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  1. Hyperblast added a post in a topic Sailing / Ocean Hunting   

    Because logic...
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  2. Hyperblast added a post in a topic Sailing / Ocean Hunting   

    ikr, a daily quest or 2 to give sailing exp would be great, it takes WAY to long to level up sailing, took me almost 1-2 months just to get to apprentice1 sailing on my wizard and by then I already got all 4 blue attachments to my epheria sailboat.
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  3. Hyperblast added a post in a topic Sailing / Ocean Hunting   

    You also forgot to mention the buff sea monsters get at night, u think their hard in the day? wait till u fight them at night.  I already have a forum post about it, you can check it here http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/140979-sea-monster-night-time-ap-boost/
    I also am very aggravated that ship repair material cannot be pulled from the ships cargo hold so other players can use them to repair the ship!  Cannonballs can be pulled to shoot sea monsters...why cant repair material be pulled to?!
    The ship repair kits are strong to repairing ships, but crafting 1 is really annoying, 5 ship repair material, 2 steel ingots and 2 glue...the repair mats and steel ingots are easy, its just the glue that's frustrating to get!  Not to many people are going to dive down under the ocean to find lobsters, melt them for their glue and then use it for ship repair kits...better off saving it for the blue attachments for the epheria sailboat chassie.  I think the glue mat to crafting this item needs to be replaced with black stone powder as its not as difficult to get and doesn't require you to spend so much time under the ocean.
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  4. Hyperblast added a topic in Suggestions   

    Sea monster night-time AP boost
    The night-time bonus for mobs increases their AP in exchange to gain more exp.  Well the sea monsters in the ocean get the same bonus except they do NOT give you any exp at all, this buff needs to be removed from sea monsters as it allows them to do way more damage to your ship than it should or keep it in exchange to drop more resources to use for guild crafting.
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  5. Hyperblast added a post in a topic Chopping wood pain in the rear   

    I did it to, trust me...I enjoyed waking up every morning and going "ok...time to play lumber jack online" for weeks and weeks >:l
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  6. Hyperblast added a post in a topic Black Rust location   

    oh cool, thanks man. i'll head out there to check that out when I get the chance
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  7. Hyperblast added a topic in General   

    Black Rust location
    Couldn't find anywhere to find these sea monsters so I decided to jump on my own ship and hunt these guys down...well there they are

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  8. Hyperblast added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    Yes plz fix the server lag...this last patch messed up everything, I logged in a few hours ago to check out the new stuff that we could make including the silver emborioded sailors costume...apon logging in I had around 5fps and moving around was as if I had a BIG WADE of gum stuck to my boots...god forbid if I opened my map..couldn't even drag it anywhere I wanted to go >:l
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  9. Hyperblast added a post in a topic DEVS: PLEASE Remove 1 of the 2 Bottlenecks so more players have access to horses   

    I hope people are not trying to get a T8 horse to go to a Pegasus...i'v seen those horses and lemme tell you...they are terrible, just look up some video's about people getting a Pegasus, trying them out, then crying because of how worthless they are.  The other 2 horses, the unicorn and nightmare, are MUCH better to choose from than the Pegasus...unless your going for some elegant roleplaying or whatever, stay away from that horse!!!
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  10. Hyperblast added a topic in General   

    Guild Quest limit
    Is it possible to increase the guild quest limit from 5 to 10? its pretty easy to burn through 5 quests a day so having it set to 10 would be great.
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  11. Hyperblast added a topic in General   

    Missing lifeskill costume
    So apparently we have all the life skill costumes that we use every day except for one and its the deep-sea sailors costume, where is this?! I need this when I go into the magoria ocean!!! I need more sailing exp!!! qq
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  12. Hyperblast added a post in a topic Epheria Sailboat Blue Gear   

    Just do what I'm doin, get a 180k wagon, name it epheria, then stash all the mats in the wagon, then when they FINALLY add the parts to be crafted, u can take them out :3
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  13. Hyperblast added a post in a topic Diamond Rings   

    totally, I already have the mats saved up since altinova was released when the mats were viewable...still got em
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  14. Hyperblast added a topic in General   

    Diamond Rings
    I would love this rings in game...diamonds bro!!!
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  15. Hyperblast added a post in a topic Please Don't bring Fixed Trade Crate prices to NA or EU version of the game   

    Me want update now!!! me will make more moneyz off these crates cus I make thousands at a time and couldn't be bothered to spend the next 5-6h flipping channels!!!
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