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  1. Perdosa added a post in a topic So there's no point to PvP, is there?   

    It would be probably more like a couple small Guilds ( 2-3 ), vs one Big Guild. There is a cap of 100 ppl though... so i think there will be plenty in that range.
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  2. Perdosa added a post in a topic So there's no point to PvP, is there?   

    Oh, that is probably correct.
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  3. Perdosa added a post in a topic So there's no point to PvP, is there?   

    While i mainly do not care for the whole argument in the discussion ( i enjoy all aspects of the Game ), i beg to differ on this statement.
    Dungeons do exist, World Bosses, Scroll Bosses, Elite and more to come, as the Dev's have announced. Just saying.
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  4. Perdosa added a post in a topic So there's no point to PvP, is there?   

    and this:
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  5. Perdosa added a post in a topic Black Desert's Opening Cinematic REDONE   

    Well.. to be quite honest with you.. i did not like your voice at all. The original one was quite bad in voice indeed, but i don't care the least for it. But since we talk about this.. Is it just me, or did they remove the cinematic trailer on their Youtube Channel?
    For something like this i would prefer "Old Voices", such like:
    or this:
    There are many, many good Options out there.. but yeah, after all i play the Game and not the Trailer.  For an "Epic" trailer it should have had CGI as well, but thats subjective.
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  6. Perdosa added a post in a topic Just a question related to the future of this game   

    I said it allready in this Thread; ask Korean players if they ever see Goldseller or Bots in the Game. The answer will be: "NO".. they simply don't exist. I asked Streamer during their BDO streams and there was not one person, who would have said anything bad about not having p2p, or that they would need/want it. The social aspect people bring up with p2p is eliminated the moment you realize, that you have more fun with friends grinding for silver/items, than trading them around. So if it works in KR, not to mention JP and RU... what is "short-sighted" about it?
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  7. Perdosa added a post in a topic Just a question related to the future of this game   

    Released 2014 in Korea. It was extremly popular until certain things went wrong, so they lost a good amount of players. Those reasons are not trading related though.  Currently it is still quite busy with a steady fan/playerbase. It is "ONLY" based #34 in korea.. keep in mind they have TONS of games over there and quite a different mindset of what is "their style" and what is not. Personally i would expect BDO to do better in the western areas.
    On certain sites it was in the Top5.. but yeah, rankings should not matter to us right now, since the game will be slightly different here.
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  8. Perdosa added a post in a topic Just a question related to the future of this game   

    And trading is related to that how exactly?
    You can ask a good amount of twitch-streamer in their channels, which play in Korea, if they have a problem with not having "trade". Even though some of it did not like the idea when they started, they've realized that they don't need it at all.
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  9. Perdosa added a post in a topic Multiserver finally?   

    Not being divided would be Megaserver, which is one of the "pro's"...well for me at least.
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  10. Perdosa added a post in a topic Multiserver finally?   

    I allready explained to you how it is working. If your last math lesson was 40 years ago, it might explain why you don't understand it. Did you skip the last years of school or something? I don't mean to offend you, but there is an serious issue with you not understanding that a Megaserver is not 1 Server, but a structure of multiple servers.
    At this point i believe you are trolling or just dense, without that being meant as an offense.
    Nope, i really think he does not understand it, or is just trolling.
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  11. Perdosa added a post in a topic So I don't want to be that guy but... Can we disable jiggle physics?   

    lol not really. .. my wife can do the same, my sister as well.  It's not something new, if you are "trained". Either you are a girl which can not do that.. or a guy, which never were with an actual woman. o_O my guess is on the later. The girl in the Vid is Sara X.. the reason why it does look fake, is because her "boobs" are fake.. implants make this look fake, it does not look that "extreme" without implants.
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  12. Perdosa added a post in a topic For how much would you buy a costume / pets   

    None of the above; i will pay in silver though.
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  13. Perdosa added a post in a topic Black Desert Intro video revealed   

    I've seen a few Vids from that Guy, he would make an great Voice Actor... has one of those Voices which totally fit into commentary, like Football Games and such. 
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  14. Perdosa added a post in a topic Multiserver finally?   

    1 is the Megaserver with 4 and 2+3 are the Multiserver, which is 4. It both has the same Volume. Simple, sorry but i can't explain it any easier.
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  15. Perdosa added a post in a topic Black Desert Intro video revealed   

    Thanks for the Video.
    English Voice acting really never were that great, esp. in terms of Asian RPG's or even Animes. Has nothing to do with the Story being good or not .
    FFXIV for example had crappy Voice acting in german, french and english.. the Japanese voice acting was awesome though.
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  16. Perdosa added a post in a topic Multiserver finally?   

    You still believe a Megaserver is actually just one server, which is not the case, hence the definition "Mega server Structure". A Megaserver is a structure of w/e amount of servers ( multiple ) you want/need, tied to each other. Multiserver is what you described a little above with different locations for example. Hardware limitations do exist, can however be expanded.
    It is called "flex. or server scaling Technology". Again.. a Multiserver is not just one Server, but multiple servers tied together. This is often mixed and understood that "Megaserver" is a "single server", which is not the case. 
    "Numbers" will not provide anything here, since hardware limitations are not a fixated value and can be either increased or decreased, so basically i would be surprised to find such numbers. You are mixing a couple things here, let alone your good intention.
    "You can hold more Data on one or the other", is a fallacy. To make it as easy to understand as possible;
    I have 3 PC's:
    1 does contain 3 HDD with the total size of 4 TB ( Megaserver )
    2 does contain 1 HDD with the total size of 2 TB ( Multiserver New York )
    3 does contain 1 HDD with the total size of 2 TB ( Multisever Dallas )
    2+3 together hold together a total of 4 TB, same as 1. So how can 2+3 hold more Data than 1?
    Here, this guy gets it.
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  17. Perdosa added a post in a topic Multiserver finally?   

    What i am saying is, that there is no difference between the possible amount of players a Multiserver could take, over what a Megaserver could take. A Megaserver Structure can be expanded, the same Multiservers can. There is simply no "limit", beside the obvious limitation of the hardware itself. So the assumption that a Multiserver could host more players than a Megaserver could, is just not true.
    In fact a Megaserver does use less Data than Multiserver, since it can either increase or decrease the amount of channels. It is using the same ressources on all servers, within the Megaserver Structure, while Multiserver in different locations are tied to their own ressources.
    Just because you put multiple server in multiple locations, does not mean you have more capacity.
    Edit: btw.. i don't care what kind of server we will get, both have their pro's and con's.
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  18. Perdosa added a post in a topic Größe der Spielwelt   

    Ich meine ich hätte in einem Interview gelesen das die Karte 400km² groß ist, jetzt weiß ich natürlich nicht ob das schon mit, oder ohne Valencia war. Müsste da nochmal suchen. Zum Vergleich; WoW Classic war knapp über 200km². 
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  19. Perdosa added a post in a topic Cash Shop Discussion   

    Cash Shop will go live on the 3rd, so same day as official Release.
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  20. Perdosa added a post in a topic Next gen? Just old stuff...   

    Ok, make all Weapons equals, so it would not matter which one to choose. Remove Classes, Levels and what else was mentioned here and let everyone use everything he wants, dress as he wants and balance everything, so i would not matter how you look how your stats are etc etc.
    You know what we would have then? Sims in a RPG Environment.
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  21. Perdosa added a post in a topic Why does everyone call me a troll?   

    Just rechecked and you are correct:
    Cash Shop items will not be possible to sell on the marketplace at launch phaseIf we decide to enable selling Cash Shop Items at a later stage, there will be control mechanisms that will prevent players from heavily profiting and gaining an advantage by repetitively selling Cash Items on the marketplaceTotally missed that part... so thanks for making me check again, i guess.
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  22. Perdosa added a post in a topic Why does everyone call me a troll?   

    That will probably not be the case in NA/EU. As far as i am aware, you won't be able to sell/buy Cash Shop Items ingame, like you can in KR.
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  23. Perdosa added a post in a topic Why does everyone call me a troll?   

    Well... some say not having player trading, makes this Game "Single Player"... there you go.
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  24. Perdosa added a post in a topic Why does everyone call me a troll?   

    So you are saying B2P should always have Cash-Shops with p2w and nothing else would work? just wow lol..
    There are Cars which do not need gas at all btw
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