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  1. Arcane ✨ added a post in a topic Parrots and Hawks can not be exchanged together.   

    and some of the parrot appearances are tiels?! Well played, Daum. UGH
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  2. Arcane ✨ added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I play on a potato laptop and occasionally if I'm multitasking too many other things while BDO is minimized, the entire game will lag/stutter (despite being in low resource mode). This causes autoloop to go in a straight line/overshoot turns with sometimes deadly results. More frequently I tend to lag when entering towns (e.g. Altinova entrance) and my wagon will get stuck on one of the fences around there lol
    If you ever autopath between Heidel and Altinova, there's also one spot around 1/3rd of the way across that is particularly susceptible to game freezing. It's not just me; I've come back from afk to find the game client frozen, restarted game ... and saw multiple other people's mounts frozen in the same spot when I logged back in. Food for thought
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  3. Arcane ✨ added a post in a topic Let me draw your tamer/ranger/sorc!   

    Ahhh I love her asymmetrical hair and expression! Thank you so much :3
    Still looking for 1-2 more characters
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  4. Arcane ✨ added a topic in Art & Media   

    Let me draw your tamer/ranger/sorc!
    I am looking for characters to model in my entry for the pirate fanart contest, since my none of my own characters fit the theme (rip).
    Include in your post screenshots & any extra personality info. Your character does NOT need to have pirate costume.
    If I draw your character, I'll let you know in PMs. :}
    Looking for 1x tamer (stereotypical cute preferred), and 2x (ranger, sorc, or valk).
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  5. Arcane ✨ added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I'm building up an unfortunately large number of 2/2/2s :\
    Just gonna breed them at 18 and hope for some T6s I guess...

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  6. Arcane ✨ added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    2 very red pairs going into the cooker tonight, fingers crossed!
    5N x 5N, 5N x 5D @ lvl 29
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  7. Arcane ✨ added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

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  8. Arcane ✨ added a post in a topic Horses and the caution skill - small comic   

    5 seconds later: dies from aggroed mobs behind me
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  9. Arcane ✨ added a post in a topic ⋆☽Engeli♡☾⋆ - Art corner - taking requests   

    aaah how cute I can't wait til we get that outfit in our version of BDO.
    Here are my witch and ranger, if you're interested!
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  10. Arcane ✨ added a post in a topic Rivana's Template and Artworks   

    Impressive. Truly impressive, both art and templates!
    ... I thought your style looked familiar, I knew you from GW. can't wait to see your BDO art.
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  11. Arcane ✨ added a post in a topic Please allow us to change order of Characters   

    I deleted my third character, shortly before the free character slot was announced.
    I was amused to find that my Maehwa ended up in the third slot. So characters fill the slots in order of creation, but the game remembers which slot you deleted a character from.
    edit: I should probably mention that I had more than 3 characters, so it wasn't my last slot.
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  12. Arcane ✨ added a post in a topic Lag / Cant move / Disconnect - VERIZON USERS   

    I've had no issues since I logged in an hour ago (in Heidel!) Loaded in quick, didn't d/c as I burned all of my energy on processing.
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  13. Arcane ✨ added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    pfft so this happened..

    a +4 gain in red. that's the first time I've had more than a +2 gain in a single color. RIP
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  14. Arcane ✨ added a post in a topic Lag / Cant move / Disconnect - VERIZON USERS   

    update: tethering worked fine for about half an hour. I'm back to chain d/cs. (my smartphone is also verizon fwiw)
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  15. Arcane ✨ added a post in a topic Lag / Cant move / Disconnect - VERIZON USERS   

    same here - FiOS, DC metro area. Time to tether  
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