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  1. Axis added a post in a topic Consolidated Media thoughts on the changes   

    The game has been totally -----ed. Anybody that says otherwise is in denial. This game has been a train wreck since the mediah patch.  
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  2. Axis added a post in a topic Your Own Doing   

    Brah.. I am just a feesh.  
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  3. Axis added a post in a topic Mangobay wins first castle.   

    Glad to see the forums are still evolving backwards. 
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  4. Axis added a post in a topic IMPORTANT / Pls Read when u dont like +16 and higher Enchant   

    I agree it would be nice to have another way to get the stones. Or at least have an option in game for auto gathering or digging that won't run the risk of getting you banned.
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  5. Axis added a post in a topic How to get a camel!!!!! For NA   

    Leroy is best camel /._./
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  6. Axis added a post in a topic This is a Themepark game.   

    The sandbox part of this game basically consists of roleplaying.  Your other options are to enchant gear and grind.  
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  7. Axis added a post in a topic Never forget May 11th   

    LazyPeon is cancer. 
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  8. Axis added a post in a topic What I'm doing after Valencia Update?   

    BDO is killing itself
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  9. Axis added a post in a topic KR Skill patch 6/28   

    Brah you need to activate your windows brah
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  10. Axis added a post in a topic KR Skill patch 6/28   

    Yeah not too bad.  At least there's a reason to go now.  Could still take a few months depending on how often you can make it to the spawns. /._./
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  11. Axis added a post in a topic 30K euro charge backs are hitting BDO today   

    I could understand why some people might do chargebacks.  I personally wouldn't do it, but I can see why some people might.  On the topic of sorcs, anybody that actually thinks what they did to them is okay is braindead. lol.  They definitely aren't completely useless in large scale fights but if you try to fight an equally geared shield class in open world there is 0... not a little bit.. but 0% chance of out damaging potions in an open world fight.  
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  12. Axis added a post in a topic PvP is a complete JOKE   

    Game is broken. Just waiting for awakenings.  
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