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  1. DevilsID added a post in a topic how to make lots of money   

      lol guys its his first post, he is trying to share what he know so far,,
    But seriously lol where is the fishing village....
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  2. DevilsID added a topic in European Guild   

    Anyone accepting a Newbie
    Guys, I am a very old player kinda left at the time of mediah and returning now. I literally forgot all the things in the game. So I am more like a newbie again. Wondering if there are any guilds accepting newbie like me.
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  3. DevilsID added a post in a topic Above you.   

    the dark warrior
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  4. DevilsID added a post in a topic @Jouska and Daum team.   

    i guess they have their own PTS in which they play
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  5. DevilsID added a post in a topic Above you.   

    sleepy rabbit

    lol no idea why that pic came up cant even remove it from edit
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  6. DevilsID added a post in a topic No NA Servers A Left?   

      of all the NA server EDAN is most populated if u wanna know
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  7. DevilsID added a post in a topic Remove Energy Cost For Processing.   

    This is the 5th energy cost n processing topic i have seen today.. Please use the search option u can find popular topics with similar views join their army and raid over developers.
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  8. DevilsID added a post in a topic Server down for what?   

    Report goes to support section
    the update isn't for removing server lag or improving but  its for preparing for future content like  adding database or new data lines 
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  9. DevilsID added a post in a topic Server down for what?   

    I have 2 things to mention 
    1. This is a suggestions section and which line of u r message is a suggestion?? 
    2. http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/77154-maintenance-staggered-maintenance-april-27th-28th/  they actually told what the servers are down for.  I am pasting again in case you may get lost while clicking the link Reason: Server and network preparation for future content
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  10. DevilsID added a topic in Suggestions   

    More Info on Launcher
    HI Guys,
               I check forums regularly time to time for new events and news. But almost 70% of the people don't c are about the forums . 
    I just feel like at the launcher page instead of just saying new events check here. if you can update it along with weekly events about which events going on or link for patch notes or any important announcement I guess people will start checking the forums and stay updated with the things I just feel the community of people who don't check forums also should get some info on whats going on.  
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  11. DevilsID added a post in a topic Musa & Maehwa Update Events!   

    Yay i am in the first page.... will claim my hawk soon will start a hawk breeding factory,,, or collect lots of them and tie them to me and i will fly too
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  12. DevilsID added a post in a topic We are Family!   

    Gonna upload as server start
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  13. DevilsID added a post in a topic Energy capped??   

    :D glad it helped if u need help in finding any specific knowledge use this link http://bddatabase.net/us/themes/ it have guide for almost 90% of knowledge on where to get it or how 
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  14. DevilsID added a post in a topic Energy capped??   

    You don't get energy just by gaining knowledge in random. You need to gain the knowledge that gives you Energy
    Press H in game u will see many different balls(elements like character topography ocean and many more ) when u go into them it will tell u what u need to do / unlock / learn to unlock energy. So follow what u need from th e list and do those things to complete the requirements for energy normally the energy increases +2 / +4 based on the collection or knowledge 
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  15. DevilsID added a post in a topic Above you.   

    My grown up version?
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