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  1. Walk added a post in a topic Searching for players to create an Outlaw guild.   

    And have a fully geared alt to head out of the desert with. No point in being red if you are only one out there and there's no one to kill anyway
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  2. Walk added a post in a topic losing enchants to pvp deaths while negative karma ? rofl what the f   

    Yea, I got nothing. There is no logical reasoning behind making the game worse and worse and worse. I haven't flagged since a few days after they removed the exp loss, because pvp was meaningless... sure as ----- am not flagging now only to have their terrible servers lag and cost me an enchant on my boss gear along with losing 10 million silver per gem. I don't get why they don't just go ahead and remove all the pvp, cus this is worse. It's like being teased because they can say there is *technically* pvp, and they'll technically be right, even though everyone knows it's bullshit.
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  3. Walk added a post in a topic Please let the night vendor sell memory fragments   

    Just make the summon animations faster PLEASE. Or let me summon 30 at once. That'd be fun, at least.
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  4. Walk added a post in a topic Freelancer Would be So Disappointed...   

    Ye I'll be gone next weekend too, unfortunately 
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  5. Walk added a post in a topic Freelancer Would be So Disappointed...   

    I wasn't there, so it didn't count
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  6. Walk added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

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  7. Walk added a post in a topic Good Fight and Legatum shamed into changing their names   

    We were required to change our names by Legacy after they pulled out, changed it temporarily to good_fight until we chose a real name, voted in and submitted <Iconic> on the 15th, and it got changed the first server reset afterwards. Legatum should've changed their name to a temporary one at the same time Veritas went to Good_Fight, but they didn't get the submit in time so their name didn't change until this maintenance, either. This was actually explained in the other thread, as well. The thornball thread happened almost a week after the actual name change was submitted. It's just another smear thread, nothing new or fancy. You know how much everyone loves to talk about us.
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  8. Walk added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

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  9. Walk added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

    Guess I did state my opinion in the past. I don't remember to which mechanic that was, but I'll expand on it fully, try not to take this out of context or use it to attack me. These are my opinions and not those of my guildmates, leadership etc yada yada yada.
    Regarding using 45's to hold the gate.
    I do not consider it a bad(from a moral point of view) or gamebreaking tactic. It is certainly not an exploit or cheat, as it uses the ingame mechanics exactly as presented and within the provided ingame ruleset. There is no glitching, 3rd party programs, or breaking of ingame rules needed in order to do this. I consider it a very poor strategic tactic because it is easily countered or played around by being prepared or anticipating the strategy, making it a one trick pony that will never work again against anyone who has seen it in the past. Using it is not really a big deal imo, but the mechanic that allows it to be a working strategy is very poorly implemented and was not thought out by the devs, much like the karma system. Having <45's, which are untargeatable, use objects that are directly used in pvp, such as boats, wagons, or gate levers, was a bad design from the start, and even though it's easy and simple to counter, should be changed. My ideal solution is to make any character, regardless of level, neutral and attackable to other guilds if they sit on any vehicle, or use any object similar in nature to the gate lever, and to greatly lower or remove the karma penalties when attacking them(to prevent karma bombing).
     If this strategy had been used against me, it would not have changed my opinion about the people using it, and the advantage it gives to the people using it can be nullified with a slight modification to the defensive strategy. At best, if the defenders are prepared, this can buy the attackers a minute or two out of a 3 hour siege period. If the defenders are unprepared it can yield a huge advantage, however.
    Regarding thorn balls.
    I don't consider it an cheating, as there is no glitching, 3rd party programs, or breaking of ingame mechanics needed to do this, and the developer's have confirmed this strategy is not cheating. I consider it a pretty poor strategic tactic because it is very easy to counter or play around as long as you have the proper tools(which LotD does). Like the <45s, this is a result of some extremely poorly thought out mechanics by the devs, and should be remedied by changing them to "non-participant in sieges or node wars have 1 hp" so they die instantly. This will nullify non-participants scouting, body blocking, or thorn balling. Sucks for spectators, but they are not a priority. By itself, using this strategy isn't scumbag; If another guild used this strategy against me, I really wouldn't care all that much. I would not think any less of them or really alter my opinion in anyway, to me it's just an ineffective strategy that I have to play around. However, taking into consideration that the community is in almost a unanimous agreement that it's a hated strategy makes using it scumbag, because in the end it is a game and should be fun. I consider it on the same tier using Danger Close in CoD MW2 was(if anyone doesn't know, it made explosives, such as grenades, RPGs, etc do a lot more dmg, meaning took no skill or aim to use with extreme effectiveness). People using this weren't common, weren't breaking any rules, and weren't technically doing anything wrong, but you can't help but think the strategy/kit is scumbag. 
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  10. Walk added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

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  11. Walk added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

    You mean my many defenses against inaccurate statements, such as saying good_fight used a made up, non-existent exploit to "v" to get through a gate, which was a lie? Or was it the part where I went over everything we did from our perspective in great detail, instead of lying about it or pretending it happened?
    Gee wiz, you sure are great at this! You got me again!
    This is exactly like the time LotD claimed glitching through terrain was the intended way to get into the castle, you remember that time they totally didn't get temporarily banned? There are certainly no differences between what we did and what happened there!
    /s incase you didn't pick up on it.
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  12. Walk added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

    I am not worried about anything. Nothing in my post implied that I was.
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  13. Walk added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

    Sorry for being defensive, considering I have a half dozen people taking everything I say and twisting it. Been accused of being a psychopath, scumbag, woman bashing liar. All within one thread. There have been plenty of personal attacks that were not simply differences of opinions, which it's pretty obvious I don't find at all offensive if you've actually read anything I've said.
    Damn, I messed up one time
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  14. Walk added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

    Damn, couldn't even prove me wrong once
    Must be really hard to not be able to communicate with others without doing anything but personal attacks
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  15. Walk added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

    Not addressing others opinion on whether it's scummy or not it doesn't state my opinion, whether I think it's scummy or not. It means I am withholding it, in the same way I didn't try and argue with others opinions on whether it's scummy or not. I haven't given my opinion on it whatsoever. I am intentionally withholding my opinion because regardless of what it is, you are going to attempt to use it against me and it detracts from the actual point of the thread which is(according to realistic) to discuss the mechanics surrounding the following:
    Using <45's to hold gates, drive boats, etc.
    Thornballing/bodyblocking by a non-participant in a node war/Territory siege.
    I would rather not sabotage the attempts to address these mechanics more when I am fully aware that there is nothing I can type that won't be used in an attempt to attack me. I'm sure you'll even try and use the fact I am withholding my opinion, because that's just the kind of thread this is. 
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