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  1. Konrad Knox added a post in a topic NA-World Node Wars Report   

    Week 22 Friday, Tobare's Cabin:

    RoW vs PenguinKnights vs MarginalKnights vs The_Syndicate vs NemesisAsylum + Torch

    Winner: RoW
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  2. Konrad Knox added a post in a topic NA-World Node Wars Report   

    My shadowblade....
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  3. Konrad Knox added a post in a topic NA-World Node Wars Report   

    Week 21: thursday

    Altinova Gate lvl 1:

    Lethality + Citadel
    No_Mercy + Sazerac

    Some deals were made as time was running out. Lethality agreed to ally with RoW.
    RoW destroyed Sazerac, RoW took out No Mercy, Citadel destroyed Lethality, RoW took out Citadel.
    A confusing fight of diplomacy and backstabbing. Winner: RoW
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  4. Konrad Knox added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    Don't hate, just play the game.
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  5. Konrad Knox added a post in a topic Victory lap thread   


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  6. Konrad Knox added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    Ca-Caw! Ca-Caw! Now you speak my language, brother!
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  7. Konrad Knox added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    RP Update:
    *Konrad sits down in his office and slowly, carefully, spells the report line by line in the company books. The large hand struggles with the quill, shaking fingers handling the writing implement with more tension than a sword. He writes very slowly, but does so correctly, checking grammar for references in other books. Never a master of spelling and certainly a novice at punctuation, he takes a long time cross referencing books, having some difficulty reading at times. But he is patient and eventually produces a complete and correctly written report on the first try, without cross-outs or blotches.*

    Following a successful performance through the past 3 months, the Company closes its second fiscal quarter with the following profits and total budget.

    The total earnings from maintaining the territory of Altinova Gate ledger had come out to the capital spending funds equal to:
    3,780,682,581 silver
    Total earnings from additional mercenary contracts and western territories chartered on the Ravens of War free mercenary company:

    8,488,274,778 silver

    The financial goal of building the war chest has been met.
    The financial goal of building the start up investment capital has been met.
    The financial goal of constructing a military class marine vessel "The Conspiracy" has been met. Workers have been paid out salaries.
    The financial goal of securing legal approval for heavy grade cavalry units under Heidel's magistrate have been met.
    The financial goal of raising heavy grade cavalry units, Valencia Elephants has been met.
    The financial goal of accumulating additional capital for founding Raven Trade Shipping and Handling Co. & Associates has been met.
    The financial goal of acquisition and support of The Maiden's Fancy entertainment establishment subsidiary in Tarif has been met.

    Raven Trade Shipping and Handling Co. is hereby signed into foundation.
    Company Master: Konrad Darian Knox
    Research Consultant: Caine Freemont
    Warehouse Manager: Claire Janatris
    Security Officer: Renliff Von Thompson
    Commerce Officer: Rosuane
    Chief Engineer: Dharian
    Maiden's Fancy Subsidiary Owners: Zesik, Mia Torana
    Further recruitment needs:
    - Trade professionals
    - Marine navigators
    - Labor workforce
    - Skilled Combatants

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  8. Konrad Knox added a post in a topic NA-World Node Wars Report   

    Last Friday at Orc Camp:

    Norpass vs Shadowcasters vs Guardian vs BigGameHunters vs RoW

    Stalemate. Shadowcasters and BigGameHunters forts were destroyed. Guardian was low. Ran out of time.

    This Monday at Pujiya Canyon:

    The_Syndicate vs Façade vs RoW

    Winner: RoW

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  9. Konrad Knox added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    So where do we find these new majestic tier 2 elephants?
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  10. Konrad Knox added a post in a topic Node War Timer Enhance   

    Going by Highest fort % would also be a good idea. And probably easier to code. Good thinking, Parae.

    I mean, not all guilds are top tier. Understandable that ManUp, Alloy, Barcode - can melt bases in 10 minutes.

    But is this who the game is geared towards? The overgeared minority? Why?

    We're not ManUp. We have average geared players. We're having good even fights, and our siege mounts slower, we don't instantly melt bases when they're defended by people of equal power, when there are multiple guilds creating additional chaos in the scenario.
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  11. Konrad Knox added a topic in Suggestions   

    Node War Timer Enhance
    5 guilds on one node. We mount proper offense, take out 3 guilds out of 4, slow and steady, because we're evenly matched, but we're outplaying them, just to run out of time, everyone's two hours are wasted. Needed only 20 more minutes.

    It's insane to expect such a pace of pvp.

    I suggest that for 2 guilds on a node, the limit is 2 hours.
    Then, for each additional guild, you add 30 more minutes to node war timer.

    3 guilds - 2.5 hours
    4 guilds - 3 hours
    5 guilds - 3.5 hours
    6 guilds - 4 hours
    7 guilds - 4.5 hours

    I was once on a node war of 11 forts. How do you expect that done in 2 hours?
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  12. Konrad Knox added a post in a topic NA-World Node Wars Report   

    April 4th at Primal Giant Post:

    RavensOfWar vs ITC vs Lifestyle

    Lifestyle's fort got destroyed first, as it was in the middle, between ITC and RoW. Both guilds were plucking at it independently, without collaboration. ITC took it down.
    RoW stalemated vs ITC, with RoW being on the offensive the entire time, but unable to establish a reliable breach. Not enough time. Another 1-2 hours woulda done it. We destroyed their base once, but they rolled us out and rebuilt.
    Turtling is hard to deal with in a span of 2 hours. They should make the defenders of nodes the incumbent owners, rather than just liberate. Because why come attack our node if you're just gonna turtle. Everyone turtles.
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  13. Konrad Knox added a post in a topic NA-World Node Wars Report   

    Any details on this week's fight at North Kaia Mountain Top on Monday? Who were the guilds?
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  14. Konrad Knox added a post in a topic Daylight saving time - Node and Siege War times changing   

    Here's a crazy idea? Go Shadowbane route. Let the node owner determine when it goes live? So the defender guild can be assembled in its fullest! Crazy huh?
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  15. Konrad Knox added a post in a topic NA-World Node Wars Report   

    This thread needs to be carried over to the new forums
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