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  1. Hiya added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 5th 2017   

    KUNO BUFF !! Finally
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  2. Hiya added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    There is no problem with RNG
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  3. Hiya added a post in a topic Nayriko's Ninja/Kunoichi Guide   

    What is your language ig? I use english and for fox claw it says air and down attack. So read description in english  If you look the video at 4.5sec you can see the air attack of fox claw. For shadow stomp i made a mistake i wanted to say shadow clone has down attack bonus. But you're right, it would be boring if everyone play the same style ^^
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  4. Hiya added a post in a topic Red Nose Rigged Box   

    There is no bug, they did just need salt for the ocean patch
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  5. Hiya added a post in a topic Nayriko's Ninja/Kunoichi Guide   

         I use s+f as cancel anim for shadow clone. And ofc i start with block jump to start combo in back attack + stiffness. I had 180 ap my opponent had 240 dp when we made the video. you missed the air attack of fox clow and the down attacks of  shadow stomp (damage are in grey when you crit on special attack instead of orange : look closer  ).
         The problem with your combo is that you send all your debuff and buff after half of the combo, i use them at start. Maybe both are viable but i dont like ghost greetings as an awakening buff i use it to engage if block jump fails. To be good with kuno you have to learn other ways than block jump engage.
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  6. Hiya added a post in a topic Well...   

    Yes ninja has more damage and cc than kuno and ninja burst is ways more efficient than kuno's. But kuno has a bit more survavibility. Still a bit unbalanced but well i have fun with my kuno  
    But saying 400+ GS can 1 combo anyone in the game is a lie, i have 400+ GS lvl58 and i can tell you, you can't 1 combo same lvl with same gear. You can remove 2/3 health with full combo or 3/4 with good crit proc but you WON'T 1 combo. Unless you fight only low lvl or ppl with 200dp we're not playing the same game...
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  7. Hiya added a post in a topic [ Jordine ] Vae Victis Recrutement sélectif   

    @Kyna C'est pas plus mal d'avoir supprimé tout ce trash talk. Merci.
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  8. Hiya added a post in a topic [ Jordine ] Vae Victis Recrutement sélectif   

    @Raykeur oui nous avons revu les prérequis à la baisse, le pri/duo n'etant pas si compliqué à passer, 370 à 400 ap ce n'est qu'une formalité. Je vais éditer mon post précédent de ce pas, heureux?
    Je n'ai pas testé le raid lead de pocman donc je ne peux pas comparer mais pour avoir été raid lead sur de nombreux mmo, Avendrell se classe facilement dans le top 3, d'où le "peut être". Je t'invites de même à comparer uniquement ce que tu as testé, les préjugés très peu pour moi.
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  9. Hiya added a post in a topic Any skill> smokescreen>concealment timing?   

    I got this problem on japan version, but everything go fine on EU. Maybe you have latency?
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  10. Hiya added a post in a topic Nayriko's Ninja/Kunoichi Guide   

    @Ungvi target chase allows you to sprint without using stamina for the duration of the skill and give a move speed buff
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  11. Hiya added a post in a topic Nayriko's Ninja/Kunoichi Guide   

    That's it ! @Micariel thanks for the ability listing.
    @Regdar If you know your class your should have find it yourself. I'm ok to give you combo, but I won't put the food in your mouth. Feed yourself
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  12. Hiya added a post in a topic Anyone likes Flash Slash?   

    Kuno has other engage than block jump... I maxed flash slash since its very usefull in mass pvp.
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  13. Hiya added a post in a topic Which rating would you give this class?   

    10. Killing machine. As it has been said she is very gear dependant and skill cap is the higher of this game but soooo rewarding. Got 180+ap 250+ dp. Ready to get 200+ap next week
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  14. Hiya added a post in a topic Version du jeu et IP block (Français au Japon)   

    Il y a un patch en anglais pour la version jap. Il en existe un aussi en français mais il est dégueulasse
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