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  1. Samy added a post in a topic You cant sell your old outfits? Why? Whats the difference?   

    Can you please read some of my post? I specifically mentioned bern. Not conq pack.
    No ----- no it hasnt. Ive been here since day one, i was in beta. There was no click this to accept it to be bound bs.
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  2. Samy added a post in a topic You cant sell your old outfits? Why? Whats the difference?   

    No i did not get a pop up that shit is new. I havent bought an outfit since the game released. I give up. People see what they see now and assume thats how the game has always been.
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  3. Samy added a post in a topic You cant sell your old outfits? Why? Whats the difference?   

    LOLOLOL im hostile. Ok. No in fact I did NOT press yes when I got the -----ing costume. Im talking about when the game first came out. The shit did not come in a chest. It was automatically bound. Before you even equipped it. When you bought the old cash shop stuff back in the day it was just straight up bound. You know how I know this? Cause I have never once worn the bern armor helmet. And that shit is bound.
    Im calling kakao out on their bs comment of allowing people to buy pearl shop items with in game cash and be more accessible for them. The #1 way to do this would have been to unbind everyone outfits and let them decide if they want to keep them or sell them.
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  4. Samy added a post in a topic You cant sell your old outfits? Why? Whats the difference?   

    bro wtf are you talking about. There was no pressing yes when I got the armor. Jesus. Take some meds and chill the ----- out. YOu keep calling me names and something about reading the ToS. Thats fine. But seriously wtf does the ToS have to do with the new system that was just released like 40 mins ago. Im simply pointing out a flaw and you are trying to nail me on a cross.

    Stop acting like I slept with your gf. Go eat your frosted flakes and drink your milk and go be angsty at school or something kid.
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  5. Samy added a post in a topic You cant sell your old outfits? Why? Whats the difference?   

    I wanted to sell some second hand warrior underwear. With all that dank musk too. Guaranteed price increase.
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  6. Samy added a post in a topic You cant sell your old outfits? Why? Whats the difference?   

    So. When I bought these amrors back when they did not come in a treasure chest. WTF does a ToS have to do with this? Rage much bro? Im just saying the system doesn't make sense. If i can view the price of the object in my inventory it should be sell able.

    Again they said this was for accessibility for other players to experience the cash shop. What if they only wanted a certain piece from a certain set? What if they wanted to mix and match? Nope not happening. Stop slobbing their knob and realize there is a problem here.
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  7. Samy added a post in a topic You cant sell your old outfits? Why? Whats the difference?   

    Literally looking at my armor pieces and they have a monetary value on them. But it says nope. Looks like the only way to sell them is directly from the cash shop. They now come in treasure chest unopened. You have to sell the ENTIRE set and not pieces at a time.
    Im not trying to sell a costume. i can read. Thanks.
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  8. Samy added a topic in General   

    You cant sell your old outfits? Why? Whats the difference?
    I dont understand why I cant sell my outfits I had prior to this patch. If you are going to allow cash shop outfits to be sold on the ah it should be all the outfits. Why do I now need to spend an extra 25$ to sell the same thing I already have that I dont want now. I thought this was for the people that couldnt spend money and to make it more accessible to them. Well I have some outfits i would sell them but.. you know. I guess I just wont be able to help those unfortunate enough to want my armor set (or dump my armors that I dont want anymore on the ah).
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  9. Samy added a post in a topic The Homogenisation Of The Modern MMO   

    This is an english forum. When quoting release dates, unless specfied that you are buying Imports. Which you claim to be (now). You will be pinned as saying English release dates. Which were inaccurate. 
    Good for you, you can read jp. Nowhere in your statement you said anything about imports or that you had that ability. Yet I can generalize that you can read and write English. Or you could just be saying you will buy imports because you got the dates wrong. Who knows. There was very little information in your post about the games. I was simply stating that the games for english are pretty far off. When talking to an English community about games coming out this year. We are usually gonna think you are talking about english games/dates. 
    Oh yeah btw..... Star Ocean 5 already released in japan on may 31st. Soo..... Guess your dates are off again if you think they are upcoming. 
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  10. Samy added a post in a topic The Homogenisation Of The Modern MMO   

    Qouting. Persona 5 delayed till next year. for English release. DQXI probably wont get a english release for a while. It doesnt even have a JP release date. FFVII remake? They just started working on it. You wont see that til 2018. KH3 (ill believe it when i see it. Pretty sure this one is in development hell) 

    Pretty sure the only thing you listed coming out this year is star ocean 5 and FFXV which will probably bomb because FF has lost touch with its fan base trying to reinvent the wheel each time instead of continuing to make successful JRPGs that was story driven and no ooooo pretty graphics. Final Sqeenix XVII - Lightning returns. Again. No really you will like her this time. Please buy it. 
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  11. Samy added a post in a topic Field bosses are all you need to know: Game is PAY2WIN!!!   

    So the pre order conq packs is pay to win how exactly? I dont have a zark or liv and I pre ordered conq. Am I missing something here or are you just stupid? 
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  12. Samy added a post in a topic Frustrated   

    I'm just gonna quote this part and this part only. 
    Rank 1. 
    Like being the best.
    why does everyone feel like they need to be number one in a mmo? 
    Cant you just play the game and enjoy what it offers and try and get gear and drops as they happen? 
    Ive played wow. All the way from vanilla to bc. I also have been playing mmos since Everquest. And to me wow was super casual. Some people thought it was hard. I did not. 
    just like some people think they should go to a world boss bd get a drop just because they feel like a special snowflake. Keep trying. Stop dying. And yes ranged is superior in world bosses. My soul crys every time I fight a world boss as a warrior. But I still try. And I don't make forum post because I didn't get gear. 
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  13. Samy added a post in a topic Frustrated   

    People leave in mmos. It happens all the time. A player base will start to stabilize after about 6 months.  A lot of people that I know left because the game was too hard.  
    Like it or not wow has turned the mmo player base casual as fck. They want the top tier gear with the least amount of effort. 
    Also a lot of old school mmo players love this game because to get stuff you have to put in effort and time. And you aren't max level top geared in a month like modern mmos. 
    I'm sorry but this is how the game is made. People will or will not like it and either stay or leave. But for quite a bit of us we have found home. After a long long time of searching. 
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  14. Samy added a post in a topic Explain how this is not Pay to Win   

    If everybody buys the set is everybody still winning or are they tied? 
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  15. Samy added a post in a topic Mediah Part II? Ninja or Riot Part II!!   

    I literally cant even... Have you ever played a korean MMO that was liscensed for the west? They have never nor will ever just "port" the whole game. It will come in patches just like KR. Yes the Ninja class is broken. There are many videos out there that explain why ninja is broken due to mechanics and their ap/dp being screwed (psst... just like blader!) 
    So instead of catering to the vocal leg kickers and whiners they are taking time to balance the class so it wont suck. This whole thread is so much narutard circle jerking its funny. 
    Can you pull up any definition of the word quickly in a dictionary that states - done in 1 business quarter? Nah probably not. 
    Also if you have looked at any other mmo out there. We have been getting the fastest amount of updates and content with classes than practically any other decent mmo. Game released March 3rd. The next month in April we got 2 classes. Thats 1 month from release to 2 new classes. How fcking fast do you want classes to be released? 
    Do you do this with every other mmo? A month after game releases are complaining about new classes? So impatient its unreal. Its been a little over 2 months since the game has released. Calm down. 
    Also yes: Your entitlement is real. Super real. 
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