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  1. Flareux added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    - Nevermind, stupid me - 
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  2. Flareux added a post in a topic Cooking   

    Early levels. Beer. Late levels... Tea of fine scent.
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  3. Flareux added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I've retrieved my T5 conq on the account page... but where do i get it in game? Anyone?
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  4. Flareux added a post in a topic The pirate island   

    Oh well i thought that was it. Thanks for letting me know
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  5. Flareux added a topic in General   

    The pirate island
    Okay so the latest update gave us the pirate islands. So i'm wondering how that works. If i go bad Karma i can come there without people attacking me or what is it. I've heard lots of stuff about the place and i'm kinda curious if i should go there and if it's a spot where "pirates" (bad karma people) can come in peace?
    Are there a city? NPC's (blacksmith, stable etc. etc) ?
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  6. Flareux added a post in a topic Best Partner for Sorc, 2 v X (PvE, Mainly small/guild PvP)   

    For pvp i'd say any class with a grapple. For pve i'd say you can almost pick any.
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  7. Flareux added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I see lots of people use wagons when leveling.. i've never done that and really wanna try. So what's the best wagon to go with for horse leveling?
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  8. Flareux added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I am so jelous of your female and male T6 cow breed. They got 4 colour points on white. Which means breeding them at 30 has the possiblity of giving the T7 pure breed white horse. Which is the fastest of all the T7 horses.
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  9. Flareux added a post in a topic So what makes a Sorceress THAT good ?   

    Just to point it out. We don't have infinite iframes. That's why you gotta make us use our stamina and we're basicly dead. And make use of your slow abilities. 10% slow on a sorc makes a huuuge difference. But yes we can be a pain in the ass. Just gotta do a lot of arena with us and learn the way.
    On another note, no not all classes can "easily" kill a sorc. Some classes are easy for a sorc. Such as Wizards, giants, Musa, Maewha, anything with low mobility and no shield.
    The classes outplays each other with their abilites. Some better vs another class than another. In my eyes that's fair enough. 
    Tbh i don't want a sorc nerf (yes i am sorc myself...) but i do want is a warrior damage increase, more lockdowns for the maekwha/musa and some serious help for the giants. So they can counter the high mobility of a sorc and put up a real battle.
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  10. Flareux added a post in a topic The horses prices demands an increase for the market to work   

    What level are it?
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  11. Flareux added a topic in PVE   

    The horses prices demands an increase for the market to work
    In order for the breeding market to have any success or value for either the buyer or the seller we need to higher the prices.
    There wont be sold any horses at all with the current prices. T3 horses goes for 90k. T6 probably goes for 5m.
    If no one wants to sell horses with the current value of horses and no one is able to buy horses because of that. Why should we have the system then? almost no one use it.
    My recommendation is to increase the prices 5-10 times. A T6 should go for 30-50m not just a few millions. I hope we can reach an understanding on this and find a solution for it. Because right now. It's kinda dead.
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  12. Flareux added a post in a topic Alustin PvP -Twisted Few- Outnumbered   

    What's the music playing the background? 
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  13. Flareux added a post in a topic Sorc needs buff.   

  14. Flareux added a post in a topic There needs to be SIGNIFICANT reform of guild power and abuse   

    Smart move on their part.
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  15. Flareux added a post in a topic What about Tier 2/3/4 pets   

    Yes it is.
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