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  1. RedThunder added a post in a topic Sailing XP & Me (and you!)   

    Before i state why i'm against it i'd like to read your reason for wanting to gain sailing exp outside of Margoria.
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  2. RedThunder added a post in a topic Sailing XP & Me (and you!)   

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  3. RedThunder added a post in a topic Cheese.   

    There are many housing items which are listed on bddatabase as being available in our version yet they are not ingame. I've got a whole list of housing items which i want to add to my collection but sadly they don't seem to be available yet or the droprate is so low that it's easier to get Boss Gear by then. Some of those items though have been made available a while ago such as the Giant Fish Bone (http://bddatabase.net/us/item/24836/) so maybe they are in the database but not ingame and will hopefully be added in the future. So far i can't remember ever seeing that Cheese ingame and i'm sure that at least one of it would've been sold on the market by now if someone had gotten it.
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  4. RedThunder added a post in a topic The new gunner class   

    Nice video, definitely enjoyed it. I don't think that it's done due to boredom, it's a really nice way to have fun ingame and a good use for Muskets. If you guys should ever plan to do a game like this using Muskets only without Armor and have 2 teams fight each other then count me in ^^ my IGN is Mutsu
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  5. RedThunder added a post in a topic Broken sea monsters?   

    So far i have hunted countless Sea Monsters myself and a few times with Guildmates as well and we always went to the corpse to retrieve the loot since once the monster dies you can see the glowing loot icon as it is with any other monster in BDO.
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  6. RedThunder added a post in a topic Reaching Guru 1 in sailing   

    You call the exp gain through manual sailing trivial based on the fact that you only calculate the exp gained for a short duration of sailing. That's the same as fishing for an hour per day and wondering how other people reach Guru. I train sailing on a daily basis and gain more than i get from the quest. Sure it takes time but if you really want to increase any of your life skills then you have to invest time instead of counting on 1 daily.
    Also as i said before the exp gain for sailing seems bugged at this time so if you want it to be "easier" then just wait for the fix.
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  7. RedThunder added a post in a topic Reaching Guru 1 in sailing   

    Thanks, i'll be sure to tell them to search for your grandkids once they get the "good" news though i doubt that they'll be playing a relic like this and will have something much better at hand. I'd switch to another game if there were any good MMORPGs right now but there are not.. even Bless doesn't look appealing and the latest end gear pvp i saw looked more like a weird lag fest though i'm not sure whether they had lag or the skills looked like that
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  8. RedThunder added a post in a topic Reaching Guru 1 in sailing   

    Lol.. well i personally am aiming for it right now but if that should really be the case, then you'll read about Nerdrage in the news since i'm gonna personally visit those incompetent developers. I expect the reducement to be at least 50%.
    For all those who complain about sailing taking long to level up, yes it does, yes it's bugged, yes it doesn't earn you any profit by itself so either stop complaining that it takes forever when all you do is finish 1 daily quest or go out and sail if you want more Exp per day.
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  9. RedThunder added a post in a topic Reaching Guru 1 in sailing   

    Info for you:
    1. Those who have leveled up to Skilled 1 or further without the dailies should have noticed that the time it takes to gain 1% increases extremely once you hit Skilled 1. Before hitting Skilled 1 the increase was about 20 sec per level for each % gained through sailing, sometimes 40 sec though this was much lower at Beginner Stage and when i had Sailing Apprentice 10 it took me around 7min to get 1% with buffs of 21% and once i hit Skilled 1 this time increased to more than 14min while active sailing! After asking the GMs about this they confirmed that the exp gain through sailing is bugged once you hit Skilled 1 though i believe that it's bugged overall or the exp needed gets increased more than it should because the daily also gives much less exp, at Skilled 1 it's about 12% per daily.
    Even after so many tests i still don't know how the exp gain of sailing works because:
    .) There's quite a big difference between active and inactive (T) sailing so it can't depend on the time you're actually sailing.
    .) After reaching Skilled 1 i tested the time it took me to get 1% with and without the Boost Skill yet there was barely a difference and therefore it can't depend on the distance sailed. I actually only tested it for 1% each time because it takes so long to get 1% that i didn't wanna watch the timer all the time to make sure i got it exact but the difference i reached was about 1min if at all because when using buffs i noticed that every once in a while there's a difference in how long it took me to gain 1% (tested this ALOT before hitting Skilled 1) at which the time could vary easily by 30sec.
    .)  I think i had something else but forgot if i did, anyway if i should remember it i'll post it.
    2. If you really want to level sailing all the way to Guru 1 then you have to invest all your time in sailing to make sure you actually reach it within the next few months but 108 years.. i think that's off by 1-2 years
    3. I was going to write the GMs that i want compensation for all the time i've actually wasted sailing with the bug. In this case i don't want any items or such but the Exp which i didn't receive. So far the daily quest has been available since 3,5 weeks and has been fixed since this wednesday so pretty much only those who are actually determined to level up sailing will sail all the way to Port Ratt and from there go to Ancado each and every day. Sadly though i've missed 2 days so far which cost me about 20% of Exp but the exp i've got so far from the Quest should have gotten me around 2 levels so i'd say that anyone who is past Sailing Skilled 3 at the current time should be compensated for the missing Exp. It takes me about 1,5h to deplete my whole Power and i barely get 3% at this point which is ridiculous.
    Edit: Btw. does anyone know where to get the Skilled Sailor's Clothing? I only got the Professional one for Luxury Vendor but so far i could neither find a quest that gives it nor a Reward since there's none available so far.
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  10. RedThunder added a post in a topic I have sent a ticket 5 days ago but it still hasn't been responded.   

    Judging by the ticket numbers i have i'd say that they are receiving a few hundred tickets per day. Depending on the issue the tickets get answered much faster and i also had cases where i had to wait for about 2 weeks and once even for about a month for an answer and sure it's not fun having to wait so long but in the end all of my tickets have been answered and none were so urgent that i needed an immediate answer to it.
    Just be patient a bit and if it's really important then send a follow up to your ticket on the support page.
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  11. RedThunder added a post in a topic Use of Big Arrow Mushrooms?   

    Yes that's possible. Using 1 Big Mushroom will count as 3 regular ones so depending on your alchemy level even 1 Big Mushroom might be enough and 1 Special Mushroom counts as 5 regular ones. It's the same with cooking.
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  12. RedThunder added a topic in General   

    Contribution Recovery 30
    So, i couldn't find anything regarding this using google and hope that someone has more knowledge on this. There are 3 NPCs which offer something called "Contribution Recovery 30" in exchange for 300 Weed. While it is not that hard getting 300 Weed it's not really a small task either since 300 Weed surely can be used for something much better so i was wondering if you only get 30 CP Exp or if it has another meaning? A Guildmate actually tested it and didn't receive anything noteworthy so i was wondering if someone knows more about this.
    Btw. this is the Item you can get: http://bddatabase.net/us/item/420/
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  13. RedThunder added a post in a topic I cant take this next quest?   

    You mean this quest: http://bddatabase.net/us/quest/2008/7/
    According to bddatabase there are other quests you have to finish first and they don't match the quest you mentioned.
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  14. RedThunder added a post in a topic Port Ratt / Nada Island   

    Even other fish drying yards which are closer take quite long though a lvl 30 Artisan Goblin wouldn't take that long if the Node was closer so in this case you probably have a pretty big distance. The Nodes there have one bonus though and that is that they offer 5 different kinds of fish instead of 4 like almost all of the nodes close to the mainland but still, 3 hours with an Artisan Goblin is too long for my taste; my lvl 25 Professional Goblin takes around 2h 10min.
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  15. RedThunder added a post in a topic Port Ratt / Nada Island   

    There's not much content in Port Ratt at this moment so maybe they'll add more in the future which i hope cause else that island is a whole lot of wasted space cause right now Port Ratt serves no purpose at all. Currently the only way to send workers to Port Ratt is to connect Lema Island with the mainland or Iliya Island so simply put it's a waste of CP.
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