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  1. Perdosa added a post in a topic Please help me with suggestions for a new gaming computer   

    Really depends on where you are coming from; there a good Companies around the Globe which will build your PC, will cover warranty, also "home service".. so you don't even have to drive there and so on.
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  2. Perdosa added a post in a topic [Alustin] Virtus sucht neue Mitglieder ( sind auch bereit kleinere Gilden aufzunehmen )   

    Alles gut, du darfst in die Tasten hauen..haben noch keine Klasse "begrenzt/geschlossen"  
    Grad auf dem Sprung ins Bett, schau ich morgen früh mal nach warum es nicht mehr drin steht. 
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  3. Perdosa added a post in a topic Schaltjahr?   

  4. Perdosa added a post in a topic So devs are still wondering about server names? Ridiculous situation   

    You know naming a Server is actually some kind of Ritual, right?
    They usually build up a circle of chairs.. then chill there and brainstorm "names".. the moment someone comes up with a name this happens:
    90%+ have to agree on the name, if they don't; you have to strip one piece of clothing.
    This does continue until the first person is naked, the moment that happens without a decision on a name yet, they have to switch over to drinking for each denied name. 
    So yea.. this a well structured process and needs time, i hope you understand.
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  5. Perdosa added a post in a topic So if you enjoy PVE...   

    Oh yeah sure.. while on the try to defeat a world boss you could be attacked by a PvP Guild. Sure thing and i actually like that about BDO's Open World. But.. and this is what a few people denied, the PvE content is there and actually important as well. I actually like the interaction between both "systems", so to speak.. which gives the World a totally different "feel", what many other games can't provide with their "instanced" stuff.
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  6. Perdosa added a post in a topic So if you enjoy PVE...   

    Don't worry.. don't listen to all the "go to WoW/this is not for you/this is a pvp game"-folks.. those people have a hard time to understand what BDO is about... so i will provide you an official statement from the Devs:
    It's a combination of both worlds. You will begin in a story-driven, player versus environment setting, to develop your character and learn about the surounding world in Black Desert Online. Once your character has developed enough strength, the player versus player setting will unfold. You may then access such contexts as Arena Battles, Node Wars, Guild Sieges and more. Additionally, crafting and using your professions will play a huge role in gaining an advantage in this world.
    The Game is actually about both and whoever is telling you that a Game with 10.000+ Quests, Dungeons, World Bosses, Crafting, Housing and many more, is just about PvP, need a serious brain-check. There is also an Interview with a little insight and also an Interview which happen with Jouska during a stream; it is possible to provide more PvE content on a "demand basis".. if people want it.
    Just a Tip.. the Best Weapon/Offhand does come from PvE Content and not from PvP Content.  PvP people need to endure that PvE content if they want to be the "best". If they deny that there is PvE.. well.. they never will be the best, since the pure existence of said content is disgusting for them, right? lol
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  7. Perdosa added a post in a topic Interview with the Developers   

    That's actually "Samurai"   Male Ranger would be this Legolas-looking Dude:

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  8. Perdosa added a post in a topic Dungeons - Black Desert has it   

    So far i know about 3 Ow-Dungeons ( Serendia Temple contains a Boss, Ahkeuman Ruins and Historic Ruins ), several Bossed and also World Bosses. PvE Content is there, more will come esp. if people ask for it in the NA/EU Region.
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  9. Perdosa added a post in a topic Can you play this game if you have 10-15h available per week   

    15 hours should be fine.. that's somewhat 2 hours a day and a "decent" amount of Time. You can either stand around for 2 hours a day, or be efficient, thats up to you.. there are also "afk activities", which you could do in your "off time".
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  10. Perdosa added a post in a topic Open Cash shop at 28.02.2016   

    I am bored to hell, indeed..
    still going to post in this Thread, since i don't think this is fair against Daum and accusing them of "false advertisement". I could agree that maybe they made it not clear enough, what the "headstart" will provide.. but then again, i was aware and not surprised at all. Maybe i should add that in the other Languages, esp french and german the wording is way more clear on this matter.
    You see who you are dealing with? im curious. who is it?.. you really don't know.
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  11. Perdosa added a post in a topic Open Cash shop at 28.02.2016   

    I will make it short, since people seem to not understand what they agreed on:
    Did you really just go through all my Posts to find that? lol.. that is actually nice of you and i allready stated earlier in this Thread; i don't care if the Shop opens on the 28th or 4th. Fact is and remains.. people agreed to the terms, the moment they preordered. Now complain about it? What you personally think about the definition of "soft launch", "early access", "headstart" or w/e does not matter at all, since Daum does not owe you anything and they can change the terms and esp. the wording whenever they want. It was never stated that the "headstart" will provide you the full game, correct me if i am wrong; i am the last person to not being able to be comprehensible.
    Oh btw... you also said:
    It does not say that.. it does say AFTER Launch, which is you know.. after.. not right at.
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  12. Perdosa added a post in a topic Open Cash shop at 28.02.2016   

    There were many indication that the Shop would not be available and i provided them to you; Not only was it stated on the Preorder Page, but also in the Terms of Use, which you agreed to, the moment Preorders were possible. If you do not read what you agreed to, there is noone responsible for that, but you.
    I never said such things.. i said:
    "The Game does Launch on the 3rd, not on the 28th"
    Release is the term used in the ToA you agreed on, when you did your Preorder. And you also did not show me that 28th is the Launch, you provided a picture saying "SOFT Launch". Sophistic comes in handy, esp if you agree on something and someone else who agreed also on it, denies it to be the truth. Do we need to talk about the term "Soft Launch" here? If i am the one being sophistic... would you be my counterpart providing provinciality?!
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  13. Perdosa added a post in a topic Open Cash shop at 28.02.2016   

    Speaking of things you should do before you agree to something; 
    The User may buy Pearls in the Shop, which can be used in the In-game Shop. Pearls can only be used in the In-game Shop as from the Release and require the User to own a valid Game License.
    You did agree to those term when you did Preorder... are we even? You also provided a picture yourself, which is using the term "SOFT" Launch... So you are telling me that i am right, that the 28th is not FULL Launch? Well nvm.. i think that answer is clear, isnt it?
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  14. Perdosa added a post in a topic Open Cash shop at 28.02.2016   

    There is a ? behind that sentence, since i was not sure about it.. Mind to pay attention?   But i rechecked and it is actually from both.
    The Game does Launch on the 3rd, not on the 28th..which is called "headstart" or "early access" for a reason. I did quote the text from the Pre-oder Page about the Cash Shop earlier in this Thread, it was indeed stated "after launch". after.. which could also mean in 5 month, if you want to start nitpicking about semantics. 
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  15. Perdosa added a post in a topic Open Cash shop at 28.02.2016   

    As far as i am aware you won't be able to get weight and inventory from the Cash Shop. Those "Items" are from the Miles-Shop.. no? 
    I am not saying that you are wrong about "diminishing leveling experience", but that is subjective and 96 hours headstart is making up for additional time you need for loot/vendoring, which is subjective on my end though. You can "smoothly" level up to 50 within 96 hours.. with or without Cash-Shop. Personally this discussion is on the same Level as asking to reduce the € Price by 10€ ( from 100€ to 90€ ), because that would be equal to what people pay in $. Do you see people complain about that? 
    And yet you still did not read that the Service won't be available until Launch. Paying 50$ bucks more is making you resistant for reading?
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  16. Perdosa added a post in a topic Open Cash shop at 28.02.2016   

    For me it is logical, that if i can't purchase Pearls before launch, that the Shop won't be available. Simple.. let aside that this discussion is going on since weeks! now and they allready changed the Cash-shop opening allready from 10th ( was it? ) to 3rd. Why nag about it now and not 3 weeks ago? Those are not YOUR pearls btw if you want to nitpick that hard.. Daum just "allows" you to use it.. Did you even read the ToA?
    Would you rather have the 25k pearls removed from the package, so this talk can stop? It is pointless.. and like i said.. i don't care if it is the 28th or the 3rd. Nothing will hold us back from playing the Game and it is not limiting us in any way.
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  17. Perdosa added a post in a topic Open Cash shop at 28.02.2016   

    I am not sure if you Guys are trolling.  I don't care either way.. if it is the 28th of Feb. or 3rd of March.. but maybe..
    ...people should read before they buy something.. on the Preorder Site was stated:
    Will there be a virtual items shop in the game? What will be available in it?There will be a virtual items shop in the game. It will allow players to acquire vanity items and some convenience items for Black Desert Online. You will be able to buy in-game items using “Pearls”, which will be available for purchase on our website after launch.  
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  18. Perdosa added a post in a topic Karma should be applied to ALL characters on an account   

    That is what the "planned" Bounty Hunter System is for. just saying.
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  19. Perdosa added a post in a topic Karma should be applied to ALL characters on an account   

    No it should not be shared.. a good amount of people play their characters in a different way, including myself.
    While my main will be focused on PvP/Endgame; i will also create one which will focus on crafting/gathering/trading. I will create another one which will focus on PvE and also one, which will focus to be a "bad guy" ( i.e. the only one being able to enter the bandit town ). 
    You could see this as some kind of "Roleplaying"; i have different members of my family and so i play them in different ways. I totally see where you are coming from, but PK does not equal "griefing".
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  20. Perdosa added a post in a topic CBT2 Feedback/Suggestions   

    Very nice, appreciate that.  I will add things here and there, if i can think of something and highlight them with a different colour. So i don't have to create more and more Threads, just for one little thing.
    Yes, i figured that by accident on how to do that, but i believe that is more a bug than anything else. 
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  21. Perdosa added a topic in Suggestions   

    CBT2 Feedback/Suggestions
    Hi folks,
    i will list a good amount of things i did encounter in the Beta and what i think of them. This is totally subjective, since i want to enjoy the Game as much as possible. Giving an objective PoV does not always equal what i personally think of something. So there is that and since i've read through a lot of Thread i think i am right with certain things.
    @CM_Jouska This is mainly for you, since i heard you on the Stream and i am positive about you, actually looking into this. You seemed very interested in what the people think about the Game and i totally believe you, which is not the case for many other CM's/Devs from other Games, even if they say so. So, this is actually a reason why i am going to make this Thread, since i believe there is someone like you actually interested in what the people think of the Game.
    I don't know many aspect of the Game yet, so i am sorry if i mention something which is allready in the Game, or will come in the Future. I want to enjoy all Aspects of the Game and not only one specific part of it.
    I will split the Topics into parts, to make it easier to understand, without reading a Wall of Text, but it will be still a lot of Stuff to read.
    I miss some kind of "Tournament-Style" PvP in the Arenas around the City, where you could register for a set Date.. then 1v1 would fight, winner goes to the next Round and so on ( could be a total of 16, 32, 64 players, depending on how many register ). Don't have to have big rewards, but maybe something like a Title would be nice, or a Weaponskin which only comes from that Type of Event. Crimson Battles like in KR, yes please. Don't have to be 40v40 though, could be 10v10, 20v20.Personal K/D Lists possible? Like how many times i died by Mobs, how many times i got killed, how many times i killed someone, how many mobs i've killed total.. Stuff like that.Sidenote: BDO has allready a large World full of different PvP including their mechanics, so there is not a lot i could think of to actually add something to it. I am looking forward to Stuff like the Bounty Hunter System or the Bandit Town. One of my Characters has to be a bad guy.. love that idea lol.
    Unlike many others i were aware of OW-Dungeons and Elite/World-Bosses; what about Titles for killing these Bosses? Or for "clearing" the Dungeon? Clearing is maybe the wrong word here, but more about you have to kill a certain amount of Enemies in that Dungeon. I totally like the knowledge of Enemies and the Ratings, but the rating itself is "random" which is somewhat nice. But i would like to add something on the "RNG" of the rating.. for example; You got a B-Rating.. you now can go reset it and try again for a better one OR you keep going and after a certain amount of kills, the rating will go up. So you can be lucky and get S ranking right away, reset and try again if you did not, or you could work up your way from B to S rating."Castle-Sieges" against Hordes of Mobs.. somewhat like in PvP.. but just a hell lot of mobs will attack a Castle ( stronger than normal mobs ) and can actually take it. If they do, their "Boss" will appear, which you need to defeat in order to get it back. Could be scaled like something between the roaming Bosses and a World Boss.Notorious Monster ( known as NM's in other Games ), kind of like the <Wild> Mobs, but also different from what you allready have in the Game. If you kill a certain group of Mobs, there is a chance that by killing a certain Placeholder, a NM will appear, with a special loot table and of course a lot stronger. Items could range from rings, weapons to tools and furnitures.. or special items only that certain NM will drop and you need it as an ingredient for a certain Craft. Could also create spawn-windows, so you would have to go for them in a certain Time-Frame. Maybe something like every 2 hours.Gathering:
    I would like more "deep" Mines, like the one near the Velia-Shore.. but like really, reeeeally deep, with more and more hidden caves to gather rare materials.If you are gathering in a certain Area, it would be nice if you would invest "automatically" energy into the Node nearby, but not out of your EnergyPool. More like a "contribution", since you are working so hard in that Area. So you could push certain Nodes not only with Energy, but also with your work.A Point i totally dislike is the "R" thing after i did gather something.. i have to press R, so it goes in my Inventory.. if i do not.. it's gone. I've messed up a lot of times where the Item would be gone, this also goes for crafting. It should go straight into my Inventory. If i dont want it, i can go and toss it from there.Speaking of tossing.. there are indeed too many windows. If i pull something out of my Inventory to toss it, it should ask me "Do you really want bla bla".. If i click yes, it should just be tossed, including the other 99 items of that kind. Not pressing F then Enter. Maybe add a "Split" option into the Inventory, so if i only want a certain amount, i could split and toss the rest. Clicking through 3 windows and giving 5 keys to actually toss something, is a bit much.Treasure Hunt for Gathering, for example; I am mining and all of a sudden i found a torn map ( kind of like you have in the Quests ), put different pieces together and then go search for the Treasure. This will be a Chest and i actually need a certain Key for this Chest, if i don't have it.. i could try to open it anyways. May it has a Trap added and if i fail to open it, i could lose health, or the Chest disappears etc. To open the lock you could add a Minigame.. and i love all the Minigames in the Game, so i guess you could come up with something awesome. Could also be a seperated "Profession".Something like the "Fishing Guide", just for Stone/Wood etc as well. I know there is knowledge, but i totally love the Fishing-Guide and the Information you have in there. Could also be created about Monster as well, with Background Informations.. the Rating you achieved, what it drops, how many you've killed etc.Crafting:
    I like the crafting so far, but one thing; Will it be viable in Endgame? Like Crafting Gear? Currently if i switch gear, my appearance does not change.. like at all. This is not only crafting related, but cosmetics as well. Sidenote: I can't say much about crafting yet. even though i did test it. I would need a lot of Time to check out every little aspect of it, to give a proper Suggestion. So far i am happy with the System, except the Point i did mention in Gathering as well with: "Press R or you lose your Item". If i craft something i want to have it in my Inventory, why would i want it to drop to the Ground? So that "R" thing is really grinding my gears. lol
    I like fishing as well, but the optical appearance of the Rod and esp. the float. It is ugly.. straight that. It does not fit into the BDO World and looks like it was somewhat "rushed", esp the float.Same goes for where i can fish.. i can basically stand in the water with the rod, while the waterline is above my head and i can still fish, which totally breaks my immersion. Fish should stack, like Wood or Stone.Should make it like the Pickaxe, where it is in secondary Slot and you pull it out as soon as you start gathering. I don't see why it would replace your Mainweapon, if the Pickaxe for example does not.Taming/Breeding/Mounts:
    More different kinds of Animals to tame please! We know of Elephants and Camels as well.. please add more!This is probably the only thing i could think of, which would make me happier than i allready am; Make it possible to ride to a Spot with your horse, tame a horse.. and instead of letting the first one sit there and having to go back to get it; why not make it possible to put both on a Rope and walk with them to the next Stable? It would be slower yes, but it would look totally awesome. Same goes for the donkey when i have him filled with Items and my inventory as well. i would like to have him on a rope, following me while i "walk slooowly" to the next town.Cosmetics Character Creation:
    More Scars and Tattoos! Like a lot more.. and actually scars, why don't we have scars?Different Colours for different parts of the Beard. I would like to have for each part of the beard i add, the option to add different colours as well. Like the middlepart in white, the outer part in black and so on.Sidenote: The BDO Character Creator is one of the best ones i've seen so far, so i was fairly surprised about the lack of scars and tattoos. Maybe add an actual "Ingame Scenery" to the Creator, so you could see how your Character will actually look like in the Game. A lot of my mates, including myself, had the feel that esp. the skin had a different taint after going in the Game and actually seeing the Character. It did look somewhat "off".
    Maybe a short message would be nice, via the Message-System, that one of your workers is done with the work or out of Stamina. I know there is a message in the Chat.. but i don't always pay attention to that.Aging, Scars over Time and/or from Battles. This is somewhat hard to implement, but possible.. but let me explain: Your Character could actually grow "older" from his/her looks over playing a certain amount of Time. We talk about years here, not days. Hair getting longer ( That option is in the Creator, to change length of hair/beard etc ) or Skin getting more "dirty", which you could clean by swimming for example. By Scars from Battles i could imagine it as an actual Item, i.e. like the piercings, which you could add after you defeated a World Boss for example. 
    In the End there are only 2 Major things i am not happy with:
    1. The UI. It seems rushed and not finished.. like the Guild Tab looks good, while the Knowledge Tab for example looks totally unfinished. And it is not as customizable as i would like it to.
    2. That i don't see Gear on my Character that i have equipped. I get it, there are Costumes to change my look.. but really? I mean, if i find a Helmet from a Mob and i put it on.. i friggn want it to appear on my Character. This is such a limitation i seriously do not like.
    Well.. i think that's it for now. I have a good amount of other things i would like to add to this List, but i also would like to test certain things first, before i give a final word on it. Like i've said.. totally subjective and maybe i did mention allready, or planned content.
    Have fun ( Sorry for the typos.. it's 4 AM allready and wanted to go to sleep a while ago.. but noooo.. had to make this Thread )
    Added on 23.02.2016
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  22. Perdosa added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour 2.0   

    Charaktername: Rosh
    Familienname: Mephistopheles
    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/s9x6qWr.jpg

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  23. Perdosa added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Rosh
    Family Name: Mephistopheles
    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/s9x6qWr.jpg
    I am not sure how you guys are going to do this, since these are not the Names i will use after Release. I could not use my reserved names in Beta.. so how are you going to add these to them? @CM_Jouska
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  24. Perdosa added a post in a topic Will you buy things from the Cash Shop?   

    Exactly my point. For those prices they have to make the Game AAA in all aspects. For me it is currently something like A+ and AA-
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  25. Perdosa added a post in a topic Will you buy things from the Cash Shop?   

    I guess those who voted yes, did not really check the prices lol. Like 160 $ for 3 t3 pets? Not going to happen, same with Costumes... not going to spend 32€ for a costume.
    For prices like that, there is WAY too much stuff wrong in the game.. starting with minor things like clipping, french and englisch in the german version ( the -----? if i want to play in german, i obviously dont want to read englisch or french ), many texts are not in the textbox, but overlapping it.. so localization is an serious issue.. and then you need literally.. energy.. for everything.. talking to a statue.. 2 energy? really? Pay to progress?. From a few couple hours of playing i can make a HUGE list of things, which are not like they should be.
    For that kind of pricing i expect a Game in a state of a AAA Game, sorry.. but whoever is willing to spend several 100 $ in one month, for a game is this state... even though if he would be a millionaire.. is plain stupid.
    If they want that kind of money, they have to deliver quality. Costumes are nice, but goes down the toilet if the rest of the game seems like it is still in closed Alpha. Noone has to agree with me here, that is my point of view and totally subjective. I will make feedback in the proper section for it, which will be objective and adress bugs etc etc.
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