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  1. Umaru added a post in a topic Manup + Gravity merger   

    how about you write an essay in chinese? :thinking:
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  2. Umaru added a post in a topic John Madden John Madden John Madden   

    I agree
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  3. Umaru added a post in a topic Lacari and manup   

    Go back to your dumpest thx
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  4. Umaru added a post in a topic Manup + Gravity merger   

    "The more i talking shit about gravity, the more i starting to love them."------Lacari, 2017
    Hate can become love, because love has stronger power than hate. I had a dream, that one day, everyone loves each other. Gravity X Manup is a fresh start of the New Edan, its a prove of how strong love is and how deep love can be, its a prove of the light of the world is love. 
    Do not jealousing about the lovely edan couple and stfu on the thread thanks a lot appreciated and go take a shower please u smells so bad and stop hiding in dumpest eatting expired snakes autistics thank for purifying the world

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  5. Umaru added a post in a topic Lunar's first node war   

    I want to join lunar
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  6. Umaru added a post in a topic Let's make Node and Siege Warring more Meaningful   

    so many essays so many essays so many essays so many essays so many essays so many essays so many essays so many essays so many essays so many essays so many essays so many essays so many essays 
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  7. Umaru added a post in a topic Gatekeeper Vs ManUp and HOSTILE   

  8. Umaru added a post in a topic Siege guild tier list 4th of February   

    Very bad ranking
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  9. Umaru added a post in a topic Gravity Feedz ManUp   

    I-im g-gay..
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  10. Umaru added a post in a topic [Discovery]How to get good skill and good states horse   

    yes but another important thing you get from premium change coupon is the high change high base states, i did this exaclty thing to pure pure black, it has 18skills but very bad base speed and turn. And i spent the money to do that too it doesnt cost too much less
    and also it saved the time of training horse, you can use those time to grind or chop wood, which increase the efficiency of making money
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  11. Umaru added a topic in General   

    [Discovery]How to get good skill and good states horse
    First of all, post my horse states to prove my theory ;3
    You can also come to my stream and ask me questions  

    T8 white, female, learned all 19 skills

    t8 pure gold(female) learned 18 skills(says cant learn any more, should be the max for it)

    t8 pure gold(male), learned 19 skills, says cant learn anymore, should be the max of it
    Warning: This tutorial can be sounds a little p2w, if you dont want to spend pearls you can just close this topic. And sorry if my tutorial sounds wired in some part cause my English is kinda bad, just moved to the US 3 years ago.
    ok Lets Begin!
    First for 1 horse you need to prepare:
                      A t8 horse, because only t8 worth do all of this, (but if u are extremely rich just ignore this
                      About 25-30 premium appearance change coupons
                      10-20 Horse skill reset
    First keep using appearance change coupons to horse horse until it learns up to 13 skills(will be about at lv 15-18)
    Then if you see there is force chop or hind kick or S force chop/hind kick, use horse skill reset to change it(You dont need to change to a specific skills, but better hope for the good skills), DO NOT change caution!
    Now your horse must have 6-7 skills left unlearn, the most possible unlearn should be S:side walk, S:instant accel, charge, instant accel, side walk(except the force chop or hind kick or S force chop/hind kick you changed before)
    Keep using horse premium change coupon again, if u change it and see anything is force chop or hind kick or S force chop/hind kick, use skill coupon reset change the skill and hope the good skills, then keep use premium change coupon and skill change repeatedly.
    The reason to do this repeatedly is because the possibility of horse premium change coupon to learn a skill is depends on how rare the skills are, and hind kick and those trash skills has higher change to learn compare to the S skills, caution is kinda in the middle, it is not rare but not easy to learn, so if u get full skill but there are still S skills your horse didnt learn, keep spamming caution to change it.
    About it is at lv20, you will get a full skill horse, gratz!~
    About the horse base speed and states
    My first t8 pure black didnt went well by nature leveling skills and states so i decide to test this method, and surprisingly found that premium horse appearance change coupon actually secretly makes your horse has higher change to gain higher states. I did both my t8 white female and gold male starts at lv1 and both get insane base states, but i did my t8 gold female starts at lv25, its base states isnt looks that well compare to the t8 white female and gold male. But i never get a chance to test on my pure black so i cant confirmed how this method actually goes on for pure black t8.
    All in all thats just the data and theory i got according to my research for changing horse skills, it is possible if it is not work for you but it works 100% for me XD.
    If any of you have any questions, feel free to come my stream and ask me questions about horse or berserker thing LUL

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  12. Umaru added a post in a topic Siege guild tier list 28th of January   

    honestly vision should be a A+ tier guild just cause their number of members are lower compare to barcode. but their cores are just as strong as barcode's ^
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  13. Umaru added a post in a topic King Lacari with the Big Upgraddes   

    Why not go to general
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