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  1. Daas added a post in a topic Anyone else stuck at 48%?   

    These responses are something I'd expect from Apple, not a company shown again and again to be on the verge of incompetent money grabbers.  My patch stopped at 48% for a while and then continued, but man the apparent indifference shown to other customers is downright insulting.
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  2. Daas added a post in a topic SomethingLovely Interactive Map update: Fishing hotspots, meat/blood/hide filters...   

    That is some incredible work there, well done and thank you for the effort!
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  3. Daas added a post in a topic Why is the 10 minute trading wait time so important?   

    1. Place an alt next to each of the major trading places.
    2. Swap between them all to find the most profitable prices nearly instantly. 
    3. ...
    4. Profit.
    Hence the required delay.
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  4. Daas added a post in a topic At how many stack does your boss piece hit TET?   

    Understandable, but data comprised of people failing at 50+ is still useful.
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  5. Daas added a post in a topic Question on Weapons   

    I'm pretty sure that:
    I believe you need the higher tier blackstones to advance +15 items to those levels.
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  6. Daas added a post in a topic New player unsure of what to do, a bit of help?   

    The black spirit will guide you a bit and the quests that will open up via said spirit are triggered by your level.  That's about it as far as the usual mmo hand holding goes.
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  7. Daas added a post in a topic [Guest passes] Main topic - All post here!   

    Here's a few more, enjoy!       V70RD2Q-98ASKJP-GBBBTGS-I2OKMUnused  T8OV04I-D0HQDRO-M4IJUAG-IV23VUnused  R556MU4-OBNIQIA-3JL14H9-VEMVA Unused  TIFA6JH-FPBNKMM-GM143P1-CLOQVUnused  FQBMH3F-KPTGOU0-40E3279-LQV3HUnused  CEISE9T-KA7PU98-J4CDR4C-VLB0AUnused  NTJ68FG-2HQLM0H-7LQPM2F-JPN16Unused    
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  8. Daas added a post in a topic RIP Jumanji   

    I'm just happy no rhinos came stampeding through the monitor.
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  9. Daas added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 23rd   

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  10. Daas added a post in a topic [PvP] "American Ninja Warrior"   

    Great idea.  Now in the BDO tradition, there should be an insta-death/elimination option for the seating.  All praise RNGesus.
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  11. Daas added a topic in Ninja   

    Stupid question alert
    Does the ninja class have any self healing moves like the musa does or are they simply potion gobblers?
    Just started playing one as an alt, so curious.
    Thank you.
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  12. Daas added a post in a topic Please Change Horse Taming   

    The horse snapped your rope.  Move along.
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  13. Daas added a post in a topic Refer your Friends & Get Rewards!   

    R556MU4-OBNIQIA-3JL14H9-VEMVAUnused  FHE99F6-EBAFBTA-LN3QGR4-91VQ0Unused  V70RD2Q-98ASKJP-GBBBTGS-I2OKMUnused  T8OV04I-D0HQDRO-M4IJUAG-IV23VUnused  JB6180V-OEEB9S0-4IJJ5LP-PKGN7Unused  TIFA6JH-FPBNKMM-GM143P1-CLOQVUnused  FQBMH3F-KPTGOU0-40E3279-LQV3HUnused  CEISE9T-KA7PU98-J4CDR4C-VLB0AUnused  NTJ68FG-2HQLM0H-7LQPM2F-JPN16Unused  ET4OPGL-BDRBKAK-QMH6SML-4532DUnused                                      
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  14. Daas added a post in a topic sinking ship   

    That's called a Mississippi Lean
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