and check around, but this Quest should have changed from the yellow little icon into a "red icon". So i would know i still have a Quest at that NPC, where i need to figure the requirements, which again is fine, but at least i would know; "Hey.. i still can get a Quest from this guy". With all the NPC's i've boosted, i can only keep track with paper and pen right now.. or simply ride over the whole world to recheck every single NPC. So long story short; Change the yellow icon into a red icon, if i gained enough Amity to get it, but still do not meet all requirements. And turn it into a green icon, if the Quest was finished.
    I totally love the Gathering and also the other Professions and how it was implemented, except for a couple minor things;
    - Simple Cooking under the "L" Tab is...  simple?! There are only a few Recipes available, so why have it there? Could still do that with normal cooking, or actually add more Recipes to "simple cooking". But only 4-5 recipes for that seems to be quite a waste, if i compare it to "heating", "chopping" and the other things.
    - More Secret Caves to gather rare Material. There are secret Caves around the World and you get some from hints, or discover them yourself and they are most likely filled with "rare" Stones/Ore. But for BDO having such a huuuuge World, it is just a waste to have not a lot more.. esp under big mountains, with a lot "labyrinth like" tunnels and such. Seems to be still too rare and esp "underwater caves". I mean you can dive .. which is awesome, but i only discovered a few underwater caves and i did dive a lot. For example; I started below the Harpies and did swim/dive all the way up to the Ocean, to actually search for hidden "underwater caves".. but there were... 0. Maybe there are a few, which i did not find yet in other regions. The few "underwater" caves are not really that hidden and you can see them, even without diving.
    - The Tree-textures needs to be fixed..If i look for a birch, because i want birch timber.. i do want that Tree to look like a birch and not like a Pine. There are a lot of Trees labeled as "Birch", which do not look like a Birch at all.. and then there are actually Trees, which have the typical "birch white'ish" texture, but they are Pines? What the hell guys? lol
    - Animations for Boats/Ships.. sorry, but those animations are ugly as f**k. water going through! my boat, like there is no boat at all is totally breaking the immersion. Such an awesome looking Game and then there is Stuff like that where you think; was the guy drunk who did this?
    - And for friggn sake.. give me a toogle Button for "idle mounts/carts". If they are not active for like 10 Minutes, just make them disappear on my Screen, or let me toogle off "inactive" Mounts. I can't interact with them at all.. so why do i need to see 50 horses/carts in front of a NPC? Make the disappear after a while if not active is a simply solution to this.. because this is totally driving me nuts, let alone fu**ing with my performance:
    This is annoying as hell and not only the case at the NPC's for the Warehouse and Stables, but also goes up the whole Streets. I can't interact with a cart/horse which does stay there for 5 hours... why do i have to see them? Same goes for the boats btw.
    and last thing for today:
    - Housing/Residence.. Please show in the "Layout", before i buy a house if it has more than just 1 floor. A simple number would do it, like in Heidel, where you have houses with 2 or 3 floors, but is not mentioned anywhere and you do not see it on the "Preview". So above the "Preview Picture" of the Residence a simple "Floors: 2" would help a lot, instead of checking all of them out.
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  10. Perdosa added a post in a topic Unmineable nodes   

    You are correct.. Gold and Platinum for example.. But there are even higher ones, which i still can't mine at Prof 2. Probably Titanium, Mythril.. but will know soon i guess.
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  11. Perdosa added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Quest Progess
    And another Thread.. 
    there is one thing which is driving me Nuts and i am not sure if this is a Bug, or meant to be that way:

    What you see here is that "Repeat (Type)" did reset like an hour ago and was again at 0%. Since these Quests are repeatable, i can see why it is this way, but still annoying as hell. But it also is changing all the other % of the other Regions as well.. Why... the... hell? D:
    For those who do not understand what i mean i will explain and the numbers i use, are simply to show what is going on:
    Lets assume we have 3 Regions, with 100 Quests each and each has also repeatable Quests;
    Balenos: 100 Quests ( 40 of those are repeatables )
    Serendia: 100 Quests ( 40 of those are repeatables )
    Calpheon: 100 Quests ( 20 of those are repeatables )
    so there would be a forth category listed saying:
    Repeat: 100 Quests
    Lets also assume i finished all of them within a couple hours it would say this:
    100%, 100%, 100% and for repeatable also 100%.. and here comes the issue.. as soon as the daily reset happens, it will delete the progess of the repeatable quests; not only in their own category, but all others as well and will appear as:
    60%, 60%, 80% and for repeatable 0%..
    This is seriously annoying the hell out of me and a couple mates of mine. It should save the Progess, regardless of them being repeatables or not. At the moment there is no possible way of reaching 100% in any category, since the repeatables will reset in all categories.. why implement a % then in the first place, if you can't finish it?
    Here is the deal:
    Let the % stay, including the category for the repeatable quests, so we are also able to see if we have done all repeatables as well.. at least once. That is how it should be and how it is working in other Games.
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  12. Perdosa added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Glitched NPC
    Hiya.. i did read through a good amount of Threads, but apparently i don't find it... but if it was allready reported, sorry for this..
    At the "Anti Troll Fortification", there is an Otter NPC, which is apparently holding a Quest, but we are not able to get it. He is glitched into the Wall, which makes it impossible to interact with him. There is a maintenance soon, so fixing his position is hopefully something you Guys can squeeze in.
    Here is a Pic:

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  13. Perdosa added a post in a topic Unmineable nodes   

    That is not an Issue, or a bug... your Gathering Skill is simply not high enough.
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  14. Perdosa added a post in a topic Knowledge > Character > People of Eastern Balenos   

    I can confirm this.. i did gather all the Nothern Sea Node Manager, which fixed it. On the other hand though.. there are also Node Managers on a couple Islands, which are from Mediah.. so i can't finish those ( Nothern Sea Node Manager ) now, until they bring in Mediah ..

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  15. Perdosa added a post in a topic Regular Maintenance - 9 March   

    wasn't this also to add Gametitles and rewards from the CBT#1 + #2 and Beauty and the Beast Content?
    I have neither loyalties, title, costume from B&B and whatever else was there. 
    Edit.. NVM.. found it.. overread the in the "Account" ... sorry for the bother lol.
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  16. Perdosa added a post in a topic Graphic configuration GTX 650   

    8370E.. and like i said above allready, just putting up some "basic" specs, does not say much about a system and if there is shit in the background. Mine is optimized as much as i could, with the help of a mate, who is doing that for a living. I got a 12% performance boost just from all that hidden trash in the background... i have nothing running, beside the game.. ( oh and TS ), no browser, no music or w/e.
    BDO is for the me the edge to get a new system, but for now it is enough. I will make you screenshots as soon as i can play ( which will be tommorrow ), but that won't show you, if it is running "smooth" and "steady". But if you want, sure i can do that.
    Hmm.. a mate from my guild was streaming today with 60+ fps iirc.. i am not sure right now, but i believe he has the same gpu as you, but an intel cpu and i also believe he does play on max setting, but cant tell for sure right now... I will ask him tomorrow as well, kind of late here. but you can take a look.. click
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  17. Perdosa added a post in a topic Graphic configuration GTX 650   

    I did, since the Game is forcing it to go to 60hz... had to change manually.
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  18. Perdosa added a post in a topic Graphic configuration GTX 650   

    Did not say it was better? I said it is "slightly" below... wrong wording there on my part i guess?
    Like i said.. i did run on high settings ( not on max! ), 1080p, with a steady 60 fps. IF there was a lot going on, like on the imp-camp, where tons of people and mobs were around, yes.. and i said that, my fps did drop. I am aware that my system is quite aged, but still good enough to play on high settings. the moment i go on max my fps drops to 15 fps, with cluster-----s it looks like a friggn slow-motion capture.
    I also should mention that i use oc guru for my card, which will is also giving an extra boost. I can just tell you that it works for me and if my system would be able to, i would make a video for you.. but thats the thing, i cant have things running in the background, because that would simply ----- up everything and my performance would go to the ground.
    With your fx-8350 and a 960 ( reference ? ) i don't see why you should not pull more than 60 fps. Its above the recommonded system requirements for BDO. if you fit those requirements, you should be able to play on max settings. ( again, i can't play on max, but "high". )
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  19. Perdosa added a post in a topic Graphic configuration GTX 650   

    "Building" a thing and "understanding" whats going on in there is quite the difference. and no.. a 470 SOC does not have 1 gb vram, that would be the reference 470 gtx. See.. there is quite a difference between a reference model and a soc model. For example.. a 470 soc in benchmarks is slightly below a 660 ti, but that difference is not even seen for a "normal" user.
    Check the link out i gave you.. the 470 soc from gigabyte is outblasting every other 470 model by far and even quite a few of the higher "tiers". Prods was changed, PCB's were changed, hynix mem etc etc. The mem clock is 3300+mhz.. know what a 960 has? 1753mhz. 
    So no, its a lot but not impossible, you just have to "understand" whats going on in your system, beside "just" building it. I don't mean to be offensive here, but you don't seem to understand a lot about software/hardware and how it is working. Yeah building is great, i built all my pc's by myself since the first pc's exist.. including having a blast first my first HDD back in the day and having "50 MB storage".. Holy shizlmynyzl.. lol
    Its np though young padawan  
    Well. i have a couple mates which are in this business and always tell me how to get the most out of it, so my knowledge is limited to what i experienced/done myself and to my mates "teaching" me.
    If you have a "brand new" CPU and you have an old GPU, could also result in a bottleneck btw. If you want to try out settings, the best thing to do is shutting everything down, except the game. then check the tasks running in the background. there are a shitload of tasks running by windows, which you don't need.. there are quite a few guides on that and also tools, which will show you which you need and which you don't. It's a "slight" increase, but its adding up.. just by changes on the software you can increase your performance by somewhat 10-15%. 
    Since i don't know your system, beside the things you've listed i would do what i said.. shut everything down, fresh system is always nice lol, run the game and then try to find out whats going on with certain tools, which will monitor the voltage, cpu/gpu usage and so on. will make it easier to find "possible" bottlenecks. drivers are also a thing to check out, newest does not mean best sometimes.. also drivers for your mb-chipset helps, which most people dont even know ;). 
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  20. Perdosa added a post in a topic Graphic configuration GTX 650   

    so do i .. i played the cbt2 on high settings on 1080p on an average of 60fps.. if there was a cluster----- in the imp area it dropped to around 45-50, which was due my cpu, but not gpu. like i said.. i don't have a "normal" 470.. if you are interested: click
    If you can't run your 960 on 60fps+, there is a bottleneck somewhere, not giving you the full potential of the card.
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  21. Perdosa added a post in a topic Graphic configuration GTX 650   

    "old" does not mean "bad".. i run the game on high settings just fine with a 470 gtx SOC ( 60 fps ). Just have to set your system properly without bottlenecks and your are fine, same with your software/tasks etc. I can't go with max settings though, which is fine..well i don't have a reference-card, but a soc model.. but still, with a 650 reference-card, high settings should be still possible. 
    Probably too much shit running in the backgroud, eating up ressources.. or a bottleneck somewhere.
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  22. Perdosa added a post in a topic 30+ 40+ 50+ 100+   

    If that is you in the Avatar, then you sure not look like 40.. more like mid 20's...  
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  23. Perdosa added a post in a topic BDO the new MSPO (Massive Solo Play Online) - WHAT THE FCUK HAPPEN !   

    Indeed.. only oldschool players actually play games. Generation Facebook tends to not play games, they let play games by games and tools... such an achievement
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  24. Perdosa added a post in a topic EITHER DELIVER OUT ITEMS OR A REFUND NOW   

    Ssssh! He is highly educated. 
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  25. Perdosa added a post in a topic DAUM EU=TRION 2.0