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  1. Stonicat added a post in a topic Head Start Issue & Resolutions II   

    Part of my stuff are missing, part of them are transferred to another server, and I only received a horse on the right server!!!
    This is frustrating as HELL!
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  2. Stonicat added a post in a topic Head Start Issue & Resolutions II   

    Who knows if they are going to send them four days later? Maybe end up with another bug?
    In the current state, we poor victims can only prey they add us into the list for a future delivery. 
    Isn't this already intimidating? 
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  3. Stonicat added a post in a topic Head Start Issue & Resolutions II   

    Must be kidding we have to wait until 3rd March to have a maintenance to fix the issue.
    What is the difficulty of fixing the problem NOW by resetting all coupons of users that were on Serendia?
    There are already tons of people having dupe items, and we need to wait three more days just to get what we should have RIGHT NOW?!
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  4. Stonicat added a post in a topic Maintenance on the 29th of February   

    Im in the same situation. I just get one helmet and one chest armor. Then I was kicked to Uno and no more item or mail incoming.
    Im so fcking upset
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  5. Stonicat added a post in a topic Is there any way I can cap my fps at 30?   

    Disabling high-end mode solves the problem
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  6. Stonicat added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    Im not sure if its okey to say but
    5 bucks for a bed is unbearable! 
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  7. Stonicat added a post in a topic Beauty & Beast Winners   

    I am now pretty embarrassed by people stating their time is worth more than others. 
    How can things be not RNG in a beauty contest? Everyone has their own desired senpai. 
    So sad of winning the contest that everyone thinks unfair, like lottery
    There is always a character having blue hair with red eyes, like Rei from Evangelion, or Ayane from DOA
    But yeah, the idea comes from anime
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  8. Stonicat added a post in a topic Closed   

    Thanks. Hell that is a fast reply.
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  9. Stonicat added a post in a topic Closed   

    Do not know how to apply. Do I use msg or posting here is also fine? Im still new to the forum
    So I'm looking forward to joining your guild. My focus is on node wars, GvG and world boss, not really into pvp yet
    Never know discord but I can use chat or msg a lot (since my snowball mic dropped on floor and became snowflakes I just need a pulse to get a new one)
    See you guys in CBT, or launch definitely

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  10. Stonicat added a post in a topic Name Reservation Discussion   

    Join me as one of lords of cinder
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  11. Stonicat added a post in a topic Name Reservation Discussion   

    Got Gwyn as family name
    Priscilla as first name
    Im a fan of Crossbreed...
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  12. Stonicat added a post in a topic What's your family and character name?   

    Family Name: Gwyn
    Character Name: Priscilla
    Im a DS fan
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