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  1. Marlin added a post in a topic Slow leveling at level 50   

    Or do what I did and grind multiple characters to 56 at the Abandon Iron Mine because every where else was so full of awake and non awake people trying to level/grind loot.
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  2. Marlin added a post in a topic Desync?   

    Looks like the warrior was doing something that propels you forward, CC canceled the animation, but when CC ended still went forward. D:
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  3. Marlin added a post in a topic Cavaro Outfit Tissue change   

    That is a first tab color of mervs.
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  4. Marlin added a post in a topic Cavaro Outfit Tissue change   

    I use Cavaro on my warrior, but with the cape hidden, that big feather cape is neat, but it is kinda weird when dyed. When you dye the feathers, they lose their textures. Lighting in general in the game seems weird for dyes, bright colors are always bright and dark just get darker.
    Here they are untouched, no dyes. Pretty looking feathers. Look at that detail, yo.

    This is the feathers dyed Dark Grey. Turned into a solid colored thingy, looks more like chunks of fur or something.

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  5. Marlin added a post in a topic So I started my week long trial...   

    There are quests about some life skills, but by default they are hidden for whatever reason. You can choose to show/hide certain quests in the quest menu. There is a quest that shows upgrading and extracting around lv 30, but yeah, this game kinda just throws you into it. 
    This game is pretty much about getting silver, and obtaining stronger gear with the option to do other things, but those other things are pretty much just alternative ways to obtain silver to get better gear. What game isn't like that tho?
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  6. Marlin added a post in a topic Out of ideas/sad excuse of an event?   

    The hunt, gather, fish for items to trade in, daily log in, or the black spirit adventure I like. Simple and easy to do. Events that involve an active GM presence or a scheduled/scripted boss appearance are possibly the worse ones to do with a game like this. Making half the server go to one area is just bad. If they want to do an event boss, they need to make them a scroll boss that a player can do at their leisure, or a random appear chance through out the day similar to world bosses.
    All these hand outs of endgame gear has got to stop tho, even if they are mostly RNG based. It's great they are willing to have them as event rewards. With how enchanting is, being given a +0 boss armor/rare jewelry isn't totally game breaking, but still, I wouldn't be surprised if 90% of those items in the server are from event rewards. Look at the 2k+ Manos Ruby Necklace in the market... Ease up on their obtain chance instead of handing them out, and give some a lower minimum price.
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  7. Marlin added a post in a topic Mark of Shadow   

    In the time BDO has been out, the only rare drops I've obtained that are worth anything were one mark of shadow, one witch earring,one bheg gloves, two shultz belts, and two shultzs necklace. Plenty of outlaw rings, and ridell earrings, those things drop like friggen candy sometimes.
    I got the 1000 hour achievement the other day. Considering time played, it's not too bad I guess? D:
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  8. Marlin added a post in a topic Best money making areas for 54-55 ?   

    Mobs with the better vendor loot turn in amounts around those levels are Rouges, Elrics, Pirates and Susans. The Hasrah Dungeon isn't half bad loot turn in as well, but can be difficult if not geared enough.
    If those are too full or too much to handle, there is Manes, Helms, and the Abandon Iron Mine. Less EXP and lower vendor turn ins, but better than nothing. The Iron Mine has a lot of elites that like to drop Forbidden Books tho, so those help.
    If you're REALLY desperate to find somewhere to grind, and everywhere is full....there's Marni's 2nd Lab, and the Ferrid Pit.
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  9. Marlin added a post in a topic Is Tamer worth the time?   

    I got to lv 56 on my tamer, and I didn't care for it's awake at all. On paper, it's awake skills should be doing more than Bolt/Jolt, but since you can spam Bolt/Jolt by canceling with Legendary Beast Power, it spins, and does 100% crit, it clears mobs much faster until you get those awake skills ranked up.
    Biggest gripe is awake skill damage %, the awake normal attack has nearly the same damage as all the awake skills.
    I find Valk PvE pretty fun. Pulling mobs into one spot and then rain hell down on them with your F skill or RMB spam. Not as easy as other awakes...but not too bad. What I dislike is how the RMB, and SPACE skills send you flying forward, half the time I go past mobs.
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  10. Marlin added a post in a topic Once again, RNG is too punishing   

    Should just make force enchanting the only way to upgrade gear. The cost of upgrading a DUO to TRI via force is really close to the difference in price between a DUO and TRI. Forcing to PRI is 7, to DUO is 12, to TRI is 30. TET could be 120, and then PEN could be 260. Accessories could use cron stones to upgrade, or just removed and a black stone for jewelry added in that is a combination of hard and sharp shards and black stones, I doubt many even use cron stones. Could go by the same durability loss system weapon and armor use, keep the need for same kind of jewelry and memory fragments.
    Costly, but you know you will eventually get there. But no, they'll probably just give us valk's advice instead.
    The second a game similar to Black Desert but with better gear progression comes out, I'm jumping ship on to it for sure.
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  11. Marlin added a post in a topic NA server down megathread | Update: Server should be up again   

    Was wondering why an NPC I was traveling to in the desert wasn't showing up, oh jeez...
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  12. Marlin added a post in a topic Is Sorc. really the most difficult class to play, but also the most powerful?   

    I find Valk to be a really easy class to play PvE wise. The skills are on easy to reach keys for sword and board, and Lancia. Shield Throw will carry you to 50 with ease. You can spam SoJ for friggen forever with the regen awake on it(unless it was changed recently) and the Lancia's RMB attack by using the Spacebar attack after every other skill while dealing a decent amount of damage. Then you have an easy heal, nothing great but it helps.
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  13. Marlin added a post in a topic Event NPC Gratitude   

    Outside each major city is a big pink hut, the event NPCs are there that you talk to.
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  14. Marlin added a post in a topic [Boss Event] So, when are we getting that compensation you say ?   

    This event was poorly executed. No if, ands, or buts about it. It was the simplest, and less work involved thing they could do. So many things they could of done, but just chose to do a simple boss spawn event in one area, on 6 channels, on a megaserver, that rewarded past event rewards and not hard to make Alchemy potions.
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  15. Marlin added a post in a topic [Boss Event] So, when are we getting that compensation you say ?   

    The fancy event bundle from just damaging the boss isn't even that great....if the boss drops just the bundle and nothing else, I double I'll even bother going to the later spawns.
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  16. Marlin added a post in a topic New MMO from Kakao announced.   

    TERA is a total joke of a game. Devilian isn't any better. I have my doubts this new game will be anything decent.
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  17. Marlin added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    RNG loot I can deal with, but when it comes to upgrading gear, that's a hassle. Even more so in a game like Black Desert, where upgraded gear is your higher level gear.
    For the past year, I've been playing off and on. The gear grind is pretty intimidating at times, but I've just decided to ignore boss armor and weapons, and stick with green gear that I'm going to work on forcing to TRI and making ultimate, then if I ever get the silver, buy DUO/TRI jewelry.
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  18. Marlin added a post in a topic enhancement RNG rates.   

    The day a Korean game gets a No RNG gear enchant system will be a cold day in hell.
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  19. Marlin added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    What about that fancy mechanic that rewards players with a special in game currency that allows players to enjoy different Pearl Shop items? Naaaah, let's just make it so people can sell stuff for in game gold in a massively competitive MMORPG so they can get better gear faster and skip all the grind, the only thing there is to really do in the game!
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  20. Marlin added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Yeesh, haven't played for awhile and felt like checking out the forums for Black Desert and I kinda regret it.
    In a game that is very competitive like Black Desert, I can see how P2W can be a problem....but my biggest gripe is we were told NA/EU was not going to have value packs, or cash shop items being sold on the market, etc but...well, there they are. What happened? Why did they go back on their word? Was the game not making enough money without them? Feeling that others are "being left out" on buying from a cash shop on a buy to play game sound like an obvious excuse. 
    The day a decent MMORPG comes out that has character progression and the cash shop separate will be one cold day in Hell.
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  21. Marlin added a post in a topic Jarett's accessories or mark of shadows and witch's earrings   

    Ring 4 AP, Ring 4 AP, Earring 4 AP, Earring 4 AP, Necklance 7AP, Belt 4 AP.
    4+4+4+4+7+4= 27 AP, without the set effect.
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  22. Marlin added a post in a topic Jarett's accessories or mark of shadows and witch's earrings   

    Hmm...it's 42 AP total with the 6 set effect, but only 4 total will be available, so 32 AP. That's if you get an earring and a ring.
    So, let's say you have one jarette ring/earring, and the belt and necklace, 32 AP there, add in a witches and mark, and that's 42 AP total from your jewelry. With two marks, two witches, a tree spirit belt, and ogre ring, it comes out to 35 AP total.
    If you don't have any PRI, DUO+, or are just using Bares, a 4 piece set is great, otherwise it's crap.
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  23. Marlin added a post in a topic Enchant vs Buying directly from Market   

    In most cases buying already upgraded gear is the more cost effective way.
    So, lets use a yuria weapon as an example, the more popular ones are 200-300k, or 90k at the npc. If you want to force upgrade one to +15, that will cost you 104 black stones, and then to repair all that durability loss you'll need around 41 Yuria weapons.
    Let's use 90k for the yuria, 350k for black stones (current average on the server I play), and that would be 3,780,000 for the Yuria, and 36,400,000 for the black stones.
     40,180,000 total to make a +15 Yuria via force enchant. Even if you managed to use less stone via normal ugprading, it would still be cheaper to just buy one, with most at 20-25m.
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  24. Marlin added a post in a topic [POLL] How P2W is the value pack?   

    The tax reduction is what most care about, gaining 84% of what you sell instead of the base 65% is a big increase. That high of tax shouldn't of been there to begin with, it made crafting/cooking a lot of things pointless, you made it at a loss, it also deterred some players from selling things on the market. With the tax reduction, you can now craft/cook a lot of different things for profits. Buying weapons and armor instead of enchanting it is even more viable with the tax reduction as you get more from what you sell to get what you want quicker. To me, it's more ridiculous than Pay to Win, something the game should have by default was added in as a subscription bonus.
    The biggest worry a lot have, and I saw it mentioned already...is this the start of our cash shop becoming more and more like the other verisons? Where you can buy and sell pets, costumes, dyes, on the market, addition of lotto boxes, etc.
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  25. Marlin added a post in a topic Upcoming Skill and Awakening system revisions   

    If that's the case...why block off free resets for awake weapon skills? Aren't players going to run into the same situation with awake weapons? 
    I never played any awake weapon yet, do you gain the first level of each skill right away?
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