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  1. MarcheTen added a post in a topic never have i seen a class as bad as tamer in my life, what a parody   

    In all honest if heilang scaled and I had a better option than ganking rangers or eating shotgun, I think tamer would be in a much better place. I imagine the awakened weapon will help with the latter so I only really hope for heilang scaling when pve/pvp gets harder.
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  2. MarcheTen added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

    I really like the eyes good stuff!
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  3. MarcheTen added a post in a topic Is Roaring worth it?   

    It's also not too bad in pvp with a bit of caution. You can cancel it for the debuff without exposing yourself to too much danger and with the support of a team, you can just let the whole thing rip and it hurts.
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  4. MarcheTen added a post in a topic Post pictures of your Maehwa!   

    My Plum!

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  5. MarcheTen added a post in a topic We are Family!   

    Echo represent!

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  6. MarcheTen added a post in a topic How many of you would like to see Merv's Palette added to the game?   

    I don't have a choice in the matter, it seems to be pink by default on tamer.
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  7. MarcheTen added a post in a topic How many of you would like to see Merv's Palette added to the game?   

    No. The mirv pallet is a horrible solution to an atrocious dye system and I hope it never sees the light of day in NA/EU. We are already heavily restricted in our ability to customize our characters, so the least they could do is find a sustainable middle ground that's more inviting to a larger amount of players.
    The dye system is so bad, I'm currently trying to get accustomed to my character in pink since I will be stuck in the default charles rene with the current dye system.
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  8. MarcheTen added a post in a topic Out of mana   

    Might want to roll some favorable awakenings to offset the mp starvation. I'm still trying to get mp on hit for my whiplash and I got mp regen over time on my evasive hit.
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  9. MarcheTen added a post in a topic So how you kill enemies?   

    What about awakened Tamer, does that make pvp on tamer any more viable?
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  10. MarcheTen added a topic in Suggestions   

    In Game Character Creator
    Can we please have the ability to design characters from other classes in the in game character creator? obviously the ability to apply changes should be disabled, but I think it would be a nice addition to the game. This is mainly because you can open the creator while you do other afk activities such as sleeping.
    While some people will breeze through the character creator and others may even run default (shudders), I like to spend a lot of time designing my characters but I feel somewhat conflicted since that time would be better spent playing my main.
    This issue could also apply to other features such as the cs since I can't even browse it while I sleep or gather.
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  11. MarcheTen added a post in a topic Post pics of your Tamer   

    That's unfortunate, it's a really rich color. Nice look.
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  12. MarcheTen added a post in a topic Let's Be Honest, You Went Tamer To Go Ninja Later.   

    Nope, tamer for life. Her trample is savage and Heilang makes babies stop crying.
    On a serious note, I love the concept of the Tamer and I will happily wait for QOL fixes. Not to mention tamer awakening looks to be the best awakening so far so there is at least one guaranteed thing to be excited for.
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  13. MarcheTen added a post in a topic If you could create a new class for this game..   

    Isn't sorceress the necromancer like class? especially since her awakened weapon is a scythe?
    I personally just want something that punches stuff, you can't go wrong with fisticuffs. I had to make my main a tamer and while I don't regret it, you can't go wrong with fisticuffs.
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  14. MarcheTen added a post in a topic The idea of armor?   

    They can keep the armor in the cs exactly where it is (some of them are ugly/over sexualized), but they should spread around some of the love the npc's received in terms of gear. Put some npc gear on some bosses and lots of people will be happy.
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  15. MarcheTen added a post in a topic I HAVE BEATEN THE DYE SYSTEM!   

    I stopped after the 10 dyes from my conqueror pack ended up looking like hot garbage. My outfit is currently dyed some sort of hot pink and I haven't used it since.
    My hats off to you for getting a cool look though, you won't see many people get close.
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