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  1. Meeraku added a post in a topic Sincere question for the ganker/griefer crowd   

    Isn't that the evolution of gaming though? The game that plays itself..
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  2. Meeraku added a post in a topic What the latest patch has done to my guild..   

    This is a thread I can easily 'bate to
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  3. Meeraku added a topic in US Guild   

    [UNO] Looking for a guild~
    Hi, I'm a "veteran" action mmorpg player here and I am looking for a friendly, mature-ish, casual-esque guild that partakes mostly in PvE but will/may also do some PvP stuff as well (like Node Wars and Sieges when they are released). PvP guilds may be okay as long as there is a subsection for PvEers, for fun scroll times
    I myself am just a fun loving happy go lucky stoner from PDX in my mid 20s who normally games at odd hours due to my career.
    I can also be a drunk, which I hear is very fun for others when it comes to Ventrilo/Teamspeak/etc.
    I would prefer a guild with a lot of members and a voice chat server (though I may only come on some nights)
    Anyways, hopefully I find a great home soon! Thanks for the help
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  4. Meeraku added a post in a topic Game is dying?   

    At first I thought people were just crazy when they said Vindictus would die around 2012, only 2 years after release, but it stuck.
    Now I just know y'all are really just dumb.
    Here's to a 5-year tenure with BDO at least 8D
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  5. Meeraku added a post in a topic I'm just upset at the fact..   

    Because I got an ugly T7 horse
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  6. Meeraku added a post in a topic Just go perma-red and be done with it!   

    But it's the new craze!
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  7. Meeraku added a topic in General   

    I'm just upset at the fact..
    That they still haven't added Horse Appearance Change Coupons to the shop with this update
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  8. Meeraku added a post in a topic Maybe a idea for us, the PvP, Pk, KS players.   

    Please learn to speak properly.
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  9. Meeraku added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    Soooo manyyyy tearsssss. So delicious.
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  10. Meeraku added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    I could 'bate to this thread over and over and over again
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  11. Meeraku added a post in a topic Found this white horse in Altinova. How is this obtainable?   

    No but seriously Daum, please give us this for the Valencia update PLEASE! D:
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  12. Meeraku added a post in a topic Wait.... This is possible?   

  13. Meeraku added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    Why potato salad when I could be macaroni salad??? Why do you never think of MY feelings?!?
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  14. Meeraku added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    This right here is exactly why I could not care less about internet insults
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  15. Meeraku added a post in a topic so im apparently a hacker now for standing up after kd   

    You live up to your name here
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