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  1. Clain added a post in a topic 55 Warrior looking for guild   

    Thanks for the information. Tried to write the gm, but so far no luck.
    Also I looked them up and only found a webpage which stated that they are more or less inactive atm. 
    So I will see how it goes. 
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  2. Clain added a topic in European Guild   

    55 Warrior looking for guild
    Hello there,
    it just so happens that I came back a week ago and I had a blast with the game (again). But as it is with humans, I need some social contacts. Most people in grinding spots either try to kill me (stress on try) or ignore me. Of course I´m also looking for a social hub where people can talk to each other and help each other, not just a grinding group. 
    Now a bit to me and my character. As I mentioned I´m playing a 55 warrior, with a 85/140 ap dp. I´m still trying to figure out how to gear my character and I´m not certain on a lot of it. 
    I really like to pvp. Wouldn´t say that I am a big PvE player, but I can always make some time for grinding ;). I did some field bosses a couple of time. 
    And of course the person behind the good looking warrior, who is also good looking... just saying.
    I´m Robin, 22 and I live in dublin atm. I come from germany and I would say that I´m fluent with both languages. I stay cool-headed in most situation, even when enhancing, mostly. 
    I like to chat and I have been doing rp quite some time, which I will probably catch on again. It doesn´t mean that Im looking for rp, but at least one who is cool with it. 
    Okay enough about me, you probably made your decision by now. You can always add me ingame and we can chat a bit, or give me a ts/discord. 
    Character: Clain Hurford

    Have a good day. 
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  3. Clain added a post in a topic effects are killing my fps   

    Thanks for the tips, but I think I wasn´t clear enough at one point. Not matter how low I set my settings the fps goes down to 20 when In combat. Even on the lowest ones. So that doesn´t help >->. 
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  4. Clain added a post in a topic effects are killing my fps   

    Both and both are bringing down my fps to 20 and below.
    Newest one, would like to know what driver would be the best for bdo.
    High textures and medium graphic settings. Other than that I did everything to increase fps in fights ( lights from player, pets from player and effects from other players). Did not play with the panel (other than disabling Vsync in full screen, but that was after I noticed the problem)
    Just really old. Around 6-7 years. 
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  5. Clain added a topic in Technical Issues   

    effects are killing my fps
    Hello people from the internet,I have a problem with my game, which is that I get a solid 60 fps in open areas, around 30-40 fps in city and under 20 when I´m fighting. 
    Changing the graphic settings doesn´t make a difference.  I can manage a 40 fps drop with just using one spell over and over again (the ground roar spell from warriors). 
    And don´t get me started when there are more than one enemy. And yeah I turned off the effects of other players. 
    My spec is:
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
    i5-2500K CPU -overclocked to 3,7GHz
    8gb ram

    Which from what I heard should be good enough to run the game at decent fps on medium settings. I also overheard that a bad HDD could cause problems.
    MIne is pretty much garbage, so could there be a problem?
    I have monitored the CPU and GPU, but tbh I can´t tell if there is any big problem there. 
    I´m thankfull for every idea that maybe could help me ^^. 
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  6. Clain added a post in a topic Disgusting, casual pandering patch   

    I´m sorry, can anybody enlighten me what he meant with "easy road to lvl 55" ?
    Other than that I can´t understand this guy, why does he care so much when people can catch up? More competition, more fun in pvp on equal terms, more people playing the game. And so on. Jeez
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  7. Clain added a post in a topic Mediah warrior armour   

    I do. chest/arm taritas, boots/helmet Zereth. 
    But I would like to ask, I didn´t upgrade my armor past the safe cap. Should I still go that build or grunil? And when do people expect boss armor? I mean we will probably have a similar schedule to the russian server
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  8. Clain added a topic in Roleplay   

    "The Shields" Eu Guild (Jordine)
    The Sound of metal clashing on metal  goes through the air, a man in a plain armor yells at the two contestants who are both desperately trying to win the fight. A couple of mercenaries and merchants are watching the fight outside of the arena. All of them seem to be disappointed with the performance the see After a while the armored man cancels the fight and tells them to go and try to get some hair on their chest.
    After they left he turns around and spots a newcomer. Still with a grim look on his face he approaches the person. " Hey, name is Clain. So you wanna join too?  Don´t get your hopes up, I saw better looking men and women who turned out to be nothing but weaklings. We are looking for people with potential. You understand?" He didn´t wait for a response and points to the arena.
    "Prove your worth there and we might consider taking you. Our Clients have strong connections and even stronger enemies" Clain fixates his eyes on the potential recruit, inspecting every inch of  the newcomers body. He turns around and heads for the arena.
    "Whatcha waiting for? Grab that excuse of weapon of yours and come. And don´t you dare to tell me your name, I will listen to it when i think you are worth it"

    First shield Clain here giving you some information on "The shields" .
    We are a mercenary group who does not only focus on rp, but also on the pve/pvp aspect of the game. Every skill lvl and lvl is welcomed as well as every martial art, the shield is more of a metaphorical thing. 
    We understand that hitting lvl 50 and beyond can be hard and time consuming so we provide every member with information and tools to maximize their lvl speed. We also don´t expect you to hit lvl 50 asap, play at your own pace and enjoy the game.
    Our goal for PVP is to establish weekly duels to determine the rank of the member and smaller scaled pvp clashes.
    The PvE on the other hand will contain some rp events and generally grinding for those who wants to to stay sharp ;). Thats not everything of course, but it will give you a rough idea of what to expect.

    Our Core group contains of 5 people, when we will fill the 2 last remaining spot and sort things out we add mercenearies on short term, to support us in our fights. "The Shields" have a long-term contract with the "CoffeeConsortium" a guild of ambitious merchants who created a inner circle of 10 so called "Coins". With ambition there will be enemies who try to backstab you, so we come in place to protect them.
    OOC that means we are basically the same guild, but with different focus on rp. If you want to know about the Coins here is the link to our thread on the Blackdesert Roleplay forum: http://blackdesertroleplayers.com/forum/m/33755660/viewthread/26493291-eu-coffee-consortium-merchant-syndicate-jordine-serendia-j1 (the link tool was failing me °3°)

    This is for people who also want to rp on smaller scale as well. You can do escort missions, protecting your client from assassins or just helping them retrieving a cat... looking at you DPierre.
    What I also want to say, we don´t expect you to be a fully fledged roleplayer, or even have a worked out backstory. We can help you with that, provide lore knowledge and suggest ideas.
    The only thing we "expect" is that you want to rp this kind of You can just add me (Clain Hurford) and we can talk a bit ;).

    Have a nice day.
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  9. Clain added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  10. Clain added a post in a topic So, how is the warrior?   

    I´m not lvl 50 yet but I can talk a bit about the lvling and grinding (past 37) . I have a rly nice clearing speed and the combos you can do plus the animation cancelling gives you a rly good feeling how a warrior should be. Pumping out one swing after another like you are in some kind of rage.
    If you want the uber 1v1 pvp class then he is "meh, but he excels in larger pvp combat. You are not the damage dealer keep that in mind. You have that shield for a good reason.
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  11. Clain added a post in a topic [Help]Making a tavern   

    why the balenos j1 channel If I may ask so. A lot of rp player are gathering in Serendia 1. Just curious
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  12. Clain added a post in a topic NPC Clothes as Outfits!   

    A lot of people in the rp community are not looking for the special snowflake look, with the shiny armor you can get in the cash shop ( The price besides). I for my part want to look like a typical warrior, maybe a soldier. Give me more choices for that matter, pretty pls °3°. 
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  13. Clain added a post in a topic Unexpected Error (-100)   

    totally "unexpected" 
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  14. Clain added a post in a topic Chat Limit, Still Too Short   

    yeah, way too short. How can I get into rp when you are providing us with so little tools :/. Pls
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