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  1. GraveNexuz added a post in a topic DO NOT MISS THE KEY DATES   

    Every person complaining about cash shop just looking for P2W LOL 
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  2. GraveNexuz added a post in a topic PC Help?   

    Thanks for the help guys can't wait to play game and build this new PC to be able to play 
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  3. GraveNexuz added a post in a topic Where is the PvE content ?   

    I see everyone has good and valid points, Like I said before still gonna beast mode this game , as everyone is right there is tons to do, I just feel a lack of PvE content might be something the player base was concerned about and was wondering if any plans to add any, seeing as the KR verison has appearently added 2 dungeons I can see devs are atleast taking some feedback, I personally just can't wait for the game to come out so i can play and see for myself , as long as i get 100 hours out of the game before I get bored ( which i hope I dont ) I'll be fine its good to see everyones feedback , let us discuss perhaps the types if PvE content we have and could be added , i also hope to see many updates after launch for as some games once realized never get any
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  4. GraveNexuz added a post in a topic PC Help?   

    Yes newegg , http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16883230030

    if you can find me something on the .ca site that would be wonderful as i am from canada and the current CAN to US dollar is like 0.643
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  5. GraveNexuz added a post in a topic Where is the PvE content ?   

    So from what I see is a lot of you complaining about instanced zones, or wanting Open World Dungeons, and I used WoW as a baseline, Yes linear dungeons are EXTEMELY BORING , and yes trying to create something new of a type of PvE sounds wonderful to me, I am not bashing on the PvP in the game as I love PvP and I can see this game being exteremly fun . The Open World PvP is a big aspect of me actually playing this game cuz that is something I really miss with WoW , BDO is fast action interactive combat which can make for amazing forms of both PvP and PvE content in my eyes which is why I wanted to see more PvE content. Having Guilds fight over a Boss for example is very very interging  to me, combining a little of both worlds seems something very possible to do.

    YES THE PVP IN THIS GAME IS GOING TO BE HELLA FUN , and there is tons of stuff besides PvP you can do as a solo player.

    So here is a simple idea I think that might appeal to us all. some badass giant monster appears near a town or city and starts to attack it. players can choose to either allow semi destruction of this area or to defeat the enemy and ofcouse you could try to fight along side said monster.

    No bashing just thoughts , yes we shouldn't compare games but doing so sets a baseline for us to have somewhat of an idea.
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  6. GraveNexuz added a post in a topic Where is the PvE content ?   

    Seen Tera stuff, better example is World of Warcraft while on a decline because they don't listen to what players want aka the facepalm of ingame selfie stick. The only things that should be instanced IMO are dungeons/raids and Battlegrounds ( not world pvp areas or arenas  )
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  7. GraveNexuz added a post in a topic Where is the PvE content ?   

    Redundant ? how is seigeing with the same guild repetitively not the same thing? all MMO's are Redundant its how you execute it that makes it fun
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  8. GraveNexuz added a post in a topic Where is the PvE content ?   

    non instanced dungeons I fear would be zergfest spawn killing player traping hell holes
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  9. GraveNexuz added a post in a topic Where is the PvE content ?   

    If make an MMO based on PvP why add a leveling process and mobs and quests. Id rather just play League of Legends, I play an MMO to experience a world that is different from our own, as with many others. Dungeons and Raids add story and replay value along with ways to earn money and gear and a different route of enjoyment besides mindlessly slaughtering eachother. My hopes for this game are high for I can see it easily being on par or surpassing WoW finally as no MMO has ever come close  
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  10. GraveNexuz added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    12.1.3 clarification
    12.1.3. Use of unauthorized programs
    The User shall not attempt to modify the gameplay of the Game by using:
    Software or sets of instructions (including macros) allowing the automated operation of controls in the Game;
    Software or code allowing the User to play the Game in ways which would not have been otherwise possible.

    Does this mean no macro`s for combos ??? like the stuff we see in WoW?
    and does this also mean no add-ons ??? 
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  11. GraveNexuz added a topic in Off-Topic   

    PC Help?
    Okay so in prep for this game I am getting a new computer one I currently use is a shitty intergrated dell thats about 5 years old.

    New PC build is going to be starting with the following
    AMD FX-Series FX-4300 (3.80 GHz)4 GB DDR3 1 TB HDDWindows 10 Home 64-BitNVIDIA GeForce GT 720 1 GB

    I know the ram needs an upgrade but , well I be able to play this game on atleast med/ high with 60 fps ?

    I have no real clue about computers so yes shoot me
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  12. GraveNexuz added a topic in PVE   

    Where is the PvE content ?
    So from watching videos on youtube and browsing through the forums a little I have come to see this game has no END GAME PVE content what so ever.

    There is no Dungeons (instanced) or Raids ( 10+ player bosses) besides the select few World Bosses, I know a huge amount of players would LOVE to see this added.

    Coming from World Of Warcraft myself I am hoping that eventually ( maybe 3 months after launch or less ) we have some actual content besides mobs we grind to level.

    PvP is fun and all but there has to be more to the game , I have pre ordered the game and am still going to play a shit ton when released as I spent 100$ on the damn thing.


    - About 10 5-man instanced Dungeons with Multiple bosses that would roughly take an hour to do with game play mechanics that are semi-challenging to the player base
    - Atleast 2 Raids for 10-30 players (basically massive dungeons that take days to complete and are even more challenging)

    This content can easily be added at a later date after launch as players are going to have to reach near max level to do them.

    So from here I'd like to hear what types of PvE content is missing and would like to be seen by YOU THE PLAYERS.

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