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  1. Blindness added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance January 4th   

    So, are Double Exp weekends done now? After witch released i remember you guys said they would continue for the foreseeable future.
    Are we gonna get 150% or 250% during the weekend?  
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  2. Blindness added a post in a topic Attendance Reward Box   

    Well kakao you addressed the issue the same day, you agreed to send compensation. This is some groundbreaking stuff......amazing. 
    I gotta  hand it to you kakao, good job.
    Now that we get that praise out of the way. How about the next box u send contain equal odds for every boss gear? 
    Better yet, how about the box contains equal odds and EXCLUDES red nose armor? I mean it seems like the logical thing to do since virtually everyone has it now  
    You think u can code that kakao? is altering the code for the box something withing your capabilities? 
    anyway, think of all those artisan memory sales.........
    Love u, bye. 
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  3. Blindness added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 31st   

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  4. Blindness added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    sigh.....i feel  like ppl dont get the point. 
    So ill leave you with this quote from the movie avatar 
    Killing the indigenous looks bad, but there's one thing shareholders hate more than bad press -- and that's a bad quarterly statement.
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  5. Blindness added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    well not that you mention it. From an objective standpoint all you CAN DO is either comply or quit. 
    In fact it says right there in their terms of service that you can terminate the agreement on your own free will and  if you contact them they will delete your account for you and everything. 
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  6. Blindness added a post in a topic My Story on Why I switch to a Maehwa (Level 58 Valkyrie)   

    I dont understand why you are comparing valk to plum so much as  way to express weakness in the valk class. 
    To my understanding
    Valk is an extremely tanky...medium damage....semi mobile....self reliant class 
    Valk might no excel at any one aspect but they are a very versatile jack of all trades. Nothing wrong with that. 
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  7. Blindness added a post in a topic Ninja current skills not scaling, give us the current KR version   

    Funny when most games release a new class, the class is significantly stronger so that people will play it. In bdo we get the Nerfed version. My friend plays a tamer so he tranfered his gear onto his ninja. Apparently ninja with the exact same stats as his tamer does much less dmg, about 50% less. 
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  8. Blindness added a post in a topic Awakened Video   

    You miss the point. I was trying to list all the classes that in one way or another use a bladed sword as their weapon. 
    Warrior and Valk Use swords as their normal mode  weapons. 
    Blader, Plum. Ninja and Kuno as well as tamer all use katakanas (long and short) as their weapons 
    Furthermore, rangers awakened weapon is also a sword.
    the idea is that. Swords are by far the most common type of weapon in the game.
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  9. Blindness added a post in a topic Awakened Video   

    Well, if that is your opinion then yeah, you can stick with your sword. I would like to point out that this inst just a Hula hoop. This is a big as bladed hula hoop. Think, captain Americas shield if it was sharp on the edges. 
    Lets see, sword users: warrior, valk, tamer, ninja, blader, plum, kuno, ranger 
    Big as bladed hula hoop users: Kuno. 
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  10. Blindness added a post in a topic I think some people miss the impact of the DF nerf...from a gameplay and fun perspective..   

    I agree, when i was lvling my sorc all i ever did was Dark Flame over and over. The class became dependent on that one skill because it was too powerful, however sorc has may other skills that should be explored. 
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  11. Blindness added a post in a topic Sorceress Vs. Rangers PvP   

    Am pretty sure these videos are just for entertainment and not really trying to prove anything. In both the videos the opponents seem to be having fun or at least saying GG and GF. i dont see why ppl get triggered. 
    Btw nice touch on the witcher music. 
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  12. Blindness added a post in a topic Option to remove guild symbols from banners   

    Completely agree, this should be an option. the banners ruin the immersion. 
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  13. Blindness added a post in a topic Riding the Wind   

    Honestly i haven't really done strict tests so i cant tell you exactly how much stamina it all consumes. 
    However. you can initiate the call of the sky by pressing space after charging kick, since charging kick W+F doesn't consume stamina or mana you can kind of economize. 
    if the stamina spent is between 400~600 then its  fine considering how much ground you cover. 
    However, i feel like it shouldn't  matter anyway. Riding the Wind or doing double and triple jumps in general feel completely visceral. Like one of those HELL YEAH moments. It is a shame that maybe 1% of archers use this. 
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  14. Blindness added a post in a topic Riding the Wind   

    you can cast it while  having riding the wind, but to do so you would have to let go your directional keys. Doing that after EVERY SINGLE  SHOTGUN -.- i needlessly troublesome. 
    Also u can cast riding the wind from call of the  sky....and you can  cast the jump portion of ultimate evasion out of RTW so basically 
    Call of the  sky > Ride the Wind > Ultimate Evasion Jump. 
    and if you  have the Flow skill that lets  you do EES while in the  air you can  do 
    Call of the  sky > Ride the wind > UE jump > aerial EES for even more airtime 
    i can go from end to end of the  heidel arena without touching the  ground. 
    Am sorry but that is -----ing amazing  
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  15. Blindness added a post in a topic Riding the Wind   

    the problem is that we DO NOT want to cast riding the wind, we want to cast shotgun. Riding the wind Directly overtakes the command. If you press space and A or D u will use riding the wind regardless of you being in the air or not. 
    Can u see how this is rather annoying? No wonder no one even uses this, for such a cool skill that gives us so much mobility no one recommends it. 
    If only they changed it so that it only activate when you are airborne like it says in the skill description then i would 100% take this skill
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