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  1. kage71 added a post in a topic Need a guest pass for a friend   

    Let me know when you received it
    Are you having any issues receiving it? Another person I gave one too is having an issue with that.
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  2. kage71 added a post in a topic Need a guest pass for a friend   

    you got it bro sending it to your mail now
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  3. kage71 added a post in a topic Win = Lose - BDO Logic   

    Let me stop you there pal.... 1. Do you know what the word "hypothetical" means? Now if you do then you should have place it in your statement from the start of this whole conversation. 2. There's nothing in any of the pages that have been brought stating that a player who is DEFENDING himself gets any type of negative karma. 3. You can still attack three people at the same time first pal. If you hit all three people then you ARE the attacker AND  NOT THE DEFENDER.
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  4. kage71 added a post in a topic Win = Lose - BDO Logic   

    Really OP
    You almost seem like someone who would break into someone house and try to rob them and break your leg trying to escape. Then after that you would try to sue that person you rob because you broke your leg in their house.
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  5. kage71 added a post in a topic Win = Lose - BDO Logic   

    .That pretty much says it, he attacked first and not only that he attacked and killed the players over and over and over again. And now he's whinning because he struck first? Hmm kind of weird the griefer is crying because he griefs people? That's a freaking new one.
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  6. kage71 added a post in a topic Win = Lose - BDO Logic   

    err he never stated he was defending himself what he stated was "Random party of 5 people comes to Catfish, trying to compete with your group. Good guy Black Deserter group as you are, you kill these people. They come back, you kill them again, they come back and you kill them again".
    In other words he and his group did attack first, and he actually boast about it in this sentence "Good guy Black Deserter group as you are... you kill these people.
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  7. kage71 added a post in a topic Win = Lose - BDO Logic   

    Correct me if I am wrong but doesn't bad karma means that person struck first? I am all for pvp and never will I be a carebear however I would not complain about something if I did strike first. And the funny thing is not only did he strike first but he kept doing it over and over. Haha
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  8. kage71 added a post in a topic Win = Lose - BDO Logic   

    And I am still waiting for him to answer your question lol. Hmmm guess we won't get that answer.
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  9. kage71 added a post in a topic End game...   

    Bro I seriously don't think most people even know what a sandbox is at all. No I am not saying that people are stupid or ignorant to the fact of what a sandbox vs themepark means. What I am getting at is that the generation that were kids and now are playing WoW was not old enough to understand the true meaning behind a sandbox game. It's kind of like asking a young person now to go and bring you that 8 track. Lol
    Funny while I was in the game today there were a huge amount of people asking this and that and not one of them knew exactly what to do. That's called not being handheld through a game. They are just lucky the company didn't go all the way sandbox on them and felt pity for the themeparkers. They gave them arrows to find the area they are looking for, it would have not bother me one bit. I played Shadowbane, SWG and Vangard. And one thing you won't see plenty of is the player who thinks he/she is Mr./Ms. Cool by level to max so fast (especially if they are going pvp). After all if you are maxing out in a few days then I feel for you since you must have forgotten that you need to build your health and stam up as you level. Haha fun fun fun welcome back sandbox!
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  10. kage71 added a post in a topic [Black Horizon] PVX Guild , Recruiting for NA CBT and Launch   

    I just applied to the guild. I am already in game now playing (well not atm since it's down) but I only play tank toons. Don't know the first thing about dps and not really interested in them. Sword and Board FTW!
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  11. kage71 added a post in a topic Night is too bright, I messed up my graphics   

    What I learned in CB2 is that you can tweek around with the settings and even change the tone of the game. The tone being you can set the Photonics scenes even to a type of grey scale if you want. This will have an effect on the night time too so you may want to give it a shot until you find something that suits your style.
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  12. kage71 added a post in a topic Play headstart if I buy now?   

    Yeah it looks as if they pulled some of the stuff after the date of the 26th and here's what I saw
    This does not mean you can't login on the date said though. But damn they are pulling a loophole there for players who waited the last minute to place an order. Lol (sorry but it's funny) this is like a last minute Christmas shopper!
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  13. kage71 added a post in a topic Play headstart if I buy now?   

    Haha I don't have a twitter or facebook account but  I am a gamer who goes to gaming sites for information. However this thread is confusing even me at this point. You should not be able to purchase a pre order at this point if you are not getting the pre order items associated with the pre order.
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  14. kage71 added a post in a topic Play headstart if I buy now?   

    When you go to your account page does it have any of the items that associate with pre orders at all?
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  15. kage71 added a post in a topic Just hit level 50 on my warrior!!!!   

    Skill build? if this guy rushed to 50 he really don't have any skills. For a warrior you need to depend on strength and if he rushed I am very sure he never picked up a packed and walked slow to build up his strength to even be a proper warrior.
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