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  1. Cain Freemont added a post in a topic United Guild Coaliton -- { All Guilds Should Read! }   

    I'm hearing a lot of fabrications with zero evidence and an astounding amount of effort being put into "not caring."
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  2. Cain Freemont added a post in a topic United Guild Coaliton -- { All Guilds Should Read! }   

    Caw caw!
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  3. Cain Freemont added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    Time itself made cruel mimicry of the situation.  All started out well enough, time winding up, spinning faster and faster as the wagon clattered and crunched on the uneven path. It wasn't long, or didn't seem so anyhow, before "time" came to a skidding, jolting, snapping halt.   It could have been worse, of course.  One of their horses could have found the deeply-carved rut instead.  At least we would have bellies full of meat instead of noise, Cain thought with hungry pragmatism. How long had he been awake now, anyway? Sun-up, sun-down, sun-up.. The middle-aged, grime-caked wizard stifled a groan as he pushed the looping thought into the back of his mind. Weary emerald eyes noted the damage to the wagon's wheel:  The rim was completely warped along where one section of the felloes caught at an angle and snapped.  The thought of giving Konrad a lecture on frugality and the value of good transportation in the future evaporated at the sight of his grim expression. Best not for now, he thought with a twinge of concern about his weathered face.
    Clasping Sigilor's shoulder before sweeping his arm toward the sad-looking wheel as if to say "I have no idea what I am doing," Cain rose from his crouched position. Joints creaked.  A grunt of muscle pain and fatigue wrestled its way through gritted teeth.  Like some muffled or distant beast, his stomach growled quietly. He toddled over to the horses, gently stroked their manes and whispered something he thought sounded soothing.
    To each of them he feeds an open palm of berries from his satchel until his meager supply is spent, then looks down indignantly at his own stomach.  There, the spiteful thought flashed in his mind. Now you have no reason to expect something. As though galvanized by his self-inflicted misery, Cain returns to the task of the broken wheel with Sigilor.
    "Were I to heat the rim, could you twist it back into place and tack it down? That still leaves the issue of how to mend the felloe. This is really outside my expertise entirely."
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  4. Cain Freemont added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    I rather enjoyed watching the scene unfold and I'm glad to see that others are in agreement.
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  5. Cain Freemont added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    Captain Knox, another to add to the roster on the initial post:  The Sword Dancer.
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  6. Cain Freemont added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    No objections, boss.
    Independent thought is putting it politely.   But Knox can confirm that I railed against the camp-rotating hive-mind strategy on more than one occasion. Alas, without clout all others will doubt.
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  7. Cain Freemont added a post in a topic [POLL] BDO on Steam?   

    I'm sure its been stated, but here's my thoughts:
    I voted no. As we have seen in a recent announcement, the game has already achieved 300,000 pre-order sales.  There will certainly be a very healthy playerbase at launch and a tool like Steam isn't even necessary.  Later on down the road, when that "new game high" has worn off, people will stop playing.  That is when its time to add the game to Steam. There will be many who have never heard of it because they use Steam as their primary window into the gaming world.  There will be people who were waiting for it to come to Steam because they are dedicated to the platform. This would ultimately serve as an injection of players to the game, as has been done with some waning/older MMOs.
    Don't you just love watching the hours go by? 
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  8. Cain Freemont added a post in a topic better be worf   


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  9. Cain Freemont added a post in a topic Hello guys and gals   

    Welcome, Vaylen.  Spell-casters unite, pew pew!
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  10. Cain Freemont added a post in a topic How long will the carebears last?   

    There will always be people who refuse to engage in conflict in a given game. I think the only game I've played where the carebears were actually hunted to extinction was in Shadowbane.  Truth is, though, that the economy will benefit from people who don't just go around picking fights all day.
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  11. Cain Freemont added a post in a topic Hey all!!!!   

    I'm willing to bet that since all the other dates start at 08:00 UTC, pre-load will also start at that time.  This is just speculation, though. 
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  12. Cain Freemont added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    It certainly sounds like you would be a good fit for us, Berlioz.  Your previous experience with BDO would also prove a great asset. Ultimately, the final word will come from Knox, but consider this my recommendation to have you with us. How do the two friends of yours feel about roleplaying? 
    Armored Core is a fantastic franchise, though I admit to recalling little about the background story.
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  13. Cain Freemont added a post in a topic Hey all!!!!   

    Welcome aboard and glad to have you around, Vey. The more people eager to PvP, the longer this game will keep its competitive nature.
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  14. Cain Freemont added a post in a topic {RoW} Ravens of War [Mercenary RP-PvP] - Looking for skilled PvPers GS 400+   

    Freemont here, just checking in. Its good to see some mild activity going on.  Welcome to those who have already joined this little outfit Captain Knox has started.
    And to new readers, hello. If for whatever reason you'd prefer not to post in the thread, but show an interest in the guild, I am more than willing to exchange private messages to address any queries.
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  15. Cain Freemont added a post in a topic Player to Player Trading   

    I don't claim to have read every post here nor know in full detail what is going to transpire in the future, but I have an idea.
    Let's remove player-to-player trading from a game that boasts player-driven economics and the idea of being a merchant.  Private trading outside a sanctioned auction house/trading post is obviously purely evil and only people who participate in RMT do it. I hope you understand that I am joking. Darkly.
    You don't kill RMT by killing player freedom. People without jobs trying to make a buck will always find a way.  They are as industrious as they are poverty-stricken.
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