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  1. Sorora added a post in a topic Spin the wheel   

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  2. Sorora added a post in a topic PC Gamer finally giving Black Desert some well deserved attention!   

    We have been killing, but this goes past just general PK/PvP.  The issue is much more serious than on the surface.
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  3. Sorora added a post in a topic I gotz pwnd and it was fun   

    It's not that rpers need to git gud. We have a bunch of active rp-pvpers. It isn't even the pk that is the issue. The issue is the harassment on a community that didn't ask for it. It goes beyond just what is going on in the game and the spam. It has spilled into our community discord in the form of raids, onto our site, this forum and other social platforms. To the point events are being stalked and to the point where it is becoming a huge discouraging hassle on our end.
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  4. Sorora added a post in a topic Pre-order costumes   

    Right.  He explained why they aren't going to do it though.  Those classes weren't available at launch, so there are only the options for those who pre-ordered a while back to get only those.  They're not going to make them for the other classes as most people who pre-ordered already have already claimed their pre-order costume, and it wouldn't be fair for those who didn't pre-order to be able to buy that costume for other classes as the costume is what people paid for when buying the large pack when they ordered the game before launch. 
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  5. Sorora added a post in a topic Membership   

    I don't know what other benefit they could get that isn't already offered in the value pack. Most B2P / F2P games have memberships and they limit things like how many items one can sell on the market, how much mail they can receive etc, exp boost (which you already get from a value pack) and things like the market and such are unlimited use.
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  6. Sorora added a post in a topic Trade System   

    To be fair, money is REALLY easy to grind in game, and most of the things can be bought off of the MB, so to help them out perhaps help them grind mobs for money! That's a good activity to do together.
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  7. Sorora added a post in a topic Trade system ?   

    Then there would really be no need for the market place.  people would just sell to each other instead, and then less and less will show up on the MB
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  8. Sorora added a post in a topic "Roberta" Undergarments!   

    Please oh please!!!!
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  9. Sorora added a post in a topic add more countries   

    You would be better off complaining to PA themselves rather than the publisher for the west.  Kakao can't do much about it.
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  10. Sorora added a post in a topic PLS add heal class   

    The cool down on potions is tiny enough that you don't really need healers anyway.  Just make sure you have enough of them and that they're the right size.
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  11. Sorora added a post in a topic Lara is not giving the quest.....   

    Guys.  Lara wont give the quest til the 20th.  So tomorrow.
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  12. Sorora added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *Updated* Emergency Maintenance October 12th   

    Kicked me out while I was in the middle of my awakening quest.  Tbh though, I don't care much because at least things will be fixed.  Was annoying that I couldn't read my quests.
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  13. Sorora added a post in a topic [Q.O.L.] Changes We Need   

    They've already addressed the costumes.  You can buy all the pearl shop outfits on the MB if someone throws it up! I would like to see a little more ingame variety, however getting cash shop items for silver is easy!
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  14. Sorora added a post in a topic Make weenie looney limited   

    Just buy the costume and put it in your storage.  You don't need your witch yet.  
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  15. Sorora added a post in a topic Pre Merv's Pallet Dyes?   

    You can combine the dyes and hope that they turn into one of the basic colors.  I know that's not much of a help either.
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