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  1. Legendaire added a post in a topic Musa Open World Chronicles - Vol 1   

    That was interesting...when i was in Nigh Watch we were a tier 3 node guild...So was Aftershock...He should've done his homework...
    When asked in RBF why his guild is dying...His response was, "I kicked all the players that didn't know how to pvp"...
    Inside, I was saying, "Well you werent even good yourself"
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  2. Legendaire added a post in a topic Musa Open World Chronicles - Vol 1   

    Keep it up, I enjoyed it...
    OH I remember you now Nvk, u were in Savanah...
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  3. Legendaire added a post in a topic Evasion Musa build?   

    I don't know what else to tell ya man...I've used special evasion before...
    In fact I switched from +5 DR crystals to special evasion, then to the Black Magic Crystal - Armor, then switched to the special evasion when the meta was hot, and now i switched to the Black Magic Crystal - Cobelinus...Cobelinus works best for my build...might not work for everyone i guess...
    Special Evasion is good too...
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  4. Legendaire added a post in a topic Evasion Musa build?   

    I lose 200 hp...with the cobelinus and full buffs, I have 4k HP in siege...HP is more valueable then the special evasion due to too many AOE in siege...
    White Horn Warrior Bow has only 1 crystal slot, losing another +100 HP and +5 AP (Awakened Spirit Crystal gives +150 HP)
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  5. Legendaire added a post in a topic Evasion Musa build?   

    My Rosar Build
    My Kutum Build

    Right now I'm missing TRI molar, 1 more Cadry, the centaur belt, and TET armor to complete this build...Besides the Laytenn, all the accessories stacks HP...If the Seraph HP scaled with enchant I would use it, but right now it loses too much AP for 50 hp...
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  6. Legendaire added a post in a topic Evasion Musa build?   

    How is it an evasion build, without Rosar or Krea? Your build is more of a Hybrid...
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  7. Legendaire added a post in a topic Make Musa Great Again 2017   

    I made a node war video about a month or so ago...at the time my GS was 183/169/306...
    This was when our awakening was released...best part is around 2:30...
    This video was around new years, when I joined Barcode and winning our territory...during this video my GS was 183/177/305 with Krea, but i also use Kutum depending on the situation...

    To the original poster...
    Add Super Armor to Projection - No to Super Armor...Frontal Guard yes...this skill should still have some type of risk when used...If no Super Armor or Frontal Guard, atleast make the animation faster...canceling the animation by using Counter Assasination first just doesn't cut it...Replace Spinner with a grab - Musa don't need a grab...they need a tweak with certain skills...Spinner may be bad in PvP like everyone says, but it has it's usefulness in PvE...not every skill has to be base off PvP to deem it worthy...Change the first hit to Knockback, then 2nd hit does Float, last hit add special Down Attack bonus...If you're crazy enough to use this skill in PvP then Flow: Dash Slash should have Super Armor to end the move with...Greatly reduce cooldown on Stub Arrow - Out of all our skills, u want this skill to be tweaked? And you want to use it every 2-3s? I dont get it...I never use this skill in GvG...I barely use it in 1v1...This skill was meant to be used situational...

    What I'd like to see change is...
    More accuracy bonuses to our skills - I don't have issues landing CC...The issue is our hit multiplier's are high, unlike warriors...seems half of that misses...Lower the stamina cost of some skills - Skills like our Chase and Counter Assassination needs to have their stamina cost reduced dramatically...When we're out of stamina we're -----ed...Ever tried to push S or Q during a Sorc's Blackhole? Don't =)...Fiery Angel - I love this skill, but having a slow startup leaves me using this skill situational only...Remove the slow startup of this skill and maybe add special Air Attack bonus..Fiery Crevice - My second favorite skill after Projection...High damage, low hit multiplier, descent accuracy, nice debuff, special Down Attack bonus, does Bound...I mean if you're not using this skill enough, just because it doesn't have super armor or frontal guard, something is wrong...If this skill had Super Armor or Frontal Guard, it will be too OP...What it needs is Down Smash and maybe lower the cooldown to 5s...Crust Crusher - This skill really needs Super Armor, Frontal Guard just doesn't cut it anymore with people reaching 230+ AP...They can change the Knockdown to Bound...I never use this skill for the knockdown, the special Down Smash is where it shines...Keep Flow: Foul Play as is... 
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  8. Legendaire added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 28th   

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  9. Legendaire added a post in a topic TRI Red Coral Earrings Vs. TRI Blue Coral Earrings   

    Who said you have to use your Glaive in 1v1?
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  10. Legendaire added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 21st   

    Wizard appearance change bug...
    Whenever I try to change his face with the new and young face template..game crashes...Anyone else getting this?
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  11. Legendaire added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 21st   

    Game keeps freezing/DC everytime i try to change my wizards appearance to young face...
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  12. Legendaire added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    Buff Red Nose Armor
    +10% Resistance to All Status Abnormalities...
    +10% Ignore All Resistance...
    +10 DP higher then Tree spirit....

    I'd be happy...
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  13. Legendaire added a post in a topic The Grind to 60   

    Not sure what to tell you for pve, I have most of the skills with my skill points...Just practice your skills...People say whirlwind cut and our normal attack swings are useless...It's really not...Use them when you have big cooldowns, it restores WP...

    Here's the link to my highlight in nodewars...
    Thanks bro, and definitely =)
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  14. Legendaire added a post in a topic DeTETmination   

    Yeah, I lost track of how many times I also failed DUO and TRI...and a lot of my TRI was also around 50+ fs...
    But thanks guys...
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  15. Legendaire added a post in a topic The Grind to 60   

    I had 179 ap when i switched my UI off and used the krea...So check and see if its fast enough for you...
    And np...
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