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  1. Shades added a post in a topic Insane RNG   

    I decided it wasn't worth my efforts when 25/26 attemps to get a DUO MoS/Witch's failed. At the times of attempts, about 1.1b in silver.
    For ONE DUO. Majority reason I don't plan to play this game until major changes happen, which will likely be never.
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  2. Shades added a post in a topic Rip failstacking after future patch   

    Saw it coming when they removed the ability to spawn in place on characters under level 10, where the SPEND 50 PEARLS?11! shit pops up for the revive.
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  3. Shades added a post in a topic Do you try to 1% or filthy casual?   

    Barely anyone? There are like 20 people PER CHANNEL that are level 60.
    Like 20 that are 59 and 20%+.
    With the exp rates, someone could have been 60 playing LESS THAN one hour per day since release.
    That's incredibly casual.
    Just because I decided to grind for 40 hours in a 48 hour period, doesn't mean the other 99% of the time I've spent in the last 5 months hasn't been tabbing in, filling beer, tabbing out, or spending 11 seconds every 4 hours to change an Alt in bed, and five minutes to consume all of that energy once per day on the Nightvendor.
    That, somehow, is making me completely a non-casual?
    Like stated, delusional.
    *different quote* "You think you are somehow just smarter than everyone else that plays this game? That you are just playing better and more efficiently? Sorry to burst your bubble. "
    And you think just because some people decide to spend their time not grinding, there can't possibly be people who DO spend their time grinding, and can't possibly be 60 by now?
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  4. Shades added a post in a topic Do you try to 1% or filthy casual?   

    So take off a week and a half to two, when 60 has been easily obtainable for half a year now? I think he/she's right. You're delusional.
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  5. Shades added a post in a topic Keyboard macro drift + instant accel   

    Press T, Hold Right Click, Shift, and when on sharp corners, press Space Bar.
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  6. Shades added a post in a topic My slightly less capslock thoughts on enchanting   

    If I failed 42 times at +8 to +9, does that make me a God?
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  7. Shades added a post in a topic Attendance reward unclaimable.   

    I can't get the Enhancement Help Kit I unlocked on the 15th.
    Sadly, I missed one too many days for the Crescent Box.
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  8. Shades added a post in a topic Just show us hidden stats   

    All of THIS.
    It's the easiest way to leave your game broken for 8 months before fixing it.
    Because there's no "proof" until 30+ different people do side by side comparisons about how Lv1 Magic Arrow does more damage than level 3 Concentrated Magic Arrow. (But they added the patch to remove Multiple Magic Arrows forced cooldown already, so what's 2 more months without fixing it?)
    To then have issues later down the line where the skill was doing too much damage in PVP, and thus nerfed twice around 10/11 months after the games release.
    Who would have thought they don't care.
    Or how they left Ninja's? Ultimate killing people off of Elephants, inside Hwatchas and Flame Towers for over a month ruining PVP.
    Or... Nah. Let's not make this a bashing thread. Too much material.
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  9. Shades added a post in a topic 2/15/2017 Accuracy tests   

    Considering the recording player couldn't even make it 10 seconds before becoming massively desynced from the server as shown by the warrior teleporting four times, through a fence, and the opposing fighter started their attack towards the player's previous position about half a second behind, as if he hadn't moved yet...
    But nah, must be because he's a terrible player.
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  10. Shades added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Horse Skill EXP Changed.
    Many of my Horse Skills lost EXP. Some lost just a couple, one lost around 50%, and one lost 80%.
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  11. Shades added a post in a topic Pre-order not working   

    I payed 3500 whenever I wanted Weeds. Usually 3200 was good in non-peak times. You're just not putting it high enough.
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  12. Shades added a post in a topic Sorceror black hole new bug or OP? This should be tuned down   

    They even removed the ability to Teleport out a couple of months back. Even Sage Ulti TP desyncs back in.
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  13. Shades added a post in a topic Pvp and this game is a joke   

    You mean being 1 hit killed 50-70m away through 3-5 Horse Charges, from a guy attacking outside of a Safe Zone on foot is actually a JOKE?
    I thought it was a feature.
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  14. Shades added a post in a topic Odz ~ Go TET or die TET-ing   

    I must've missed a step. Damn.

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  15. Shades added a post in a topic RNG Killing this game   

    About a million times worse RNG.
    But that's for perfect gear, with hundreds in numbers/affixes mixing between Prefixes (3), and hundreds between Suffixes (3), on top of having it on the "correct" piece of gear.
    In this game, there isn't a large amount of items you can mix for alternate effects.
    YOU GET KZARKA PEN. That's it. You don't look for attack/cast speed on your gloves, or physical/magic damage, or life/stamina/block. You just get PEN Bhegs. 
    You just get PEN Molar/Crescent.
    So, sure it's a million times more RNG, but when there's a million ways to make your character just as viable, and unique, it evens out.
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  16. Shades added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 11th **Updated 16:00 UTC**   

    All I've seen is trash... Hopefully not trash. Walking to the locations and back, alone, seems to be a waste if this is the garbage that drops. Just do imperial trading in that time, and grind the rest.
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  17. Shades added a post in a topic just how unfair and overpowered can wizard ulti get ?   

     WHAT A JOKE. Witch Ulti is so -----ing bad, I literally swap to Staff on default level Lightning, just for effective CC. It's completely worthless on mobs, let alone on players.
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  18. Shades added a post in a topic First nerf in todays patch?   

    Totally justified.
    I mean, these skills can aggro 8 mobs, yet your Golem's can't.
    So, I mean, your DPS skill is a Aggro/Tank skill, so why should it be a DPS skill?
    Nerf it being able to deal strategic damage, instead of fixing it being able to be summoned through walls, and barricades for Wars.
    Because #logic
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  19. Shades added a post in a topic Yoke of Ordeal yay or nay? [Witch discussion]   

    On top of this, the Flow (Gohr Launch) is perhaps the highest damaging skill with it.
    It passes through Mobs, but doesn't pass through Players.
    Stand on top of a player, and deal Ultimate Blizzard damage in less than a second.
    So saying it's "decent" damage is only because you're not using it right.
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  20. Shades added a post in a topic The AWK Awkwardness.   

    Yes, except as a Witch. I'm having these same issues. (Reading Lina above, this might solve ONE of the two/three problems.)
    However, the equip delay of the Awakened weapon is almost two times that of the Staff and Dagger, so this may also be a reason.
    There's also the issue where when swapping from Staff+Dagger to Aad Spheera when using Magic Arrow, it swaps fine. However, when you try and swap from Aad Spheera Training is being activated, it locks up the weapon swap, and sometimes completely bugs out server-sided, not allowing you to use your Awakened skills because it THINKS you have a Staff out.
    Since the hotfix a few days after the release of the Witch/Wizard awakening it's reduced drastically, but still occurs.
    Lastly, I have no idea what is causing it, maybe it's the idle snap animation for Witch activating after using a skill, but it's locking up the controls of my character for about half a second. If you're pressing W when it happens, you cant use A/S/D for about .5 seconds. If you're pressing W+A, then you straife forward and left uncontrollably for 0.5 seconds.
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  21. Shades added a post in a topic Night Vendor Rolls Need Changing   

    10 weeks going 12+ hours a day (alternating nights for 500 energy).
    Nouever Again.
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  22. Shades added a post in a topic Rolling With Trade Packs on Back an Exploit?   

    It's not an intended game mechanic. That's why it wasn't "fixed" in Alpha, Closed Beta, Open Beta, and for the last 10 months while it was known to exist.
    But by god someone progresses in something faster than you, because they used their brain and INTENDED mechanics, and you have to Social Justice it up by yelling that it's a bug.
    Why aren't you yelling about Teleport+Ultimate Teleport still being useable overweight?
    What about the half dozen, if not dozen different abilties that still allow increased movement speed while overweight?
    Jesus Christ.
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  23. Shades added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Witch Bug: Wrong Weapon
    Up+F is Detonative Flow. It automatically equips Awakened weapon on use. Not only can I not use it WITH IT OUT, but it doesn't "swap" to my Awakened weapon when attempting to use it. I can't use any abilities of either type without manually swapping my weapons back and forth.
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  24. Shades added a post in a topic Witch / Wizard Riot!   

    ...don't forget the Frontal Blocks that only work during the CAST, and of course from the FRONT.
    Or, about how Teleport's iframe bugs out, because the server desyncs you due to the latency+Casting Timer/Animation on a 7 second non-spammable cooldown.
    Or the Dodges that don't even reach a third of the distance you need to be out of, on 90% of the AoE range of the attacks in the game.
    But I suppose Awakening should assist with a couple of those. Barely.
    I just wish Ulti TP was a 4-5 second cooldown, without a Casting Timer. Considering we're not living in Korea, it doesn't matter if you teleport twice, and just desync backwards before either of the two ever happened.
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  25. Shades added a post in a topic Did not receive my pearls   

    How inconvenient that you weren't allowed to be conveniently geared 3x more efficiently than someone else that doesn't pay, tonight.
    You should be compensated.
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