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  1. Nubbie added a post in a topic Best well rounded gear set for pve/ surviving pvp / ganking encounters   

    Level > +enchant level on gear > player skill > player knowledge > resistances > gear combo 'choice
    You can wear all dp accessories which will make it so you pretty much will never kill anybody in owpvp...but they will likely not be able to kill you either.  Honestly though, you should probably find another game if you dislike pvp this much.  Pretty hard to avoid pvp at higher lvls.
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  2. Nubbie added a post in a topic Counter in PVP (s + lmb)   

    counter 2/3 is one of the best valk pvp skills
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  3. Nubbie added a post in a topic Valk awakening pvp from KR   

    um.  valk awakening gives valks a crazy about of mobility with charges, tele, etc.  it fixes one of the biggest problems that valks have in pvp which is people running away and potting to full after you initiate a combo.  If you read KR forums, the general consensus is that valk awakening has made them one of the most deadly classes in 1v1,arena, owpvp, and extremely valuable in seiges.
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  4. Nubbie added a post in a topic To pursue Grunil or not.   

    I think this is a good decision since you have agerian/talis.  The only armor set that I would even remotely consider upgrading over grunil right now is taritas and that's only because alot of bladers will be using pieces of taritas and their price may actually go up instead of down unlike all the other armor sets.  @Chips grunil is leaps and bounds better than any of the previous sets if your focus is min/maxing in pvp.  150hp, 7ap, and 8 crystal slots is insane.  The only reasoning for not going 4 piece grunils is if you are a pve player that doesn't care about pvp and/or if you die alot and can't afford to replace gems.  
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  5. Nubbie added a post in a topic To pursue Grunil or not.   

    I feel like there is alot of misinformation on this thread...
    Boss armor isn't easy to obtain unless you are in one of the top guilds of your server.  Even then, it is alot of RNG and is something you work towards over a long period of time.  On top of all of that, you do not upgrade it the same way you upgrade normal gear.  You either do massive fail stacks across all alts or you force enchant and use memory fragments.  Both of these methods require a significant amount of $$.  What I'm trying to say is if you sit at agerian/taritas waiting for boss armor, you're going to be waiting for a long time.  Unless you are an extremely casual players that doesn't mind getting the boss armor many months down the road, you should be upgrading grunil.
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  6. Nubbie added a post in a topic shining dash skill   

    I've tried really hard to make this skill work but it just seems to be complete garbage in pvp at 30 skillpoints.  The animation is way too long and leaves you too vulnerable, the charge is short distance, damage is meh, and it's near impossible to hit on a moving target unless they are going full retard.  The only situation where it seems appropriate to use is if your KD isn't on CD and you grabbed/threw down the opponent...then you can follow up with a shining dash for the KD to save the CD on your CS.  Even then, it's pretty meh.
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  7. Nubbie added a post in a topic Valk vs Sorcs (120AP+) any clue ?   

    Like somebody else said, you need to be able to track sorcs or you will lose every time, even to bad ones.  Their main iframe is their short 'blink' that many will use to teleport right behind you to initiate their combo.  You need to be looking for this every time they come near you and be ready to spin your camera around to block their attack.  Depending on the gear/skill level of the sorc you will need to either play very defensively or extremely aggressive.  The less gear/skill the sorc has, the more aggressive you should be playing and vice versa.  
    Very good sorcs read your character's hand movements and will come in to combo you mid SoJ combo if you don't cancel.  Do not sit there and just spam SoJ against a good sorc or you will be destroyed.  Instead, stay shielded, use Just Counter to stun them after they teleport behind you.  Then combo right into them after the stun.  If Just Counter doesn't stun, immediately raise your shield back up and continue to look for opportunities.  Bad sorcs will spam iframes while good sorcs will pace themselves and always leave a few iframes as an emergency exit.  If the sorc is just spamming iframes, look at which one it is.  If he is flipping around like yoda, he will be out of stam very quickly.  The regular teleport is less stamina, but if he is spamming it consecutively he will run out quickly as well.  Against bad sorcs you wait until they blow their stamina, and then go aggressive briefly while they are trying to recover.  As soon as they have stam back again and start teleporting, you need to go back to defensive mode and let them burn their stamina while you block.  Keep in mind really good sorcs know this and will bait you so you need to get to the point where you are counting his iframes and CDs.
    Using this strategy, I don't have any problems against bad sorcs or undergeared sorcs, they simply don't stand a chance if you know how to correctly switch between aggression and defense.  I also regularly fight the most geared and arguably the most skilled sorcs on my server using this strategy and I usually either win with 50% health or the fight is a stalemate.  
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  8. Nubbie added a topic in Valkyrie   

    Valk awakening pvp from KR
    Just a short clip of some of the new skills in action.
    Overall, seems much more fluid than I expected.  Plus, look on the bright side, if the chain combo doesn't kill your opponent at least he'll be afk from having a seizure.
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  9. Nubbie added a post in a topic Axion or Vangertz in Combination with Taritas   

    Does anybody know just how much accuracy you get from Vangertz Shield?  I know it has a base of +5, but it also says that accuracy increases when you enhance it.  
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  10. Nubbie added a post in a topic Valkyrie Skill Awakening   

    Can anybody confirm that the +3% dmg from sp on SoJ awakening actually exist on NA/EU??  I've dropped over 100 memory fragments into SoJ awakening without ever seeing it.  
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  11. Nubbie added a post in a topic 10 dollars for a full respec? REALLY?   

    if you go to skill trainer, it takes 0 energy to put in skills.
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  12. Nubbie added a post in a topic Family name in chat.   

    Family name is displayed in guild on KR.  People cried so hard about it during NA/EU name reservations so Daum changed it on release to appease them.  It was a dumb decision and makes it difficult to identify guild mates in chat.  It also makes it difficult to track people outside your guild.  Not to mention, a large majority of people made their "name" the family name since we were all told that was the name displayed in chat. Instead Daum caved to all the crybabies on forum and stealth changed it for release.
    Moral of the story?  The vocal minority crying hard enough about an issue will lead to Daum to changing it regardless if that is the desire of the majority.
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  13. Nubbie added a post in a topic PVP Desync - Dash and grab   

    THIS along with the CC immunity implemented into NA before awakening weapons has completely skewed all forms of pvp.  Rangers went from being slightly overpowered to godlike because of their mobility paired, high burst damage,  and the inability to CC them for more than a few seconds.  Unlike before when they could get locked down when a mistake was made, they are now able to repeatedly make mistakes and slip away every time during immunity window and when grabs fail due to desync.  If you are geared, you can be completely clueless as a ranger, make mistakes repeatedly, and still destroy people in pvp.  The same cannot be said for melee classes.
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  14. Nubbie added a post in a topic can't decide valk,witch or ranger   

    It is true that in 3v3 and 5v5 it depends on the classes others play.  Don't get me wrong, I'm never going to turn down a wiz in 3v3 or 5v5, however, it is much harder to deal with a ranger than a wiz purely because they can spike massive amounts of damage to both single and group targets while running away.  When you take 5 shotguns instantly to the face while the targets are running away, come back and see me.  If the rangers are even remotely coordinated, you will get destroyed almost every time.
    In GvG, valks and warriors are the two worse melees currently on NA.  This will change dramatically once they get their awakening weapon, but as of right now this is just the sad truth of the matter.  Frontal shield walls is something that will only occur in theorycrafts/dreams and never actually happens in real GvG.  Both the valk/war's lack of mobility and the body collusion hurts them greatly in seige GvG.  It doesn't mean that they don't have a role, but they are not used in the frontlines.  Giants are used in the frontlines to lock down enemy groups while your rangers/wiz destroy them.  Valks and wars usually play defensively to protect your backline.  If you go look on guild recruitment boards, there is a reason why all the top seige guilds recruit only rangers and wizards.  All but the most godly warriors are instantly dismissed and valks are only accepted if they are extremely geared and very skilled.
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  15. Nubbie added a post in a topic can't decide valk,witch or ranger   

    No.  I'll give you that in GvG wiz are very close but ranger edges out ahead because of their mobility.  3v3 and 5v5, it's not even close.  
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