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  1. Keshanberk added a post in a topic Bring back subscription games! lol   

    Your initial post is a contradictory statement. If you were willing to pay $200 a month for BDO, you would already be in the p2w player category.
    BDO currently doesn't offer unlimited p2w. You're done paying to win after purchasing the limited options they offer -- unless you're trying to max out multiple characters -- which would be incredibly expensive.
    But I personally would pay $15 dollars per month for a BDO that didn't have a p2w cash shop -- but Daum would also need to properly handle bots, desync, updates, etc. 
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  2. Keshanberk added a post in a topic Found a botter   

    Then post it in off-topic.
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  3. Keshanberk added a post in a topic Found a botter   

    I don't get it. now, I know that JuJuBoSC is the dev for a bot program and I understand you've got a similar name, but I don't understand the point of this thread. You *could* be botting since you deliberately cut out the portions of client necessary to verify you're cheating, but... I dunno. What's the point in doing this?
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  4. Keshanberk added a post in a topic OK, time for a new MMORPG!   

    All of the games previously mentioned will be worse than BDO. BDO is the lesser of the asian mmo evils, but it's still bad. 
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  5. Keshanberk added a post in a topic Bots are creating huge wealth   

    agreed. the botting/exploiting has gone on for so long that the power gap is almost unobtainable to cross as of now. it shouldn't be the player's job to manually identify hackers -- it should be Daum's job to implement a working detection that automatically detects the cheater. 
    we deserve a fair black desert. otherwise..enjoy your community of cooldown exploiters mashing their ultimate buttons and still failing to get top loot. that's what BDO has become -- no bullshit.
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  6. Keshanberk added a post in a topic Pay Us for Playing Your Game   

    Tell me more.
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  7. Keshanberk added a post in a topic World Boss Fairness   

    I read some guide on boss contribution. I mean, it seems pretty legit.
    But it said all of these play a role in your chance at loot:
    Being the first person to attack the boss will increase your contribution.
    Being as close as possible to the boss will increase your contribution. (Further away gives less, but you still gain)
    Taking aggro from the boss will increase contribution.
    Taking damage from the boss will increase contribution. Taking damage is good, but dying is VERY bad.
    Doing high amounts of damage will increase contribution -- and I believe this also plays the leading factor.
    but DYING will lower your contribution considerably. Not only do you lose dps uptime when you die, but you also lose a portion of your contribution that you already put into the boss. So don't die. Ever.
    Bosses drop up to 8(?) seals I believe. If you get 7-8 hunter seals from a world boss, that means you were dealing the most damage and did everything else in my previously stated theory correctly. This also means you have the best chance at getting BiS loot. I believe you have no chance at BiS loot when you get less than 5 seals from a boss.
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  8. Keshanberk added a post in a topic Pay Us for Playing Your Game   

    Being killed by a PKer should lower your experience, but only after Daum fully implements a working anti-hack and most balance issues addressed.
    Killing a red player should give you a bounty reward of +1....heads...circumstantial to the level of PKer who died... and the heads could be spent on gems or other valuables. Also dying as a red player should allow you to delevel -- unlike being neutral or positive karma.
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  9. Keshanberk added a post in a topic Pay Us for Playing Your Game   

    1 kill = -150,000 karma. second successive kill = -200,000 karma.
    So if you kill 2 players within a 30 minute timeframe, you are now at -50,000 overall karma.
    But if you waited to kill that second player hours later, it would've been 0 karma. Get it?
    You should go red after 2 kills. First kill is a warning/second chance, and the second kill means you're most certainly a murderer.
    Also the karma system should range at most +300,000 karma / -300,000 karma. An equivalent amount both ways.
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  10. Keshanberk added a post in a topic Pay Us for Playing Your Game   

    EVE had a guard system that would immediately wreck any pker that flagged on you circumstantial to their distance from Concord.
    EQ1 - n/a. 
    EQ2 - n/a
    But BDO's pk system allows multiple kills without repercussion to the pker. That's why the system is highly flawed. It promotes abuse without repercussion.
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  11. Keshanberk added a post in a topic Forum Server bot proofing?   

    All I'm saying is that Daum didn't implement any anti-bot measures on the forum throughout these past 2-3 months. If Daum had at least tried something, they'd be closer to finding a solution. No attempt = no possibility of solving the problem.
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  12. Keshanberk added a post in a topic Forum Server bot proofing?   

    They can. but that would force the botter to pay for a captcha solving service. Also some ad networks have puzzles to solve -- not words to type.
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  13. Keshanberk added a post in a topic Forum Server bot proofing?   

    implement multiple ad network captchas that interchange when people visit the forum and force them to sign in each time.
    etc. (no referral on my url)
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  14. Keshanberk added a post in a topic Bots need to be dealt with...   

    But this isn't Overwatch.
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  15. Keshanberk added a post in a topic Bots need to be dealt with...   

    It shouldn't the player's job. Daum shouldn't rely on GMs randomly spotting hackers. Daum should have a working anti-hack that detects odd behavior and submits the detection to the monitoring GM for further inspection. Otherwise you'll never catch them all. Pokémon!
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