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  1. Mytherceria added a post in a topic Please Make Node Wars Available for PST players   

    I think the best compromise would be 5:30pm PST. That means 8:30-11:30 EST.  11:30 is still an acceptable bed time, and it will allow for those in PST who work a normal schedule an extra 30 minutes to get home from work. I don't think it's fair to push it back any longer for those in EST who do need to go to bed, but an extra 30 minutes seems fair and it would make all the difference for people who work until 5pm PST. 
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  2. Mytherceria added a post in a topic Nerf/Remove Boss armors if you want to truly help casuals   

    I do think increasing the drop rate from scroll bosses significantly would be helpful. It is the only reliable way for anyone who is not high enough on the DPS table to get the boss armor from the world bosses, since right now the drop chance from the scrolls bosses seems to be non-existent. 
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  3. Mytherceria added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    They are trying to bandaid fix a system that is inherently flawed. There is no end point to progression and so they need to do something to limit the never ending power gap between players, even if it is a shortsighted a fix as this one. A much better fix, that would address the problem and not just the symptom, would be to simply add a level cap.
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  4. Mytherceria added a post in a topic A game-breaking lack of XP/grind spots   

    You have some good points. What are your suggestions on how someone can become more competitive if they are not ready for Sausans? I think OP is suggesting that more viable grind spots would encourage people at the bottom of the food chain to move up in order to become more competitive. PvP is generally more satisfying when there is not such a drastic pecking order and people are on more equal footing. 
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  5. Mytherceria added a post in a topic What about Tier 2/3/4 pets   

    No one is disputing that the tier 3 is better, it's the tier 2 that is in question.
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  6. Mytherceria added a post in a topic What about Tier 2/3/4 pets   

    @CM_Jouska Can we get some info on this, please? It seems that now that there is no difference between the tier 1 and tier 2 pets, those who bred pets only to end up with a tier 2 now have absolutely no benefit for the money spent. I don't suggest that tier 2s have extra skills, but I would highly suggest that you guarantee at least a tier 3 when breeding pets, otherwise breeding and getting a tier 2 that is no better than a tier one is a very bad deal.
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  7. Mytherceria added a post in a topic Compensation Conclusion   

    I understand that the package with the cash shop items was not intended as a compensation for #serendia, but it should have been. The reason a lot of people from Serendia are upset, is that they saw the "comp B" package, and understandably expected that they would get those things as well, or at least something just as substantial, when what they ended up getting was silly craftable food worth very little. It did not measure up to what was expected and promised (Merv's pallete?).
    Honestly, if those affected by Serendia had just gotten the items from "comp B" this thread would have a much different tone. I get that giving out "Serendia Specials" might have been an attempt at being cute and funny, but it just came across as insulting and not at all adequate. It seems that Daum does not rank the Serendia issue (essentially a character/guild wipe) very high on the list when deciding on how to compensate, so if they see it as just a minor nuisance and don't understand why people care so much, I am not sure what anyone can do to change their mind. Perhaps they are not gamers themselves, and are just ignorant on how much of a big deal it actually was to some people.
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  8. Mytherceria added a post in a topic A possible BALANCED fix for inability to trade items between players.   

    I am not sure I understand. Why would someone pay real money, plus an item of equal value? They could just sell the item and buy the one they want, and save a lot of money. Perhaps I need to explain better. For example: the gold seller has a +15 Liverto weapon for 35k they want to sell you for $50.  In order to accept the weapon, you trade them an item also worth 35k? In what scenario is this likely to happen, and if it did, does it really impact the economy?
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  9. Mytherceria added a post in a topic A possible BALANCED fix for inability to trade items between players.   

    I like the idea of a guild shop but to prevent abuse, perhaps a bartering player economy would be better than one based on silver. For example, if you want to trade something to a guild member, they have to trade something back to you of equal value. This would prevent the gold sellers from abusing the system, but would allow some trade between players.
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  10. Mytherceria added a post in a topic <KoE> Kingdom of Eleador - Recruiting (NA/PvX)   

    Great group of people in Eleador! I highly recommend this guild 
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