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  1. Sera added a post in a topic Tax Relief Wanted   

    Completely agree with you both, the introduction of energy cost for all parts of the crafting cycle was my biggest gripe with the game move from Korea. I can see the point to stop the market becoming flooded, but the combination of the energy cost and the high taxation I feel is stifling crafters. I would prefer either a large tax reduction on crafted items or increased energy pool.
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  2. Sera added a post in a topic A guild for women in Black Desert Online. (Alustin)   

    Dear All
    I don't like posting as a mod, but given the number of reports on this thread I have decided to post.
    This is a guild recruitment thread. for people who want to join the guild.
    If you want to have a discourse on feminism or gender politics, or what ever, please do that in the off-topic section of the forums.
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  3. Sera added a post in a topic XignCode   

    Contact XignCode support..... when it notifies you of suspicious software, there is a contact customer support route, supply log file and screen shot of task manager.
    They got back to me in 15 mins with a solution.
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  4. Sera added a post in a topic Auto-Path Looping   

    Oh YES !
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  5. Sera added a post in a topic Serious lack of gems - Market PvP =/= enjoyable gaming experience   

    Dear All 
    I have tidied up the posts in this thread , edited/hidden the ones that were just attacking each other.
    Usually I don't announce when I have done this, but in this thread there were so many.
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  6. Sera added a post in a topic Racist Guild names   

    Given the direction some of you have deiced to take this thread I have locked it.
    I have also moved this to the support section of the forums as the original post relates to a support ticket.
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  7. Sera added a post in a topic What the actual f**k???   

    Agreed... I have locked this thread .. The point has been made and the recommendations on the language filter taken on broad.
    Offensive abusive language is against the forum rules,
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  8. Sera added a topic in Suggestions   

    Add 15 min CD to use of escape
    Ok, the /rescue CMD has been removed. That hasn't stopped the use of escape in game.
    How about 30sec cast time and 30min CD.
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  9. Sera added a post in a topic Please get rid of Gilly Suit!!   

    when you are killed or kill a player wearing a gillie suit there name is announced in system chat... x forcefully slaughtered y.
    Also you can use flares to identify gillie suited players.
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  10. Sera added a post in a topic Tomorrow's Patch Notes Out   

    This thread seems to  be going off the rails, anyone want to discuss the OP's topic!!!!
    Also as the topic is a suggestion to include more costumes, the thread has been moved to a more appropriate section of the forums...
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  11. Sera added a post in a topic Was AFK Fishing Nerfed in the recent patch or is this a bug?   

    In the regions you have been fishing what has the supply been?
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  12. Sera added a post in a topic 3 HOUR HEADLATE? IM DONE   

    If you were my surgeon I would feel worried....
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  13. Sera added a post in a topic How many skill points at 50?   

    To be honest as pointed out from @Sizer if you want combat skill points them from about lvl 14 focus on killing mobs, there are a few Combat skill based quests, but you will make more Combat skill points xp from grinding
    The system in some respects is similar to TSW AP/SP.
    You will notice in BDO at the top left you have several XP bars, the big one is you "level" then you have a small one the next down, each time the small numbers turn over 100 you gain a Combat Skill point. The bottom bar is your Contribution points XP bar which also give you a contribution point each time it clocks over 100.
    Doing various tasks gives you different levels of XP (or even zero) for certain XP bars. As best indicated by  @LordOnichan post.
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  14. Sera added a post in a topic Am I always going to look like everyone else in my class?   

    Oh dear...
    I was hoping for a new response...
    But it seems that you cant give one, it is really quite worrying that you  cant even answer the most basic of questions posed to you
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