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  1. Joy_Energiser added a post in a topic Gear too important   

    Are you trying to be this thick or does it come naturally ?
    He's talking about gear, IDIOT, a no lifer living in moms basement playing 15 hours a day will beat a normal 3-4 hour a day player hands down everytime no matter how much skill the other guy has purely because of gear. You assertion is that you are a more skilled player because you have more time to grind gear ?
    Jeezus how can people be this stupid ?
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  2. Joy_Energiser added a post in a topic beserkers are broken   

    Careful people, we got a tough guy here.
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  3. Joy_Energiser added a post in a topic I HAVE BEATEN THE DYE SYSTEM!   

    wahahaha, do you mean you got schooled by the dye system ? 300$ what a dope! hahahaha
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  4. Joy_Energiser added a post in a topic Imo rushing to 50 is bad for you and other people   

    Everyone has their play style, they can do what they want, but the way I see you HAVE to do the quests for the contribution,you gonna be a shit ton more bored doing quests 20 levels below you than quests that actually give you some kind of a challenge.
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  5. Joy_Energiser added a post in a topic Emphatically the worst Game launch I have ever experienced in all my life......   

    is this a joke ? This was probably one of the best launches I've experienced. Out of curiosity, what other MMORPG's launches have you experienced ? Or are you just another attention seeking brat throwing his toys out the cot ?
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  6. Joy_Energiser added a post in a topic Disappointment after disappointment...   

    lol what is with all the entitled kids whining about waiting a few hours! No one cares, just go dissapear.
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  7. Joy_Energiser added a post in a topic Launching a game 5 hours late looks really bad for a company.   

    Umm...no not really. maybe try be less of a drama queen next time
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  8. Joy_Energiser added a post in a topic VPN   

    VPN's working perfectly fine.
    They won't ban you unless you somehow get a spotlight on your case, they legally have to say they do not allow VPNS and will ban you BECAUSE of the regional license agreement.This game is Licensed ONLY to EU/NA to Daum, other regions are not included for whatever legal reasons, they will definitely not actively hunt down vpn users and ban them unless legally obligated to do it under some kind of license dispute that ends up in a court order for Duam to do so.
    So it could be possible but highly unlikely, because VPN users from other countrys are huge revenue for DAUM, they would never chase them away unless legally obligated to do so from an external entity.
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  9. Joy_Energiser added a post in a topic Black Desert = Pay2Win?   

    It's not pay 2 win right up until the moment they allow Cash shop items to be sold on the AH.
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  10. Joy_Energiser added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support   

    Jeezus wht a drama queen
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  11. Joy_Energiser added a post in a topic The Best PK Class   

    I can see why the ranger is the best PK class, but god almighty does it seem like such boring gameplay. It looks like he's using 3 moves over and over and running like a p.ussy. No Thanks
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  12. Joy_Energiser added a post in a topic PVP Desync - Dash and grab   

    hmmm do you think this issue affects melee more than say a wizard ?
    The reason I ask is that I play from South Africa with an average 250ms latency. Would it be better to play a wizard or a valkyrie ? 
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  13. Joy_Energiser added a post in a topic you want 30 euro for this pos?   

    Dang that's gotta hurt, calling any publisher Trion by mistake is a MASSIVE insult.Burn
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  14. Joy_Energiser added a post in a topic Waste of Time   

    Freeloading players stealing your mobs? Don't think I have encountered such an entitled scrub in all my life hahahaha
    Do us all a favour, piss off to your old game.
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  15. Joy_Energiser added a post in a topic Class Review/Guides [Videos]   

    Basic explanations, yes for a game that's not released yet ?
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