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  1. Sixx added a post in a topic AFK Gathering's time has come!   

    So I think it might be a cool mechanic to gather those via some kind of afk system. Much slower than actively gathering, but still possible. Kinda like the fishing.
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  2. Sixx added a post in a topic AFK Gathering's time has come!   

    Also workers can't gather stuff like logs, most meat and rough stone. 
    I think this is a good idea  Love ways to progress my char that can occur when I can't be 100% focused on playing.
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  3. Sixx added a topic in Ranger   

    ELS as umbrella sub?
    I wonder if umbrella was nerfed due to no one ever taking ELS...With that in mind, has anyone tested ELS to see if it is worth taking now?
    Also I was thinking of trying Flow: Breath of Air to see if it can benefit from the buffed (non ultimate) version of Charging Wind...maybe like a shot gun light?

    EDIT: just re-read the ELS tooltip and it looks like a single target ability...so prob wouldn't be very good as an umbrella sub. Still I wonder if it is worth taking now.
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  4. Sixx added a post in a topic Post your Goddess/God   


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  5. Sixx added a topic in Classes   

    Help me decide!!!
    Totally in a bind and its keeping me from gearing up. I have a Ranger as a fresh 50 and a Sorceress at 40 and can't decide between the two of them to save my life. I don't want to play both as I don't have the time to commit to really gear one up to be competitive.
    What I like -
    Strong at solo farming (at higher gear levels, I don't care what the leveling process is like)Decent at 1v1 PvPStrong role in group PvPInteresting combatCompetitive late game without having the best of the best gearI feel like I have a good feel for how they both play at my current levels - does either scale better than the other with how Mediah plays out or Awakening? The sorcs awakening looks 9x cooler but I don't know anything about it really.
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  6. Sixx added a post in a topic Post your Goddess/God   

    How does it appear for Rangers with the bow? Are there clipping issues with the wings and bow?
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  7. Sixx added a post in a topic A sick and twisted joke.   

    Maybe it is to get us mentally prepared for our elemental sword 
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  8. Sixx added a post in a topic Selling upgraded items   

    at work and was curious...figured someone here might know.
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  9. Sixx added a post in a topic Selling upgraded items   

    That's what I was going to do, just wasn't sure if it is possible to list something with less than max durability.
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  10. Sixx added a post in a topic Question after patch notes   

    Its the shotgun nerf that hurts pvp
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  11. Sixx added a post in a topic Selling upgraded items   

    I don't know the answer....am at work so can't test.
    Asked in the Ranger forums because that is what I play and I like you folk better than in gen forums
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  12. Sixx added a topic in Ranger   

    Selling upgraded items
    Can you sell upgraded items that have lower max durability from forcing enhancements?
    Like could I sell a +13 Yuria bow that has 48 max durability (instead of 100) OR do I need to restore it up to 100 max first?
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  13. Sixx added a post in a topic Please add a combat log   

    Combat log could be disabled by default though. Would change your experience at all unless you wanted to see it. 
    Personally, I would send it to another tab and only look at it when I wanted to test something specific, otherwise it would be totally invisible.
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  14. Sixx added a post in a topic Please add a combat log   

    I think it would also help alleviate frustration with vague patch notes. 
    Slightly increased/decreased is pretty vague. With a combat log we'd be able to login and test to see what the actual change was and if we wanted to change specs/playstyle as a result.
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  15. Sixx added a post in a topic Please add a combat log   

    That is why I'm posting it  To see if others agree.
    I really do not believe there would be any added negativity. People that want to be elitist will do so, they don't need a combat log to enable them.
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