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  1. LaRue added a post in a topic Birthdays - Do they lose value or just me?   

    It's kind of ironic isn't it?
    In a way they should have more value, as you have less and less of them, and with each one you have survived more trials and struggles.  On the other hand, it's only natural that the material gain feels deminished, as you've likely become more and more financially independent and aren't as reliant on an annual windfall.
    Maybe change the focus of the day to one more of self reflection and life planning, and it will have more impact as you progress through your finite journey.
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  2. LaRue added a post in a topic List of vocab used by the intelligentsia of our community (✿◡‿◡)   

    You, sir/madam, may herd my goats.
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  3. LaRue added a post in a topic Why does this community hate Latin players? (✿◡‿◡)   

    A similar consideration could be made for Eurasia. 
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  4. LaRue added a post in a topic pls support my new life -edan   

    Your response makes no sense.
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  5. LaRue added a post in a topic pls support my new life -edan   

    That seems like a very unrealistic decision.  
    Good luck.
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  6. LaRue added a post in a topic Forum disease?   

    There is a cure...

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  7. LaRue added a post in a topic A special thank you to our Veterans   

    I spent the day doing volunteer work, and thinking about a couple of my lost brothers..
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  8. LaRue added a post in a topic Anime! What do you watch?   

    I'm awaiting season 2 of KonoSuba.
    And though it feels quite a bit contrived and stiff at (most) times, I'm excited that the new season of RWBY is out.
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  9. LaRue added a post in a topic Has Black Desert Online Detrimentally affected your life?   

    I clicked all the buttons.
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  10. LaRue added a post in a topic So...fifa..   

    I hear it has a problem with file corruption.
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  11. LaRue added a post in a topic Free Potatoes!!   

    This thread is sage advice on how to avoid scams from vegetable vendors.  It should be move to the Guides section where it belongs, lest some poor fool falls victim to tuberous tricks, trecheries, or treasons.
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  12. LaRue added a post in a topic What is your pref on the opposite sex   

    So you like all women then?
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  13. LaRue added a post in a topic What do you see when you read 01/09/16?   

    01SEP2016.  Problem solved.
    The system Americans use is based on the way the date is stated in English.   So you can all stop talking smack, and start focusing on trying to get your buisiness back together for the Billionth time.
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  14. LaRue added a post in a topic Apparently trolls can do w.e they want   

    I'm reporting you for trying to initiate violence against yourself through reverse psycology.
    Obviously what you're really saying is not "you can't beat me," but rather something along the lines of Please, come kick my ass.
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  15. LaRue added a post in a topic GM Caramel lives!   

     I really like it when you pose like this:

    And this one is pretty hot...

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