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  1. Darbi added a post in a topic Bug with where dark knight is looking at   

    I ran into this as well. It's really, really frustrating. My characters neck look literally broken.
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  2. Darbi added a post in a topic No name change in cash shop? why?   

    This would be fantastic. Heck, I'd be happy if they had a "Name Swap" option that cost the same amount as two name changes and allowed me to swap my character names. I'd use that immediately if it was possible...
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  3. Darbi added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    I think it's definitely a great idea! As someone who works daily, it's been difficult to spend time upping my strength, because there are other things I need to be doing while I'm actually in BDO. I can't sit here and watch my character travel back and forth for 45 minutes at a time, just to level that, when I actually want to PLAY.
    So I am all for this feature.
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  4. Darbi added a post in a topic [POLL]The current energy system shouldn't exist in a B2P game.   

    I only use one character and I have had zero problems with energy. You need to do quests in order to up the amount of energy you have. At level 20, I'm sitting on a pretty 58 energy...
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  5. Darbi added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support - Updated   

    I, too, have not received the compensation package(s). 
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  6. Darbi added a post in a topic Is there a way to change family name?!   

    My husband is suffering from this too. He was a bit too eager to get into the game and didn't quite read the screen I guess. It says in the FAQ/Help section that they have a line that reads,
    So I'm assuming that at some point that will be a purchasable object, but sadly it's not in there yet, so the waiting game begins...
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  7. Darbi added a post in a topic What does your partner think of BDO?   

    Yeah, mine is heading that direction too but... I don't think it's going to last. People have said some pretty good stuff, but Ubisoft... 
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  8. Darbi added a post in a topic What does your partner think of BDO?   

    He downloaded it last night and used one of my codes that I got with the Conquerors package. He seemed to be enjoying it, but he's upset because he accidentally chose his character name as his last name and so far we don't seem to see a Family Name Change coupon for purchase in the store, even though Daum's FAQ clearly states that one exists...
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  9. Darbi added a post in a topic Ability to change Chat Color and Size   

    +1 I concur with this. I don't have the greatest eyesight and the I noticed that the color for whispers is seriously hard for me to read. I wouldn't mind having a font size change too, to make it a big bigger for my aging eyes.
    I know quite a lot of men out there are colorblind so I'm sure in some instances they're having issues too, if there's a lack of accessibility options.
    Please consider this, Daum!
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  10. Darbi added a post in a topic Toggle walking instead of holding down CAPS-LOCK.   

    +1 Absolutely need to be able to toggle this. Holding a button while continuing to RP is not very easy...
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  11. Darbi added a post in a topic Are the conq items being sent?   

    Re-claimed this morning, nadda. 
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  12. Darbi added a post in a topic "Hide parked mounts" feature, please.   

    Even if that's the case and the idea behind it, they could easily make it more appropriate for the game and not a blinking sign like something out of Star Wars!  It looks ridiculous against the gorgeousness of this game.
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  13. Darbi added a post in a topic Guild Leader cannot deposit into his own guild??!!   

    This. We desperately need to have the ability to donate to our guilds. I understand that guild missions are a vital way of making money and having a guild work together as a team, and I'm all for it, but if we have the cash to donate, it would be really nice if our guild can benefit from our wealth.
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  14. Darbi added a post in a topic O I wish the subscription model was still viable   

    I've been actively playing MMORPG's since 2002. Over the years the pricing model has changed dramatically and in my opinion, for the worse. I much preferred the days of having a subscription. $14.99 for an entire month of entertainment instead of $40 for a one stop trip to the movies (ticket + food) or a single meal out with my husband seems totally worth in my book. My opinion. My book.
    While many are arguing that they feel they "own" a piece of the game via the buy-to-play model, in truth, you don't own diddly and it's right there in black and white in the terms of service that you agree to on day one of any MMO. No matter what your argument is, they (Daum), have the right to shut down your account or their servers, at any time, at their discretion and you literally cannot say boo about it. You are doing nothing more than renting a license, either with a one time purchase (buy-to-play) or monthly fee (subscription).
    You own nothing.
    That being said, the other thing that has dwindled in recent years among the MMORPG companies with this shift to free-to-play and buy-to-play models, is the amount of content and the customer service that you receive for this "one-time-fee". With this model, these companies are not technically guaranteed a "regular" income, as they rely on their cash shop merchandise (but we buy these things in droves, so this is debatable as it appears to be a guaranteed income). With this shift, MMO's typically have sub par customer service teams (usually too small to handle the amount of cases that come in) thus their response times are incredibly long and often you'll receive canned responses. This is subjective and company-by-company, but statistically, I'd say that the customer service has been pretty poor for most companies in the last five or so years.
    Content is another issue entirely. With a typical subscription-based MMORPG, content comes through patches and usually this is a fairly regular thing, then once the game has been sufficiently established, they begin releasing expansions once every year to every two years, so for your monthly fee you're pretty much guaranteed to have a decent amount of content to play through, and regular updates as they add content and try to balance things. With buy-to-play and free-to-play models, these companies come out with content that you typically have to purchase for X amount (it's usually overpriced for what you receive), and it is in no way the size of an entire expansion from yesteryear, though the pricing is usually the same.
    It's a shame that the MMORPG genre has gone this route, in my opinion, but that is the reality we're currently living in. These companies have realized that in the end, there is more cash to be made (potentially) with a well-stocked cash shop. Humans love instant gratification, so the idea of getting what they want for little work is appealing, and MMORPG companies aim to make a buck off of "your" laziness.
    The odd thing about all of this, in summation, is that in the end these companies probably do make a hell of a lot of money off of their cash shops, more so than they would with a subscription, but you're still not receiving better support or content for the amount of money that they're raking in.
    We are nothing more than cash cows. Moo.
    TL;DR: MMO pricing model changes suck in my opinion—subscriptions for-the-win. Don't fool yourself, we own nothing, we are but cash cows.
    Edit: I wanted to add that so far, Black Desert Online seems to be going against the grain as far as typical buy-to-play models are concerned. The game seems to have a vast amount of content and a learning curve that spawned a 255 page "Bible" because there is so much to learn and do. I can't say much about the customer service, we're only two days in and so far though things have been fairly crap around here with the pre-order item and server problems, in my opinion, they seem to be doing a fairly decent job with communication (even if it isn't what people want to hear).
    That being said, we'll see where the future goes with this. I still prefer the subscription model, personally, but times change and sometimes you just have to accept it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  15. Darbi added a post in a topic "Hide parked mounts" feature, please.   

    I just want to hide the "Parked" icon above the mount. It looks ridiculous... I don't see any reason for it to say that. It's quite obvious that no one is on the mount.
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