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  1. ArkQ added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 10th   

    Yeah.. so these multi-quoted responses here,  pretty much sums it all for me. 
    I can't / don't want to support this behaviour in ANY company on the way it deals with its clients and consumer base .. 
    and before any of you try to say I wouldn't understand how its like to run a game company or understand it's needs.  I do in fact work for more than a couple of the largest game developers in the United States and Japan .I love MMOs and RPGs & RTS games. 
    But this is a deal breaker for me.   @PM_Jouska @CM_Aethon
    I'm going to just speak with the one language everyone understands universally, and let me money speak for my interests elsewhere.
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  2. ArkQ added a topic in General   

    Kunoichi awakening video !
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  3. ArkQ added a post in a topic AP or accuracy offhand   

    theres the ninja skill that gives you Accuracy anyhow... i don't think Ninja needs the accuracy off hand as much as most other classes do . especially with all the awakening skills you can pick that add accuracy and + " to PvP "  then new way they have awakenings set up. thank the gamer gods tht at least this part of the game is no longer RNG
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  4. ArkQ added a post in a topic Post your Night Vendor loot here!   

    " no life .. whatsoever..... " makes playing a game like a job.
    if you enjoy this.. kudos to you , I can't knock someone for what they do on their own time.But i prioritize my RL to have more hours  spent away from the screen as i can.. and when i'm on . i just wanna do what i find fun. 
    So while i do not make 7-10m silver per hour in a game...  I get to enjoy the $50 usd per hour i do get paid  IRL. and can use things like buying pearls or more games to do with as i please.I guess that evens things out sorta ? 
    having fun is priceless.... 
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  5. ArkQ added a post in a topic Post your NINJA PHOTOS!   

  6. ArkQ added a post in a topic I have no idea what to do at this point...   

    you're welcome to check out Orwen !   perhaps try it with a brand new NINJA or Kunoichi on Wednesday.. feel free to leave us a note on the forum thread for our guild if you'd like to speak to us  if you decide you wanna visit and try out our server  and or guilds on Orwen >  cya on the forums or in game !
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  7. ArkQ added a post in a topic I have no idea what to do at this point...   

    what server are you on ? 
    as for steady silver.. when you are fighting mobs.. there are items when you mouse over them that says how much a certain NPC will pay you for a number of them.
    for example : 100 giant spears turned in to the western guard camp for 100k silver each turn in is a nice steady stream for grinding.
    AFK fishing .. you can do this even safely in the safe zones.. fish vary from the simple 1k fish to.. 20-40k per.. there is an event right now that grants you a 5,000,000 silver reward !
    thats just a small bit of what i can speak on..  as to the question of a guild. I would offer anyone interested in both Node Wars / and fun.. to visit our thread   for a guild on Orwen.
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  8. ArkQ added a post in a topic Weapon/Armour Upgrading   

    NP ! 
    I just pass along what I've learned since early access and many things i learned from the guild i joined !
    I am happy to say  my berserker is now level 56 ! with all pieces of gear at Ultimate .( ready for awakening weapons ! )
    I have been enjoying the game .. and now I'm ready to do it all over again..,  Tryin' out Ninja this coming wednesday ! July 20th !!!
    I forgot to mention : @ lvl 50 the black spirit will give you a Daily  ( SPECIAL ) quest.  you first have the initial quest of killing 100 giants.. manshas ruthums and skeletons.  from here.. you can effectively get a daily boss scroll of your choosing.
    Scroll down the selection of ( Special ) quests to chose which you prefer to do daily. 
    each specal quest gives you a daily boss scroll to fight solo or with friends.  best to do with friends cause for each scroll. everyone in the party can loot armor and or weapon stones.. PLUS hunter seals which you can turn in for more armor or weapon stones.
    with a 5 man group.. each having one scroll each for example.. you each will get 5x loot bundles ( the one summoning the scroll gets bundles & hunter seals )  + stones for each member in party.. the bundles have a chance to give LIVERTO weapon rewards...  or even Boss armor.
    as an example ;  a 5 man group with 5x scrolls each we end the evening with at least 50- 70 hunter seals.. roughly 5-10+ of weapon and armor stones each  and several reward bundles. this is one of those instances where being in a group/guild really adds to the multiplayer experience of BDO.
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  9. ArkQ added a post in a topic [ORWEN] <SALACIA> PvP/GvG/Node Wars - Life Friendly   

    on the next episode of Dragonball BDO.....   no wait.. wrong reality....
    come join us as we sail the seas for Wednesday's Ninja/ Kunoichi release !!!!
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  10. ArkQ added a post in a topic Weapon/Armour Upgrading   

    hello hello ! 
    I don't know which server you play on but on Orwen.. it's pretty rare to get PK'd with out a reason.. whether its for contesting a grind spot .. or they're tryin' to get you to have a small GvG war ..which surprisingly enuff , ends up in sometimes a mutual respect for the skirmishes if no one's salty and good fights to be had all around!
    as for your gear : 
    at your levels.. having a +7 for weapon and + 5 for all your armor pieces  ( this is the safety barrier )  is good enuff.
     @ lvl 45  once you feel you've grinded enuff silver you can start making a plan for your gear !
    Catfishmen, Manshas ... Rhuthums ( mostly near Trent )  will easily get you skill points and levels from 45 to 50... from there , - 
    depending on how you want to focus.. and playstyle.. you want to at least  get each armor piece to +10 ( you'll be able to solo some areas in Mediah with +10 armor  or  total 100DP ) avoid the golems unless you have a few friends they are a pain even at level 55.
    p.s. all listed grind spots are infinitely easier with at least  one friend to party with, especially if gear still needs some work. everything is easier with friends..
    From this point on.. you should and always ask friends or experiment as you like. but from this method i was able to comfortably level and slowly but surely , get all my gear to + 15 one piece at a time.
    after all gear is at + 15 .. research to get  Ultimate Reform Stones =  ( guaranteed Ultimate gear gives + 5 more DP  per armor piece , AP for weapon piece ....and improved stats )
    reliable places to grind at level 50 : 
    HELMS  ( great drop rate..Grunil armor and such drop here..  exp and silver for Solo  nice clusters of mobs.. ) 
    Abandoned Iron Mines ( great easily soloable mobs.. LOTS of equipment and accessories drop here as well as crystals ) 
    MANES ( elites drop Belt of Shultz the Gladiator .. random drops from regular mobs ) 
    Wandering Rogues ( random drops lil' tougher mobs if you're mellee class   low density of mobs ) 
    SAUSANS  ( requires a group unless you have really great gear to solo. .. best spot to grind for exp AND silver  in a group setting ) 
     level 55 and on   :  
    " starting areas for Valencia ( non desert areas before Sand Grain Bazaar the last town before desert . )
    manageable with average gear.. beware the  Centaurs if you try to solo. pain in the ass at level 55. "
    hope this helps !
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  11. ArkQ added a post in a topic Weapon/Armour Upgrading   

    Hello ! 
    For weapons and boss armor.. it is correct.. you will need Memory fragments to repair the max durability back to these items..
    the scroll you want is :  Ancient Relic Scroll   ( obtained by  mob drops as well as fishing ..  " Ancient Relic Shard "   x 5 =  1 Ancient Relic Scroll )
    I hear the forbidden books as well as the new ancient scrolls from Valencia also offer memory fragments.
    the bundles you receive from doing these scrolls is a random number of memory fragments.  if you can get a few people together with the same ancient relic scrolls.. you multiply your chances and loot of memory fragments. this is why you will mostly see people looking for the optimal number / max number in a party for scrolls like these.
    you can repair 2 Durability per memory fragment of your liverto weapon  & perhaps a little bit more if you use it on armor ?   I haven't had a chance to get boss armor yet.  so i cant speak on that.
    good luck and hope you continue to explore and enjoy this awesome game.
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  12. ArkQ added a post in a topic does the game getting any new players?   

    there's an endless stream of conversations all over ORWEN channel.. and it not just the Calpheon RP channel either. .hehe
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  13. ArkQ added a post in a topic [ORWEN] <SALACIA> PvP/GvG/Node Wars - Life Friendly   

    Sly :  " Hey i don't have any talent.....  trolling doesn't count right ?? "
    Dude with Talent : " Nope trolling only requires a primitive sense of humor, it's barely even evolved . " 
    p.s.  thanks for Bumping the Page !
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  14. ArkQ added a post in a topic Orwen = Best PvP Server   

    Keep the competitiveness alive y'all ! 

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